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[Y] Due to Offensive Language. Violence, Blood, Other [Y] Rated-Related Info.
- There was a time where I felt so down, so hurt, so sad, and so many other emotions at once!
Now, I remember a time where I wish to go back to, but I don’t see myself there, smiling like I used to.
It was a change of events, I told myself this; over and over and over, again. So, I guess, I’m just thinking back to the good old days, right?
If that was true, why would I remember a time so much it hurts? It’s a painful time to be in. I guess, what made my past so bad, so awful, so tragic, more emotions, again? Really?
Well, I’m stuck. I don’t know if I should run away from this. Or, if I should turn back round. -


3. < 2 > Jessica's First Day Changed

Chapter Two

Jessica's First Day Changed

- 2 -


After that news had hit her quite a lot; she took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Mr. Payne saw the emotion on her face and allowed her to have some time to sit out of the room. He had already spoke to her about the lateness, so it was only fair to give her time to cool off. She sat down on one of the two chairs that Mr. Payne always leaves out for students who rather feel sick, upset or even depressed. It’s just for those that need a time out.

“Okay, well, if you need anything or feel the need to go to the Nurse’s office. Just let me know. I’d like to see you in class, though. Just, remember that and… yeah. Come in when you’re ready.”

Closing the door behind him, the sound of many voices run through her eardrums. Once the door closed, the sounds were gone. Feeling relaxed once more, she sat down and thought about the experience she had in today. It was a stressful time with a stranger, and meeting her old friends. The whole morning seemed too good to be true, and she realized that it was exactly that.

“Get outside! You can come in when you’ve learnt to treat people with respect…”

Another door opened from across the hallway, Jessica found it too difficult to resist such an opportunity of witnessing someone else that had been told to go outside. She smiled at the boy that stepped out. He ignored her at first, until his wondering mind got him into the walking kind of mood. Bored to wait around, he walked over to Jessica. As he walked, he placed his hand on the wall, brushing his hand off the walls as he approached her.

“You. What you out here for?” He whispered.

“Late. I was late to school. W-what about you?” Jessica replied.

“Trouble. I don’t know why, I didn’t do anything…” he smirked.

“Yeah? Why you smirking?” Jessica noticed the smirk, it was too obvious to miss it.

“Look. Am I questioning you? No. So, what’s your problem?”

“Alright. Just thought, I’d ask, that’s all.” She bit her fingertips.

“Cool. Yeah, I was just told to go outside, not the first time, either.”

A funny question came to her mind, wanting to ask the boy she only just met: “D-do you know Ryan?” She asked without realizing how strange that sounded.

His face expression changed within seconds. He looked quite tense, annoyed with what he had heard. “Ryan? That kid who always annoys you until you just want to punch the weasel?”

“Weasel? He is not a weasel!” Jessica shouted, defending her boyfriend.

“Ha-ha. If you say so. Jeez, I wonder why you care so much.” He mocked her. “Ryan, wait, let me guess: ‘me and Ryan are going to go Subway together, how romantic…’ that crap?”

Jessica wasn’t pleased with how rude this boy was. Mean and insulting, she had heard enough.

“Go back over there. Leave me alone. Never caught your name by the way!”

“Stephen. What’s it to you?” – “To me? It’s a joke. Ha-ha, funny kid.”

The door from across the hallway opened again, this time a teacher stepped out. Stephen’s eyes froze on Jessica. She noticed and didn’t say anything. The teacher walked out looking for Stephen. Jessica didn’t move, either, just staring into Stephen’s eyes as he did the same.

“Stephen? Come on, boy. You’re already in trouble. Why make it worse?”

“…shall we run?” Stephen began to sweat a little, as he mumbled to Jessica.

Is he serious? “Are you—Yeah! Sure.” Jessica didn’t think about the consequences for once.

Grabbing her bag, she ran with Stephen. Her boots causing a lot of stomping sounds, different volumes down the hallway. Stephen skidded across the floor, as he ran with Jessica following behind. The teacher saw Stephen run round one of the many corners and walked back into the classroom to the phone. Jessica didn’t have any clue on what she had just done back there.

They stopped running as they reached the interior exit to the playground. Stephen pushed the door open and let Jessica go first. She was humbled to know that Stephen wasn’t as rude as she first thought. Whatever happened back there, it  was weird and it seemed like time had frozen. Jessica held the door open for Stephen, returning the favour with a smile. He smiled back and ran towards the large grassy area.

