AltCroft School

[Y] Due to Offensive Language. Violence, Blood, Other [Y] Rated-Related Info.
- There was a time where I felt so down, so hurt, so sad, and so many other emotions at once!
Now, I remember a time where I wish to go back to, but I don’t see myself there, smiling like I used to.
It was a change of events, I told myself this; over and over and over, again. So, I guess, I’m just thinking back to the good old days, right?
If that was true, why would I remember a time so much it hurts? It’s a painful time to be in. I guess, what made my past so bad, so awful, so tragic, more emotions, again? Really?
Well, I’m stuck. I don’t know if I should run away from this. Or, if I should turn back round. -


5. < 4 > Jessica's Day From Bad To Worse

Chapter Three

Jessica's Day From Bad To Worse

- 4 - 

Clyde has been taken down. Detained for questioning and further. If we have any more news on the location of his chums. We’ll let you know. Just be warned that they could come back. As for Clyde, his criminal days are outnumbered. Medical assistance for both have arrived.

“Thanks, SGT. Kev. I appreciate it. The safety of this school thanks you too.”

“Well, we’ll let you know if anything else happens. Just keep these kids safe.”

“Will do. Stephen was wrong to get involved with Clyde. I should’ve done something before.”

“Maybe. Clyde has a criminal record, his family does too. The house he ran to, it wasn’t a random home after-all. Lucky for us, his sister weren’t in.”

“Right. Thanks again, Officer.”

“No worries. Later, and if you find anything else on Clyde, any records. Let us know.”

“Will do. Bye.”

Not far from the school, Clyde’s other friends, troublemakers with Lenny has leader of their gang. They were trying to find out as much as they could about Stephen and Clyde’s well-being. Lenny wasn’t going to give up, he wanted to make sure that Clyde returned along with Stephen.

“Kicked out of school. And for what? Fighting. Play fighting, I might add!” Lenny shouted. “Clyde was a fool to wait back there. Stephen should’ve jumped! We go back, got it?”

They nodded in response to him.

“Good.” Lenny smirked.

Slamming the door behind him, a friend of Lenny’s arrived at the location.

“Feds! – They’re everywhere! They got Clyde! And… Stephen is apparently, really hurt.”

“Fuck!” Lenny slammed his fist off the table.

Back at the school, Jessica was awaiting her punishment. The Head Office had a lot to deal with already, so it was the least she could do. Waiting for them to be ready for her. Jessica sobbed, as she remembered what happened in the morning. Knowing that Stephen had escaped was a relief to her. She never got to meet Clyde and the others. Ryan came back to her mind, as he arrived late.

“Jessica? Damn. I didn’t expect you to be waiting outside the Head’s Office.”

Jessica smiled at him. “Me neither. Wait for me, Ryan?” She spoke her mind.

“Sure thing. It’s the least I can do.” He smiled back at her.

Several ambulances were outside the school, behind the fences. As they tried to help Stephen fight for his life. Whilst Clyde’s condition was not too severe, it was a wound that must’ve hurt an awful lot. Quite a large nail, a loose one. It had lodged itself in his flesh above his kneecap. His leg, closer to his thighs. The blood in the pool was a shock for the officers, until they realized that it wasn’t as serious as it looked. Medical assistance helped Clyde, and took him away in an ambulance. Several officers followed after the ambulance to insure he gets justice.

“Damn. This boy was not right in the head. Jumping. I mean, he should’ve jumped over the fence. Can you describe what happened?”

Mr. Arnold replied, nervous at what he witnessed today. “Yes. Stephen Walker, a student at this school was trying to run away from his punishment being detention. I don’t know what goes on his head, but he is the only one who runs away with such drastic actions.”

“Okay. And what about this situation?” The medical assistance asked.

“Look. He didn’t jump, his friend, Clyde. An ex-student to this school, thrown out for violence and harassment on his own younger sister. Stephen Walker went with the wrong crowd. He fell, slipped off the taller branch of this tree. Not quite making the jump, falling down the side of it instead.”

“It’s very serious. If it was outside, we could help him better. He wouldn’t be in such a crucial state.”

“I know. I wish he didn’t go up there. A member of staff was trying to climb it. We thought-- we believed that honesty, talking was the best way to get him down. Mrs. Cleary, Alice. She was able to talk Clyde into not hurting his own younger sister. We thought it would work with him too.”

“Okay, I understand. The Police might question you, just tell them what you told me. ‘Honesty is the best Policy.’ That quote is an all-time favourite of mine.”

