The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


12. Why Didn't You Tell Me?

I wake slowly. My head pounds; my eyes are dry and my cheeks itchy from dried up tears. I shuffle further under my covers as someone sniffs beside me. I try to cuddle into their arms for comfort but they push me back.

"You didn't tell me about your dad ..." He whimpers. My eyes snap open; I look up at him. The tears are clear to see on his cheeks ...

"I - I don't know what you're on about ..." I squeak. He gently pulls me closer; I feel his hand suddenly pulling up my top. It takes me a second to realise what he's talking about, and then I remember the scar I got from a broken wine bottle ...

I swear and try to tug my top back down but he's seen it. He just stares at me, broken. 

"I - I didn't know he was -"
"Jack -"

"Y-you were abused-"
"Jack - Please don't. Don't-" I try to wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him but he shuffles down to my scar. I breathe in sharply as he pulls at my top and his damp cheek leans against it. His finger runs around the skin around it; the scar is a few centimetres under my right breast. He swallows hard and I hear him choke on tears. "Jack, I'm ok -"

"And the boy last night -"
"Jack - Please!" I try to pull him back up but he cuddles into my stomach and kisses my scar, like it will help it. For some reason, it's reassuring. It soothes my flaming skin and I breathe out in relief. His fingers dance around the scar, making me whimper slightly. He is suddenly sliding up until his lips are pressed against mine. I whimper again as his fingers run up and slide into my hair. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him desperately into me. I don't want to remember my dad; I want to stay with Jack without wanting to cry for every little reason ...

His lips pull away from mine when I try to deepen the kiss and I blink innocently, blushing slightly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He whimpers. I take his face in my hands and lean my forehead against his. I breathe out slowly.

"It doesn't matter. It was the past."

"It doesn't matter? It doesn't matter? Babe! You were abused!" I should be upset about his sentence but the word 'babe' affects me too much. My legs go weak a little and my cheeks redden. I snuggle into his chest, trying to ignore the subject. "No - Maia! Please! When did this happen?" I glance up at his waiting beautiful eyes. They're filled with tears; I can see myself in them. I'm small and fragile; a girl with a bad past. His arms wrap tightly around me as I shuffle upwards and lean my lips against his cheek.

"I was twelve. It's ok. I'm ok now." I reassure him. "He's dead now." He pulls away sharply.

"Dead?" I can see the hurt in his eyes. I've never told him any of this ...

"The alcohol catches up to you at some point ..." I mumble, burying my head into his neck. He swallows hard; I can feel the lump in his throat running up and down. I pull him closer to me. I want to tell him to change the subject, but then he's suddenly sitting up, pulling me up onto his lap.

"You know, I've been thinking," He whispers. My heart flips in fright. "We don't really know anything about each other, do we? I say we tell each other about our past ..." I know it's just a way for him to get information on what happened to my dad without upsetting me, but I can't care less right now. I snuggle into his chest and sigh.

"Ok ... What do you want to know about my past?" He hesitates. He doesn't want to dive straight into his question; I can tell, yet I don't try and soften the tension between us. I sit there quietly wishing we could just cuddle without talking about my past ...

"Have you ever had a dog?" I laugh at this question; he grins. His nose scrunches up when he grins; I plant a kiss on the tip of it and he blushes.

"Have you ever had any pet?" 

"I've had a goldfish if that counts? ... Well he wasn't really mine ... He was the schools ... Lucas and I named him Bob and he lived in our school's pond. I think we overfed it since it died three days after we named it Bob ..." He laughs at my cute story and I blush. "What about you?" He grins slightly.

"A cat." He admits. 
"Aaw!" He laughs.

"Yeah ..." He blushes as I grin and lean against him. He cocks his head to a side.

"So ... " He says coolly. "Who's this Lucas? ..." I laugh. Hard. 

"Is someone jealous?" I tease. He shakes his head, pauses and then grins sheepishly. I take his face in my hands and kiss his lips. I only meant it to be a small kiss but as soon as our lips connect, I can't seem to pull myself away. He seems the same because his arms wrap around me closer; he rolls me onto my back. I whimper, tangling my hands in his hair.

