New in the city

Kira a neko, 19, white hair, coal black eyes, with superpowers, she moves to ikebukuro with her cousin Sota a normal kid with an attitude problem what will happen in a town that is a mystery, will Kira find love . I DO NOT OWN DURARARA (I wish) I OWN KIRA AND SOTA (and maybe more OC's I'll point them out if I do)...I had an old account Kira-chan but I foot my password so I'm now Kira–chan with a new profile, plus I'll update the story as much as I can but it won't be constant.


2. Izaya (I suck at titles :P)

Still Kira's p.o.v

          We went to the mall picked out some clothes, got some ice cream, and takeout burgers and then went back to the apartment (a high class apartment that looks like a movie-star lives there). Sota looked at me and said "whats wrong" I didn't want to say Anything I just looked at the burgers "oh, you want sushi...I guess all cats like sushi" he mumbled the last part. I looked at him in a sad eyes and he finally gave in "Fine! you go to 'Russian Sushi' and get take out but come back before 8:30 that's when the gangs come out, I don't want to see you hurt so be careful" I nodded and looked at the time 7:55 I said to my self, he gave me instructions were to go but on the other hand, I already new where it was and marked it in my mind. When I went to the sushi shop a tall colored male with a Russian accent he looked at me and kinda made me jump when he spoke "welcome miss, would you like sushi, sushi good" I nodded he brought me in the building and went back out. I walked up, placed my order to go, and sat down waiting. I looked around everything seemed normal except one thing two males one with long dreadlocks in his hair looks like a drug dealer, the other a blonde with a bartenders suit, hmm a bartender and a drug dealer I wonder what could possibly be happening there I thought, but Sota said "don't judge a book by its cover, how do you think people would react to you? Hmm" that little brat was right so I did the nice thing...I eavesdropped, yea not so nice but it's better than me going over there and ask "who the hell are you two". 
      I tilted the hat on my hat wear my ears stood up without looking weird, "where do we go next, Tom" said the blonde "no where Shizuo" so his name is Shizuo, and the other is Tom I thought, "that was the last person in debt that owed today, but tomorrow we have two more they are extremely persistent and dangerous, so that's were you come in since you are my body guard" he said eating his sushi. I got my take out ready to go when a group of idiots walk in only three, they look at me and smile, whistle, cat calls, perverted motions, etc... I roll my eyes such pathetic attempts to woo a lady I shook my head at the thought, I noticed but didn't look his direction that the blonde bodyguard Shizuo look at me worried, curious and pissed at the same time. The group of idiots who think there playas came over to me when I put my back-pack on (yes I wear a back-pack to me it's better than a purse, and I could put my skate-board in it but it sticks half-way out) "hey sexy mama, you wanna hang out with real men to have a good time?" The leader said, the way he said it made it sound like I'd melt in his hands, and sexy wouldn't describe me sure I had a figure like Hatsune Miku but with size D breasts, I had her length of her hair but mine was silver and coal black eyes they didn't good taste in girls. I noticed I had the attention of all the three idiots, Shizuo, Tom and the whole place. I looked over them and acted like I was looking for something "hmm, don't see them!" I said pretty loudly the whole place was stifling there laughter they looked like they wanted to say something outrageous but before they could I said "plus I have to go home my cousin is probably worried about me" after that they calmed down and acted like gentleman, the leader spoke "would you like us to walk you home, having guards wouldn't be so bad would it" the other two nodded in agreement, I knew I could easily out run and fight them.
       I put on my blunt and innocent face "sure, I guess It would be to have some company" I said rocking back-and-forth on my heels like a child. A boy started to choke on his sushi, and Shizuo tsked at what I did "stupid girl" is what he muttered when the three men and I walked out. Simon (We exchanged names when he took me into the shop) looked at me and stopped us with his arm held out "Kira" he said looking displeased "hunn" I said tilting my head in a way that Sota said can make any male fall head over heels for me, "who are these boys you're with" he said raising an eyebrow "uhhh, I don't know, but there walking me home so I guess it's alright" I know exactly what they plan to do they would try to do: rape me in a dark ally somewhere. He looked shocked by my answer I love this town, "No" he spoke in a irritated voice I looked at him curiously "why" I said bluntly "I wanna see how far this goes" I thought. He spoke again "a lady not go with strangers" his Russian accent was somewhat catchy, I puffed up my cheeks in a pouty face "I'm 19, I can take care of my self" I said walking past him in a hurry the three men followed after flipping Simon off... We were three blocks away from my house I got tired of the boys saying stuff like 'last chance to come with us to have fun' or 'how 'bout we go back to my apartment' so I sent them home. I still had my sushi in a take-out container when I sensed a male "must be that Izaya dude" I thought, I sniffed the air and smelled cologne, not much but still there, I used my hearing (still under my hat) to hear, he was skinny from the way his footsteps were almost inaudible, and he had an odd aura going on, he's been following me down a block acting sneaky, sure no full human would have noticed he was there so I decided to give him a surprise. I turned around but surprise surprise he wasn't there, he was hiding in the ally "how long are you going to follow me Izaya, its been a block since your started" he popped out of the ally with a smile on his face "how'd you know, cute little human?" He said "a wild guess" I spoke sarcastically and rolled my eyes then turned walking down the street with of course him following me "and don't call me human that word irritates me, since I'm not normal" I mumbled the last part hoping he didn't hear me "how so?" He said walking beside me damn I cursed to my self "it nothing, just don't call me human my name is Kira","that's a nice name Kira-chan~" he purred in a tone that annoyed me. "No just Kira, if you call me by 'Kira' only I'll answer one question you Have about me, like if my hair is actually this color or, where were you born, etc." he looked at me "ok, Kira, deal","what's you're question?" I said, he hummed "let's see, oh I know~" I looked at him unamused as he finished "why did you call yourself not human" I jumped "oh, umm, err how do I explain this" he looked at me like I'm about to tell him a grim tale "well how 'bout this when we get to my house I tell you there,I'm have to sure no one else hears" He look at me and smiled even more mister grinch popped into my head.

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