Back at the Head’s Office, Jessica saw a police officer walk out of the room, closing the door behind him. He looked at her and said: “He wants you in, now.” She smiled at the officer and nodded in response. Almost falling to the side, she walked into the Office and sat on the chair opposite the Head. Mr. AltCroft was waiting for her in there, he said two words: “Close. Door.” She agreed and closed it for him. Sitting down again, and feeling a little nervous.

“Jessica. Wolf. A student who isn’t really known for visiting my office for bad behaviour. Am I right?” Slamming her records on the desk, he sternly looks at her.

“Yes. That’s me, Sir. Jessica Wolf.”

“Good. You ran away with Stephen—“ he looked angry as he said the last name. “Walker.”

“Yes. I did, Sir.” Jessica whispered, feeling frightened.

“Well, I’m clearly not happy about this. You can tell, so don’t question me.”

“Right. Can I go… now?” Jessica asked, feeling heartbroken.

“No. Not yet. You need to answer a few questions. An officer would like to speak to you.”

“Why?—I weren’t there. I should’ve been! But you know how Mr. Candace is, always getting in ya face!” Jessica shouted.

“Lower your tone. I don’t approve what you’ve told me. How can I be sure that you aren’t covering up for the other hooligans?”

“You just know. You need to trust me, Sir. I wouldn’t lie about something like this.”

“Do you—I’m only asking this, because Stephen was moved for those reasons alone: did you fall for him?” He asked, knowing that the answer will ‘yes.’

She nodded. “I’m not proud of it. I wanted to go back, I really did.”

“Proud? He’s fooled you, Jessica. Wake up and recognise… he has fooled you.”

“No. He hasn’t. He loved me, I could tell…”

“Delusional. Jessica, there are classes still going on out there. Why? Because, we can deal with situations like these. We just rely on the Truth.”

“You make me sick.” She mumbled.

“Really? Well, I can tell you who else was hurt by that boy. Want to hear?”

Jessica nodded. “Yeah.”

“He has hurt Clyde’s younger sister. They probably teamed up on her. She was hurt, crying for weeks! She wanted a good life here in AltCroft School. And look, she is hurt again.”

Jessica folded her arms, not caring about her. “So what.”

“Oh, you haven’t even given me a chance: there was Holly; lied to by him, and he took advantage of her. She was abused. Any wonder why this boy, Stephen. Walker. Has been given the chance to be on thin ice? We had no evidence to prove she was abused, so she lives on fearing him.”

“Good for her.” Jessica continued to stand her ground.

“Right. There was a case last Christmas, Clyde and Stephen held two girls for ransom. I’m not even fooling you here. These two young boys have managed to do criminal activities like no other.”

“Difference is… they are still alive.” Jessica sighed.

“Difference? I’ll tell you the difference! One is a looney, mental, nut-case and the other is given chance after chance to change his ways. We are too soft on Stephen. I’ve told them before.”

“Soft or not caring enough about his well-being?” Jessica looked him right in the eyes.

“You know perfectly well that Stephen is a kid who can’t be trusted. As for Clyde… you are lucky that you never met him out there. He’d have you, which is why I want to keep our students safe.”

“Okay. Let the officer in, I’ll tell him everything I know.” Jessica interrupted.

Mr. AltCroft went out of his office and left Jessica to be questioned. Wanting to know whether Clyde or Stephen are going to make it, he made a call to the local hospital.

Back at the AstroTurf.

Stephen was being lifted out of his uncomfortable position. Staff workers feared for the worse, his body looked very badly damaged with serious injuries to his forehead and around the back of his neck. If he had survived, it would truly be a miracle. Ems carried him out, placing him on a stretcher towards the Ambulance. Mr. Arnold was surprised when he heard about Clyde’s runaway scheme. He told Mrs. Cleary and she was shocked too, not as shocked as Mrs. Cleary.

The house was now being inspected, looking for clues, finding information on Clyde and his sister. His parent’s house was unknown. Since he had been living with his older sister the whole time. The blood bath, a child’s swimming pool was a major clue for the Police force. Now having evidence that children lived with the older sister, which could only suggest that it belongs to the older sister’s kids. If she has any, it was still an on-going technical, minor mystery.

“We’ve found several handsaws. The boy was carrying one. So, tools, sister’s boyfriend?”

“Could be. I don’t believe that this kid had the balls to carry around weapons.”

“Well, he had a handsaw. It may as well be considered a weapon.”