Jessica soon stopped as Stephen ran on towards the tall trees and the smaller playground near the back of the AstroTurf.

This isn’t right. He just looks so happy, though. – Happier than he did back there.

“Come on! – Or, are you too chicken?” Stephen’s rude attitude returned.

Jessica bit her bottom lip and ran towards him. “No. Why would I be?”

He smiled in response and offered his hand to her. Reaching out for her hand, she ran towards him as the school bell rung just as they reached each other. He smiled at her, as she did the same. It was odd for her, strange even. How she was acting around this boy, and how she hadn’t even spoke about Ryan since they went through the running-phase.

“This is where all my friends go. All of them. So, where are yours?” Stephen sat on a rusted swing.

“In there.” She pointed at the school building. “Probably waiting for me, too.”

“Na, they don’t wait around.” Stephen spoke as if he knew them. “They usually meet me round the corners. It’s the best way to talk to them.”

Jessica noticed the odd conversation. “Oh, yeah? And how do you know that?”

“Cause… they’ve been here. They hang around here. Me and my crew, we might’ve seen them once or twice. You look quite annoyed.”

Jessica covered her face with her hands. “No, no, I don’t. Stop lying!”

He joked with her, playfully pulling her hands away from her face. “Stop being silly! Just show your face.”

Jessica felt a smile trying to force its way through. She didn’t want to smile, but she felt the urge to. He ticked her, and then it was impossible to not smile. She showed her face, her cheeks bright red. Blushing as the boy playfully tickled her and smiled at back the whole time.

Meanwhile… inside the school building, the teacher who was in search of Stephen had called the Office for assistance. His teacher being quite the snitch, as Stephen would say.

“Yes. Stephen Walker has ran away, yet again.”

“Right. We’ll look for him, just be sure to let us know if anyone else goes walkies.”

“Good. Thanks again, Mrs. Appleby.”

Outside near the playground; Stephen and Jessica were enjoying their time together. Stephen had managed to make Jessica become attached to him. She didn’t quite know it yet, but it was very clear that she had feelings for this boy. She felt as if she was fighting two sides of her personality, Ryan or Stephen? – It was a question that faded away as Stephen tickled her some more.

Her hair no longer looking as neat as it did before she left the house. Stephen had gotten her hair covered in grass, and managed to make her look quite Wild. She hadn’t noticed, she was having a blast with Stephen. Enjoying the laughs, the fun and anything else that Stephen was capable of showing to her. He offered her his swing with his bright red cheeks showing too.

“Yep. You can have my swing, I don’t mind. Honest.”

Jessica noticed Stephen holding back the swing for her. She was once again humbled by his kindness, sitting down on the seat as he slowly let go of the chain. Staying behind her, he said something that Jessica had never expected to hear from this boy she had only just met. She expected it from Ryan but he was nowhere to seen in the school.

“I’ll push you. You can go as high as you want, Jessica.”

She agreed, her smile kept her happy. His kindness made her forget about Ryan. Spending time with a boy like this was a rare opportunity for her. She enjoyed every last moment he offered to her. She soon realized that Stephen had said her name. Causing her to feel a little aggro towards him.

“WHO, told you that?” Jessica placed her feet on the ground, stopping the swing immediately.

“What? What did I say wrong?” Stephen replied, puzzled by her mood swing.

“My name… you said my name, Stephen.”

He smirked at her, as she looked behind her. He laughed a little and could see anger on Jessica’s face.

“You said my name too!” Stephen shouted with a cheerful smile.

“I-I guess I did… but that don’t change—“

Before she could even question him, shout at him, be angry at him. Stephen’s sneaky tactic got him on the good side of Jessica within minutes. He had grabbed the chain of the swing and pulled her towards him, kissing her with a passionate caring face expression. He was so happy to see her angry, she soon smiled as she was confused and went through several different emotions. Trying to come to terms with what the hell happened, she was mad, and then she was happy? She was confused.

Stephen let go of the chain. Jessica was no longer allowing Stephen to make the move. As he let go of the chain, he was expecting her to go back to swinging. Instead, to his surprise; she wrapped her arms around him, kissing him, as they snogged whilst she sat on the swing and him just standing there, kissing her back and showing his passion for her.

“…wow, I didn’t expect that.” Stephen smirked.

“Yeah? Well, I didn’t expect that, either. That makes two of us.”

They both smiled at each other and continued to passionately kiss.

