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[Y] Due to Offensive Language. Violence, Blood, Other [Y] Rated-Related Info.
- There was a time where I felt so down, so hurt, so sad, and so many other emotions at once!
Now, I remember a time where I wish to go back to, but I don’t see myself there, smiling like I used to.
It was a change of events, I told myself this; over and over and over, again. So, I guess, I’m just thinking back to the good old days, right?
If that was true, why would I remember a time so much it hurts? It’s a painful time to be in. I guess, what made my past so bad, so awful, so tragic, more emotions, again? Really?
Well, I’m stuck. I don’t know if I should run away from this. Or, if I should turn back round. -


4. < 3 > Jessica's First Bad Day

Chapter Two

Jessica's First Bad Day

- 3 –

Jessica had reached where she thought, (expected) to have seen Stephen waiting. He wasn’t there, she was alone with angry teachers not far behind her. She walked over to the taller trees, checked around corners. Nothing. She searched the smaller play areas and again, nothing. She reached the location where any kid would go if they wanted to escape school: the fence, the outskirts, the entrance & exit gates. There were too many possibilities to not want to escape.

“You! – Stop right there, young lady!” Mr. Arnold had spotted Jessica first.

Jessica didn’t look behind her. She froze in place, just like she did when meeting Stephen. He was nowhere to be seen, though. Mr. Arnold jogged towards Jessica, whilst the other teachers walked, and some sprinted to Jessica. She stopped in place, putting her hands up as if she was being arrested. Too many movies. She had seen too many movies.

“Jessica Wolf, I take it?” Mr. Arnold looked down at her.

She nodded, still frozen in place.

“Ah, good. We got one of them, that’s still good news.”

“Jessica? I never expected this from you. Your friends, maybe, but you?” Mrs. Cleary looked shocked.

“Things change.” She mumbled.

Not far from the capture point, Stephen had managed to get somewhere. He was close to escaping, but for some reason, he couldn’t do it. He reached the fencing, seeing nothing but cars around roads. It wasn’t long until some hooded boys, some on bikes and others just walking arrived on the other side of the fence. One of them in the middle, it seemed to be no other than a leader.

“Keeping the fort for ya. Making sure it’s in place. Jeez, Stephen.” A boy with a thick leather hood spoke.

“Yeah, thanks, Lenny.” Stephen replied with a thankful comment.

“So… we’re here. We got ya call, and now we’re gonna get you outta here! – Work with us. When have we ever let you down, Stephen?”

“Never.” Stephen replied.

“Good lad. I’m gonna take a wild guess; you are not alone are ya?”

“Ah, you got me, Clyde.” Stephen smirked. “I had someone with me. A girl, she didn’t come along, though. Sorry lads.”

“…well, her loss. The others you had last week were pretty fine if you ask me.” Clyde laughed.

“So, how you getting me out?” Stephen whispered.

“Pussy! – You can’t get out like that. Climb a tree or something. It still makes me laugh to know that this school are stupid as fuck.”

“Not really…” Lenny replied.

“Yeah, really. This school wants to stop escapists? Then, cut down a tree or two. Stupid tree huggers!” Clyde mocked them.

“What was your other plan, Clyde?” Stephen interrupted.

“Bro, I don’t expect you to go along with this. Why would ya? – basic. I can easily break you out. Ya boys have ya, you see?” Clyde smiled, revealing a handsaw in his inside quiver.

“Homemade?” Stephen asked.

“Like when it would it not be? You know me too well, bruv.” Clyde smirked, pulling out the handsaw and joking with it.

“You ended with us cause nobody else wants ya. Remember?” Lenny made his rules clear.

Clyde nodded, as he joked with the handsaw. Pretending to almost drop it on Lenny’s head.

“Cut that out, Clyde!” Lenny shouted.

“Not such a big man, after-all. Huh?”

Stephen climbed to the top of the tree near him. Reaching the top and hanging his bag on the branch, he was about to jump but the teachers had reached him before he could.

“Stephen. Walker. I-I-I don’t know what to say about you!” Mr. Arnold shouted.

“Jump! JUMP! Jump! JUMP!” Stephen’s friends cheered on for him.

“Don’t fall into peer pressure. Stephen.” Mrs. Cleary whispered.

Stephen looked down at Mr. Arnold and then back at the way out. A simple jump and I’m outta here. He smiled at his friends. Mr. Arnold was already quick to spot the issue outside the fencing. Running over to the fence, he looked at Clyde holding a handsaw in his left hand.

“Stupid boy! – Put that down. I’m calling the police, you hear me?!”

“Whatever, man. I don’t give a shit! – Stephen. Jump!” Clyde laughed.

“Why do you want to escape, Stephen? Tell me. We can help you.” Mrs. Cleary used her calm tone.

He was hesitating whether to jump or not, Mrs. Cleary was always good at calming children down. Keeping them under control from doing something they’ll regret another day to come. Jessica was with Mr. Candace near the School Office, dealing with Jessica’s punishment.

“Okay, man, bail! – Run all of ya! Stephen. Meet us again, alright? ALRIGHT?!”

“Okay… I will!” Stephen collapsed to the side of the branch.