"Tug." He pleads into my mouth. I grin and obey, tugging gently at his hair. His groan is unmistakable. I giggle and pull him closer. His hands stay cupping my faces for a few seconds before they return to my waist, gently rubbing circles on my hips. I whimper as his hands start to slip up the back of my shirt and run over my skin. My skin is on fire at his touch; my legs go weak as his own legs tangle up with mine. His kiss starts to get passionate; I whimper as his fingers slide up to my bra strap. The breath is lost in my throat as I continue to tug on his hair. I don't know what I'm doing when I roll us both over, our lips never disnoccenting. I straddle him and grab his face. I start to grind against his hips; he moans softly. I whimper as his hands slide down to my waist. His thumbs slide into my belt buckle and he tries to make my grind faster. I don't; I slow it down and rub harder. We both whimper.

His hands are suddenly on my trousers; I lose sight of everything for a few seconds, before I'm suddenly underneath him in my underwear. I whimper hard as he continues to grind against me. There's a bulge in his pants that is pressing dangerously close to my sensitive spot; I moan against his lips.

"Fuck - Maia!" He grunts and his fingers try to pull at my underwear. I don't realise what I'm doing before I'm grabbing his hand and stopping him. 

"No!" I cry. We both pauses as I catch my breath and try to stop myself from looking as wild and scared as I feel. "No ... I'm not ready ..." He hesitates and then pouts, trying to lighten the mood again. 

"I was so close." He teases, pulling me into him. "But fine ... If you want to continue, just give me a groan and I'll continue ..." I laugh.

"No thanks." His legs untangle from mine and instead wrap around me, making sure his bulge is pressing into my sensitive area. I try to stop myself, but a whimper escapes from my lips at the pressure against my inner thighs and other parts (O.o). His eyes light up with delight.

"That wasn't even three seconds!" He laughs. I press my lips tightly together.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I lie.

"I heard a moan! You moaned!" He accuses, grinning widely. I roll my eyes. 

"No." I reply stubbornly. "It was a friendly whimper as in 'I want to cuddle'. It wasn't sexual! It wasn't a 'fuck me' groan; it was a friendly groan!" He laughs.

"I'm sure I heard a 'fuck me' moan ..." I scoff as he leans forwards so our lips are brushing against each other. His eyes are wide; his cheeks are pressed upwards in a massive grin. I roll my eyes and try to pull away but he holds me close.

"Well you need to get your ears tested." I reply and he chuckles.

"Fine then ... But if you do want me, moan in a 'fuck me' way, ok?" I laugh back.

"You're an idiot -" His hand is suddenly on my thigh, pressing slightly against my knickers. I gasp; his eyes never leave  my face, taking in every emotion; every movement; every corner of my face. I try not to whimper as his fingers move in slowly round circles, brushing against my inner thigh. I bite down hard on my lip.

"Jack -" His hand slides upwards a little more, not wanting to stop. I don't want him to stop either; my heart pounds away in my chest. I grit my teeth tightly together as his fingers hesitate before they press underneath me, the material of the underwear in the way of him touching me for real. I can't help it; the moan escapes my lips and his grin reaches his ears.

"No fair!" I grunt wriggling away from him although I want him. I really want him. I can feel my head spinning; my heart beating away; my girly parts tingling with want. I grumble and force myself to sit up. I collect my clothes quickly and yank them on, knowing if I lay beside him for even another second, I'll give into temptation and then it wouldn't fair for Mum or Stan ...

"Jack! You're staring!" I blush. He laughs and draws closer, taking my waist and pulling me into him. 

"Not staring; just looking." I giggle as his lips press against mine. I lean in between his legs; his hands slide around my waist. I can feel him trying to undo my bra strap through my top; I gasp and push him away.

"Jack!" I snap. He pouts and collapses back on the bed, sulking. I button up the rest of my top and run the brush through my hair. He watches me from the bed, trying to look upset; I ignore him and start towards the door, pretending to leave so he'll follow. He doesn't, claiming my room for his. He does sit up in the bed though; that's one accomplishment.