“Good point. It’s a blade, and that’s not what he wanted with it. He wanted to cut his friend free. A staff member, worker of the school told me. I believe his name was, Mr. Arnold.”

“Right. Well, we’ll continue searching the house for clues. If the older sister don’t come back by next week. We certainly will have a case on our hands.”

“Yes, most definitely. If there was a case, I would’ve told you.” Another officer replied.

Back at the Head’s Office.

Jessica saw Ryan walk past her several times, she didn’t think to ask him to stop. He must’ve ignored her, he didn’t even look her way. She felt a little embarrassed for finding more information on Stephen’s well-being. Whether he had survived, she wanted to know right away. The door opened yet again, Mr. AltCroft stepped out with his tall muscular body visible through his Mafia-like shirt. He always told Jessica and other students that his shirt was knitted, hand-made.

“Jessica. I don’t know if you’ve heard or not. It seems that Stephen is in a coma. His critical condition could result in a lot of payments to keep him alive…” Mr. AltCroft was almost sick.

“Uh, sure. It’s just, I’m trying to move on from that. If you don’t mind, Sir.” She smiled.


“Mr. AltCroft, I do Copy.”

“We’ve got another student causing problems. A young pupil. We’ve had a report from a local neighbour that he was wearing the school uniform that represents our school. Another hooligan, no doubt.”

“Very well. Sometimes, I don’t know why students are such imbeciles…”

“It’s a natural gift, they’ll tell you that. Always the same old…” the voice sighed.

Jessica overheard the walkie-talkies convo and wanted to know more. Not leaving the seats, she demanded to know whether or not she is going to be suspended. Feeling stupid for what she has done, she felt to blame someone. Someone who had made her sick, someone who left her without a single word in between. No reasoning, there was nothing for her to understand. No grip on such a situation, she was sick of it all.

“Another ‘hooligan?’ Sir.” She whispered.

Mr. AltCroft shushed her with his tone. “Yes. Now stay quiet, please. Your suspension will be decided when I have dealt with this situation on hand. Understood?”

Jessica nodded. Holding her bag near her beautiful eyes, she shed a few tears that flowed down her fingers. Trying to smile at something, she had no way of doing so. Failing to find happiness within a situation like this was just almost impossible for her.

Not far from the Local school, Lenny had plans of his own. Speaking to Clyde’s gang members, and always finding it funny how stereotypes make them look bad but cool at the same time. He joked with several objects; darts, sharp tools, and anything that he could find to have a laugh with. Almost stabbing one of his own friends, he smiled at him and dropped it. His friend laughed back at him, as he laughed too. Weird, how strange can you be to love murder?

“Clyde’s condition is not as bad as Stephen’s. If anything, Lenny… the police will be looking for us!” Lenny’s younger brother spoke out his opinion.

“Looking for us? Feds! You do not call them by their names… they put our father in prison! – And almost got me and you banged up in Care!”

“It’s always the sad stories with you. We don’t need to rely on a Care home, anymore. So, why are you trying to cause an issue? Make a bigger problem out of something so small?”

Lenny threw a dart towards his younger brother’s face. Smiling as he did it, he joked again. Walking up to him as he realized that he missed the target. “I joke. It’s what we do. You are so lucky you’re my brother, right now.”

His brother tried to look Lenny in the face. Failed to due to his constant fear of sharp objects being near him.

“Oh, that’s right. Clyde and I used to joke with sharp objects. Knives? That Care home, bro… it did you some justice. Everyone of ya are fucking pussies!” Lenny shouted.

In the Hospital, Clyde was taken into the medical wards. Given several doses of different medicines, causing the blood to stop bleeding. They performed surgery on his left leg, whilst pushing pressure on his thighs. Several sponges used to dampen the wound, causing it to slow down the blood clot. Several nurses worked tireless hours on Clyde’s good health, fixing him up as best as they could.

“Clyde. Do we have his last name?” A first-day nurse asked. She wasn’t experienced for surgery, so she stood away from it.

“Clyde? I don’t know. We’ll look his records up in a minute or two. Just hang onto him, keep him breathing. A wound like that, well, he’s lucky to have lived. Blood clots are serious.”

Jessica waited on the seats, Ryan walked past again. Seeing her on his way back to the classroom. He stopped for a second, looking at Jessica for a few minutes. He sighed, took a deep breath and snapped a photo of her whilst she was staring into day dreams. He smiled at her, she didn’t see it. She forced out a smile due to her happy fantasy world being in her mind. ‘Ryan was in it.’

“Jess? I was wondering…” Ryan whispered.