Not far from them was several teachers along with two security guards who usually guard the Office area and main entrance of the school. Before going anywhere to look for Stephen, they stood around the doors of the many classrooms and had a conversation about Stephen’s past bad boy-like issues, his past in-troubles. All the problems some teachers have with him.

“Stephen Walker. Again? That boy just likes to cause trouble.” Mr. Arnold said.

“Yes. Stephen Walker is not easy to deal with alone. It’s always something to do with his classmates. Fights, bullying, that boy is capable of it all.”

“Well, don’t forget, he has issues. Like many of these kids, he’s here to learn and nothing else.”

Mrs. Cleary whispered. “Yeah, Stephen Walker is related to his other troublesome brother, Jacob Walker. Those two together are Hell in this school.”

“And where does Stephen Walker go when he’s running away from trouble?” Mr. Arnold asked.

“Where any kid would go. The Playground.” Mrs. Clearly replied.

“Right. We won’t need as many staff as last time. Last time, he was with his classmates. Too many fights with them around. It’ll be just him, right?” Mr. Arnold looked at her confused.

“If that boy goes anywhere alone. That would be a surprise. He is always with someone. Just last week, I caught him out with some other hooligans.” Mr. Candace sighed.

“Students. Pupils. Don’t call them that.” Mrs. Cleary spoke with an aggressive tone.

They soon set out looking for Stephen, while many other rooms were full with hard-working students. Some more troublesome kids, but they weren’t going to run like Stephen does. His record of running away is full. And if he ever faced a punishment, it would be surprise for any of the staff who work there. A real shock to the Head Office too and possibly his own parents.

Back at the playground. Jessica had finished her heartfelt situation with Stephen. As they stood up smiling at each other. Jessica had left lipstick all over his face, not saying anything to him. Stephen felt great to have kissed Jessica, to have spent time with her outside. He never knew what got into her, he even questioned it as he sat down alone, not too far away from her. She did the same, sitting and thinking. Not knowing that staff members were looking for them both.

Did I really just kiss that boy? – Wow, what has gotten into me?

Stephen’s mind wondered: Jessica is amazing! I never expected her to be so… loveable?

Jessica looked at the floor, her cheeks finally dying down a little. No more redness, no more blushing for the time she had alone from him. Stephen looked out by accident, he saw several figures getting closer. As he compared the silhouettes that were not far away from him to his friends figures in the distance. He realized that it was no other than the staff themselves. Which also meant one thing to him: ‘Adults!’ – He picked up his things and ran towards Jessica.

“Jessica! Jessica.” He shouted at her got near her.

“What is it?” Jessica replied, trying not smile at him.

“Adults. Teachers! – They’re looking for us. Probably me, more than you.”

“Oh… well, we had time away from there. So, you know?”

“No. I don’t know, you can come with me or go back to them. I don’t care which you choose. It’s up to you!” Stephen became anxious, a little intimidating towards Jessica.

“It’s just Detention. That’s all you’ll get.” Jessica spoke out her mind again.

“Detention? Are you serious?! – Maybe for you. IF I get caught, I’m not going to be here much longer. That’s why I’m running from them!”

He ran towards the outskirts of the AstroTurf, running towards the other small playgrounds and the tall fences surrounding them both. Keeping them trapped in school, stops them from escaping. Jessica’s mind pondered many thoughts. She had to make a decision, a very quick decision. The teachers and other staff members also known as the Search Party had reached Jessica and Stephen’s last location.

“Do you think his climbed over?” Mr. Arnold asked.

PSS… PSS… the walkie-talkie from Mrs. Cleary’s pocket emitted a call.

 “This is Mrs. Cleary, who is this?” She asked.

“Mr. Payne, Class B45 – we’ve lost a student.”

“A boy I imagine?” Mrs. Cleary jumped to conclusions.

“Ha, well, that would be the same old story. Wouldn’t it. No, I’ve lost a female student. A girl named: Jessica Wolf.”

“Copy that. Over and out.” – Mrs. Cleary told the others. “Okay, maybe, just maybe, we are dealing with two runaways. These two are obvious tormenters, it seems.”

Jessica had made her decision, she could see them from the distance and decided to run to find Stephen. Hoping that it’s not too late for her to join him on his runaway scheme. Her eyes flowing with tears from the bright sun that just kept managing to boil her eyes. The staff members continued to walk towards their other location. Jessica had not gotten far from it, either.

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