"Hey! Hey! Where are you going?" He sits up; my eyes dart to his pants and the bulge hiding beneath it; I look away, blushing hard. He chuckles. "Like what you see?" 

"Shuddup ..." He grins and gets up. He grabs his clothes and starts to get dressed slowly. I don't watch him. 

Nope. I don't watch him at all ...

don't watch as the muscles in his chest and back ripple under the sunlight through the window; I don't watch as he pushes his beautiful brown hair to aside to pull his top over his head; I don't watch the way his eyes twinkle as he pulls on his clothes. I definitely don't watch the tattoo of a skull and bones dance when he bends over to pull on his trousers; I don't watch the way his - his - his -

I realise he's looking at me.

"Now who's the one staring?" He grins. I turn my head away and towards the window. He laughs and slides up. He plants a kiss on my cheek. "You know this whole brother/sister thing isn't that bad. ... The Walk of Shame isn't that long anymore ..." Anymore?

I grin.

"Get out you retard." I smile. He takes the side of my face with one of his hands and kisses my lips gently. I sigh gently.

He finally steps away and out of my room; I watch, biting down hard on my lip.

And then I realise it's Thursday.

We should be at school ...







"I hate you."
"Sure you do."
"No seriously. I hate you." Izzie grabs a sandwich and throws it onto her tray. I roll my eyes.

"Oh thanks."

"No, you left me all alone to Miss Green. She tried to kill me in History!" I laugh. 

"Kill you?" She glares and throws a plastic fork at my face. I dodge it.

"You know what I mean!" She snaps. I grin.

"Sorry! I slept in!"

"I heard Jack was late as well! You both slept in?" Together.

"Yeah. Our alarms were off and Mum and Stan were sleeping as well."
"Naughty, naughty!" She teases. I roll my eyes and grab the water bottle. I place it onto my tray and follow her to the checkout. We pay quickly and then take a seat. It's just us on the eight seater; we look like retards. 
"So how was maths?" I tease. She gives me a sharp glare; I laugh hard. "I was just being nice!"
"And this juice will 'just be on your lap' if you don't quit annoying me!" 

"Ooh! Temper, temper!" It's not me who says it; someone sits beside us. I look up and at Jack. I grin hard. 
"Hey!" I want to lean in for a kiss, but Izzie knows we're brother and sister; it will be really awkward if I kiss my brother in front of her, so I just give Jack a warm smile. He returns it, shuffling his chair closer to me.

"Hey." He repeats. His eyes don't leave mine; someone is suddenly sitting on my other side. I turn to look who it is. Izzie has already got there before me. She moves her chair away and glares at the stranger. It looks like she knows him by the look of disgust on her face. 

"Maia, meet Matthew. Matthew, this is Maia." He nods over at me; I nod back, taking him in quickly. Dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, slightly crooked nose. He's OK looking; Jack's better ... 

"Hey." I dip my chin down in greetings and he gives me a little smile. 

"Why are you sitting with us?" Izzie snaps. Jack tears his gaze away from me, I blush, and gives a small shrug.

"There's no more seats on the other tables." I look around. There are. He could have sat anywhere he wanted, yet he chose to sit with us. I smile a little.

"There are seats; you just want to steal our food!" I accuse. He laughs and leans over, grabbing my drink and taking a sip. He passes it back, grinning as I glare. He laughs, nearly spitting it out, and then leans forwards. I nearly, nearly lean forwards as well. I manage to stop myself before Izzie or Matthew see; Jack stops as well. He gives me a quick look and then turns back to Matthew. They start to talk; I turn to Izzie, trying to contain my blush.

"I want to go somewhere else." She complains. "I don't like your brother."
"I'm sitting right here, you know!" Jack grins. Izzie shrugs.

"M! Please! Let's go somewhere else!" I look over at her begging eyes and scowl. I want to stay with Jack; why does she want to leave so desperately?

"But -"

"Maia -"
"Maia?" This isn't a voice I recognize straight away. It comes from behind us. I turn my head to look at the person. I nearly choke on what I'm eating as I fumble to get out of my seat quickly. 

"Michael! What are you doing here?"

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