Jessica noticed, shaking her hair to the side. “What?”

“You look good today.” Ryan forced out a compliment.

“Really? Thanks for noticing. You look… good too.”

He smiled at her. “Yeah, well, it’s bed hair.”

She let out a slight giggle and blushed a little as he walked towards the doors.

Wow, he noticed. He actually noticed me this time.

In Jessica’s classroom: Mr. Payne was teaching Algebra to her classmates, explaining different ways to figure out different equations. He kept a happy face, even though there was a lot going on around the school. It wasn’t long until one of Jessica’s friend wanted to get sent out of the room. After receiving a text from her boyfriend, she wanted some time with him. Making up any excuse she could. She’s tried it before, only this time she wanted to be sent out for bad behaviour.

“Sir? Can I go the toilet?” She asked.

“Not yet. We’ve just got to write down the answers as a class. And then you can on your break.”

She sighed. “Okay… Sir.”

“Do you have a death wish?” A girl behind her whispered.

She turned to face her, looking quite sick in the face. Pale, she was coming down with an illness. A common cold, it seemed. Her nose started to flare red, showing more redness as she almost sneezed. Sniffling, she tried to keep it back, it wasn’t long until the pressure got to her.

“Fuck you!” She shouted out.

“Young lady. Outside. Now!” Mr. AltCroft heard her comment.

“Why, Sir? I didn’t do anything wrong. If you had a cold like this, you’d know!”

“Backchat too?” He sighed. “Well, you are gonna have to change that attitude. Now, please go outside and I’ll talk to you later. If you refuse, I’ll have to get on-call.”

“Do what you like. I’m going.” She brushed her hair back and smirked as she almost sneezed.

Back at Jessica’s house, her father was watching some television. Watching Top Gear, several comedies and anything that was on, really. Her mother still not being home, he didn’t seem to care. Struggling to come to terms with what Jessica had done in the past, he just brushed it off his shoulders. Acting like nothing ever happened. Jessica’s old friends had finished early from their Care home. Home schooling, it was the best way for them to get an education. Supposed.

Knock, Knock, Knock

Jessica’s father stood up from his warm seat, waddling over to the door. He checked the window, seeing who it was. Surprised by three girls being at his door, young girls who looked beautiful in his eyes. They stood there waiting for Jessica to answer. She was still at school, no chance to get back to them. Her father thought to leave the door, not answer. Instead, he answered and said something that only his wife would want to hear.

“Hello, girls. Jessica? You looking for her? – She’s upstairs.” He lied.

Rebecca was first to reply. “Yeah. We’re looking for her. A lot’s going on down there, ah.”

Her father had a dirty mind, laughing at what Rebecca had said. “Well, you can come in if you like. She’ll be down soon. Probably just doing some girly hair stuff…”

Katie pushed through Jessica’s father’s arms and stomped her way upstairs. Rebecca being more polite, she waited for permission to come in. As did the other one, she too wanted permission instead of intruding like her stupid friend, Katie.

“Mr. Wolf, you certainly have it good in here!” Katie shouted from upstairs.

“Yeah. Can we come in?” Rebecca nervously asked.

Mr. Wolf replied. “Yes, sure. Sorry, I just- I just forgot to let you in. I always do it. Well, ever since Mrs. Wolf left.”

“Yeah? What happened to her?” Rebecca asked.

“Same old. Same old.” He scoffed.

Katie upstairs, looking through DVDs and searching Jessica’s bedroom. Didn’t think to look inside the bathroom as she presumed that’s where she’d be. Before interrupting her, she continued to search through the bedroom. Looking for whatever she could find, and stealing some of her friend’s hair extensions. As she clawed through old photos, she ripped several of them and smiled as she did it. Soon, she got bored waiting for Jessica and lay down on her friend’s bed.

Rebecca now inside along with her friend. Mr. Wolf was becoming odd, finding it hard to be in a room with more females than males. So used to being a father of one daughter, a female. He struggled to keep his emotions in. Whilst Rebecca was too busy waiting in the kitchen for Jessica to come downstairs with Katie. Lauren was sick, feeling quite down after eating an out-of-date cookie. Her father gave it to her before she could say no. So, she was stuck with little to eat.

“Girls. Put the TV on if you want. I’ll just be in the—“ Mr. Wolf failed to say the word he wanted to say. The word being ‘kitchen,’ the girls were in there waiting.

