New in the city

Kira a neko, 19, white hair, coal black eyes, with superpowers, she moves to ikebukuro with her cousin Sota a normal kid with an attitude problem what will happen in a town that is a mystery, will Kira find love . I DO NOT OWN DURARARA (I wish) I OWN KIRA AND SOTA (and maybe more OC's I'll point them out if I do)...I had an old account Kira-chan but I foot my password so I'm now Kira–chan with a new profile, plus I'll update the story as much as I can but it won't be constant.


4. Being myself from now on out...

     It has been a week since I told Izaya about what I am and so far no one has acted out of line, but still I won't let my guard down around him. "sis!","what is it Sota?" I responded "you might want to come and see this" Sota sounded worried, on the news they were talking about a fire in a building complex, I already know about it because I was there and when no one looking I snuck in (it wasn't my fault if I hadn't gone three children and a young woman Would have died!)
     I watched the t.v and in surprise the three kids were getting interviews the little girls name was Tina she was about ten "Tina you said a cat lady saved you, what did she look like","She had a black kitty ears, fangs, and um silver hair, black eyes, and a black kitty tail, she said her name was, um what was it" she paused and my heart was racing "OH I know, the kitty-lady said her name was KIRA!!!"...."Sis, don't worry maybe this is a good thing, people won't call you a monster you'll be a hero","I suppose, but I'm still covering up my tail and ears" I looked at him and he just nods. "I'm going to find a job, I think they advertised a part time job offer at Russian sushi" Sota looked at me and said "just be careful" then he went in the back room. I was walking down the street (cat ears and tail covered up) but I still got a lot of glances and whisperings. A child about five ran up to me "are you Kira?","my name is Kira, yes, why?" his eyes lit up he turned around and ran away 'well I can forget about my question being answered' I thought, I rounded the corner to Russian sushi and Simon noticed me "Kira so nice to see you again, you want sushi" again that accent is so cool "no I'm here for the part time job offer" he smiled at me "just in time, we need help, a waitress, do you know how do that" he asked I nodded I learned in 6th grade. He walked me inside the place was packed! He gave me a uniform and I put it on but kept my hat on so my ears don't show. "Kira you need to take that off" Simon looked at me "I can't" he looked at me then in a swift movement my hat was gone "there" he said patting my head "who cares that you have cat DNA" he paused after fixing my hair "you are that girl from the news?" I nodded, he gave a slight chuckle "good, good, you'll bring in more customers!, you a hero Kid, show off" his somewhat since made me feel better and I followed his advise I showed him my tail and my ears. I came out of the room and everyone's eyes were on me "oh crap" I mumbled Simon gave me a big pat on my. Back that made me almost fall forward, he announced to his workers "this is Kira take care of her" with another pat on my back he headed out side, I took my handbook and pencil and walked to the nearest table....
    It came near closing time when a two familiar people walked in, Shizuo and Tom... this is going to be "fun". I went over to there table "what would you two gentlemen like?" I said with a smile Shizuo looked at me in shock slowly giving me his order and Tom ordered with his head down not noticing I had cat ears, I went back and told the sushi master there order and headed back to them. "Here you go" I said as Tom looked up then stared at me, well my ears to be precise. "You like cosplay?"Tom asked me "uh, no someone that dresses up as something they are not is misleading" I replied, "then whats up with the ears and tail","i'm a neko if you don't know what that is then go look it up" I started to get mad and my ears and tail shown that as I walked off, I could tell Shizuo had an interest. Everyone finally left and it was time for me to go home, I walked out-side "bye Simon" I said to the large man "good night Kira" he paused "kira there's some one who has been waiting for you to get off" he looked past me and I was surprised to see Shizuo waiting there staring at me I kind of got nervous walking up to him, he is kinda cute and looks kind hearted I shook my head getting rid of these feelings I'm having....what feelings am I having?


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