The teachers gasped as he slid back towards the support branch of the tree. Almost falling to the floor, he slid and hit his head of the large tree trunk. Clyde stuck with him, whilst Lenny and the others ran away. He was going to stick with him until the end. Mr. Arnold had called the police, he wasn’t going to stand for violence, anything that looks dangerous on school premises.

“You’re a  threat to this school. The police are coming, they won’t be long.”

“Na, I don’t care man! Let my boy out! – Stephen! STEPHEN!” Clyde shouted.

“Look. I don’t need ya help!” Stephen shouted down at the teachers.

His vision blurring as he tried to pull himself back to the top of the tree. Clyde continued to shout his mouth off, wanting his friend back on the other side. He grabbed the handsaw again and tried to cut his way through the fencing. He had no idea how or what might happen if someone tries to cut iron with handsaw. The blade would heat up, but he didn’t know that nor did he care.

“Step back man! I’m fucking warning ya!” Clyde putting his full anger into cutting the iron fence.

“Kid. Just stop.” Mr. Arnold tried reach his arms out the gaps between the iron fence barriers. Trying to grab the handsaw from Clyde. “Put it down! Come on, kid! Stop fooling around!”

“Yeah? Well, maybe if you didn’t kick me out this fucking school! – I wouldn’t be such a mess!”

Hitting Mr. Arnold’s left arm with the rim of the handsaw, he almost got him with the blade. Mrs. Cleary assisted Mr. Arnold, as she pulled his arms back through the fence. Calling him stupid as she helped him. ‘Let the police deal with it.’ – She was right to say that.

Stephen had reached the top of the tree. His badly bruised head, several cuts down his left ear and right ear. He felt the need to jump. The voices, the sounds, the shouting, it was all too much for him. Mrs. Cleary wouldn’t let him go so easy, trying to keep him under control with her mellow voice. She cared, as did the others. Clyde was becoming a serious threat to the whole neighbourhood.

“Lucky! Stephen! Jump, I’m gonna be here for ya man! Not leaving ya behind!” Clyde shouted.

The sound of sirens were heard in the distance. Clyde had a fearless expression on his face. Part of him wanted to run and ditch his friend. The other part cared a little about him.

“You weren’t fooling! – You fuckin called em’ – how the fuck… why you do that for?!”

“Cause you are becoming a nascence, a threat to public school grounds.” Mr. Arnold replied.

“Yeah? Yeah? Fuck you! – Ya lucky I can’t get in there! Stephen?”

Stephen’s sight became too blurry, as he rocked to the side. Losing his balance, and his mind was all over the place. All he could hear was the sound of many voices screaming, shouting and just echoing in his ears. As he fell to the side, the teachers gasped as Mr. Jeff had reached the middle of the tree. He wasn’t able to climb, they thought talking Stephen down was the best approach.

“STEPHEN! STEPHEN!” Clyde screamed in horror of seeing his friend fall from a height.

Landing between the tree and the fence, Stephen was lodged between in a very painful position. Clyde rattled the fence, shouting towards Stephen from the other side of the fence. The sirens had gotten closer, soon several emergency services vehicles were in sight. Some had parked not far from Clyde, as for the others still mobile. Several Police Officers on foot running towards Clyde. He looked left and right, and decided to run away from it from all.

“Ambulance! Somebody call an ambulance!” Mrs. Cleary screamed from the top of her lungs.

“They’ll be here with the officers. I called both in-case Stephen had fallen…” he sighed.

Running as fast as he could, he jumped over several smaller fences. Running into several private gardens, trespassing on the neighbourhood’s belongings. He hopped another fence, skimming his left knee of a lose nail from the top of the fence. Causing him to miss the jump, he collapsed in a children’s swimming pool in one of the many back gardens.

“Officer Spike to Officer Lindsey! – We’ve 10-23 – stand by for more information.”

“10-4, loud and clear. The boy was last seen near a garden outside the school.”

“10-80, he was last seen where?”

“10-4, found him. Five houses down from the left.”

“10-4, loud and clear.”

All officers ran towards the front door of the house described by Officer Lindsey. Several other officers ran and jumped over the fences, looking for the boy named: Clyde.

In the garden, Clyde laid with his almost unconscious body face down in a children’s pool. A deep cut from the loose nail had caused blood to fill the pool. He tried to swim back to the grassy terrain. Failing to move or even swim, his leg was not in a good state.

“We’ve got him. 10-18, this boy is not in good shape…”

“10-4, sending more about. Assistance needed?”

“Medical assistance.”

The four officers that had jumped the fence to reach Clyde had found him lying in a pool of blood. One dived into the pool to rescue him from drowning. Clyde almost falling unconscious, he felt a lot of pain run through his body. Chlorine was causing his cuts to sting like Hell.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect this.” Officer Jacobs said to his comrades.

“Me neither… he chose to run, though.”

“True. Let the school know we’ve got him. Threat detained.”


After the officer had dived in, he carried Clyde out of the pool and placed him on one of the beach chairs. Whilst the officers at the front door were not entirely sure if anyone was home. This led to the force asking questions whether Clyde lives there or if he has friends in the place.

“10-68, look up this boy’s location. Where he lives, I need a record on him.”

“10-4. Over and out.”

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