Feeling embarrassed, he stepped out of the kitchen’s doorway and went upstairs to clear his head. Katie waiting on Jessica’s bed, she wondered what was taking her friend so long. Jessica not being home was awkward, her old friends wanting to reunite and apologize for bad times. It was all a day of chaos. And if anyone was going to make it worse, it could be her own father.

Rebecca and Lauren giggled as they put on the TV in the Living Room. Watching the news to begin with, as Rebecca yawned through it. Lauren turned over to make-up tutorials on a familiar show that she used to watch back at her Care home. Rebecca surprised by what she had to see, she was thankful for being able to learn about a new show based on her favourite accessories. They were having a great time, together. Whilst Katie still waited in Jessica’s room.

Katie heard footsteps outside the room, as she caught a glimpse of Mr. Wolf looking slightly depressed and his face being swelled with redness. She called him, wondering why he was so down. There was one thing that made Katie so different to her other friends; that being the fact she loves to torment married couples. Especially when it comes to being bunny boiler. Her mother was expert at it, teaching her how she can get what she wants using Sex as a way to do so. Seduction was her knowledge, her power, her way of saying: ‘I’m a girl, get used to it. I can do what I like.’

Downstairs in the kitchen. Lauren and Rebecca had gotten into a food fight, throwing food at each other. They giggled, Rebecca noticing the mess they had made, not caring as Lauren tickled her on the sofa. They laughed, cheered, it sound like true joy to Katie’s ears. She heard it all, as she called Mr. Wolf into the room.

“Mr. Wolf? – Jessica’s dad? – What’s up?” Katie shouted.

He hesitated to look at Katie. As she looked in the opposite direction and walked down towards his room, where he could relax alone.

“Ah… you not feeling good? – Jessica tells me that you are the best dad in the world! – Would you agree?” Katie smirked behind the door.

He heard her say something about his own daughter. Realising that his daughter was very special to him, and knowing that she actually named him something like that made him smile. He sat down beside the door, Katie wanting him inside rather than outside. She continued to toy with him.

“Yeah. She tells me a lot about you. How you saved her from a fire? – I heard you kept the family together, and it was the Mrs. Wolf who let you all down. Ah, good stories to tell. You must be a Hero.” Katie’s cheeky grin continued on behind the door.

Mr. Wolf spoke form the other side of the door, talking to himself rather than Katie. She took it the wrong way, and believed he was talking to her.

“Ah, my daughter. She’s sweet, innocent, and I love her to bits!” He smiled. “Sometimes… I miss Mrs. Wolf, a lot. A Hero? I don’t know about that. It’s nice to know I’m loved by her. She was always a crazy one, wanting to follow her mother’s footsteps. I wanted to change that, though.”

Katie heard everything, ignoring the laughter downstairs. “Well, Jessica is a good friend to me. A good daughter to you. It’s amazing how well she is… I love her for it too. Heck, if I have a kid one day, I want her to be like her.”

Mr. Wolf had heard those exact words before. His wife telling him that before leaving, she wanted a second daughter who would be just like Jessica. When he interrupted and got in the way of that, saying how another child is burden. They had an argument as the father wanted her to abort the child. Remove the second daughter, as it would be too much to care for.

“My wife—she said that before leaving. Ah, I remember it too well. I miss her…”

“You don’t sound like you miss her. You sound angry! Want to talk about it?” Katie continued to be kind.

He nodded, as he stood up wanting to go downstairs instead. Katie played her final card, and it must’ve been right as she got his attention immediately. Placing herself as a prostitute, a girl who just wants Sex and to love and cherish a married man. She had toyed with men older than her many times, so she knew exactly what buttons to press. As strange as it sounds, Katie found a cute dress from Jessica’s wardrobe. Putting it on as a perfect fit, she even put on some sexy underwear that Jessica was going to have for her fifteenth birthday party. Her aunt being the one who got them for her. Katie didn’t care, she slipped into them and seduced Mr. Wolf before he could walk away.

Mr. Wolf was led into the room, as he saw those cute clothes that reminded him of his daughter. Where she was kinder, beautiful and more willing to trust her father. Katie pretended to be Jessica for the sake of getting Mr. Wolf on her good side, and on the other side of the bed.

Rebecca and Lauren had fallen asleep downstairs after listening to a lot of news clips. As they also heard a lot of music coming from outside. Before they had snoozed off, they were dancing around and being as energetic as their bodies would allow them. Jessica would be furious if she had to see the mess that they made. So much was going on back at her home, whilst little to nothing was keeping her from seeing her father. The school hours were almost over for the day. 

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