New in the city

Kira a neko, 19, white hair, coal black eyes, with superpowers, she moves to ikebukuro with her cousin Sota a normal kid with an attitude problem what will happen in a town that is a mystery, will Kira find love . I DO NOT OWN DURARARA (I wish) I OWN KIRA AND SOTA (and maybe more OC's I'll point them out if I do)...I had an old account Kira-chan but I foot my password so I'm now Kira–chan with a new profile, plus I'll update the story as much as I can but it won't be constant.


1. New in the city (from my old account)

 Kira's p.o.v

  Kira's p.o.v

   I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock, it's persisting sound finally got me motivated enough to get up and get dressed. I put on a black fluffy skirt that came to mid thigh, a black tank-top with sparkles, fingerless black biker gloves, black & purple goth shoes, and to top it I put on a black jacket with fluffy fur (I did put on a bra,underwear, socks, brush my teeth, brushed my silver hair, etc...) I went to the kitchen and scrambled up some eggs with sausage and bacon Sota's favorite, today will be the first time we expolred the city of ikebukuro. I went to his room and knocked, "you up already sis" I heard him say "yea" is all I said, Sota knows I don't talk much in the morning but when it comes to someone hurting him or bugging him somthing in me snaps Im then very talkative and very very dangerous, it's only because I'm extreamly over protective over him, he's only nine but for his age he is so smart, he also has a collage degree to prove it. He is my family so I must protect him, he accepts me for who I am and what I am. The first time anyone else saw me they would say thing like "demon, monster, freak" but the fact is I'm a Neko! Half human and half cat, I have a long black tail, black cat ears on the top of my head (I don't have human ones), cat fangs, cat sight, sense of smell, extreamly hearing, speed, stamina, and so much more. After we ate we were going out the door till Sota said "aren't you gonna to cover up those ears and tail" I almost forgot I quickly tucked my tail into my skirt unable to get out and felt of my ears "here use my beanie it's says 'I ❤️ Cats' so you should like it" he pulled his hat off and gave it to me, I put it head and gave him a kiss on the forehead as a 'thank-you', when that was all over we headed outside.

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