The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


29. "Theo James is baaaaaaae!"

"OI, move up!" Izzie kicks her legs out; I moan.

"Get your feet off of me - they're freezing!" 

"Good! You can warm them up for me!" She buries her feet into my stomach; I try to push her off, but she refuses to budge. I turn into the side of the sofa and kick my feet onto her lap as well. She scrunches up her nose as my cold toes rub against her tummy; she shakes her head.

"I don't mind that actually." She lies. I laugh, and stretch out, pulling on the blanket we're sharing. She scowls and pulls it back. I groan.

"Hey! Gimmie it -"

"It's my blanket!"
"It's my sofa!"
"It's my hou- oh." I laugh and give a final tug on the blanket, pulling it to my chin. She scoffs, but cuddles closer. Her feet start to dig into my waist instead. I roll my eyes and focus on the movie - Divergent -. I hear the front door open and close - I look up to see Mat and Jack. I grin over at Jack, and he returns it.

"Where have you two been?" Izzie demands. Mat scoffs, draping his coat on the coat hanger. 

"Nice to see you too!" He leans over and kisses her lips; Jack kicks off his shoes, throws his coat onto the hanger as well, and slides over, towards us. He collapses onto me with an exasperated sigh; I groan and Izzie and I retreat our legs to avoid him crushing us.

"Oof - Ow! You're so annoying Jack -"
"Awe, you loooooooove me!"

"You're deeeeeeeeeeeeeead to me, more like  -"

"Yeah but you looooooooove me!"
"Whatever ..." He kisses my cheek - I blush and cuddle into his side. His lips fall onto my forehead; he cuddles up under the blanket beside me. I lean into him, pulling him closer, and his hand falls to my thigh almost instantly. He starts to trace patterns on it; I look up, raising an eyebrow; his lips fall onto mine quickly.

"Round two?" He murmurs into my lips - I laugh, and push him away. I kiss his scrunched up nose and turn my attention to the movie.
"In your dreams, snowboy." He laughs and tries to kiss me again - I turn my head towards Izzie and Mat. Mat was leaning over Izzie; their lips were connected passionately. Mat's hands were disappearing under the blanket, and exploring her legs and stomach; I roll my eyes and turn away from them as well. In the corner of my eye, I see Izzie spark upright, and she moans slightly. I wrinkle my nose in disgust; Jack's arms wrap around me; his hand continues to move on my thigh. I sink into his side; Izzie is suddenly standing up, wrapping her arms around Mat's neck, and is being carried upstairs. Jack looks over them, scoffing, and then pulls me so I'm laying on top of him. He wraps me into his arms; I lean on his chest, my eyes focused on Theo James (Four).

"I'm gonna marry Theo James some day - Theo James is baaaaaaae!" I tell him after a few minutes of laying in silence - he laughs and hugs me closer. He looks at my future husband, and then wolf whistles

"You know what? Me too!" I laugh, and snuggle into his chest. 

"You're such an idiot." I giggle. He starts to run his hand through my hair, playing and tugging gently on it. He laughs.

"Awe, but so are you, so it's ok." I scoff and he grins. We watch as Four shows Tris his tattoo's - I blush as Jack prods my cheek. "Hey! Don't go all googly eyes for him! You're mine!" He pulls me towards him defensively, wrapping his arms tightly around me, and pouting. I giggle, and peck his lips.

"Awe, I'm sworry."
"You should be ..."

"Awe, but come on! Look at my beautiful baby! Look at how awesome his tattoo's are -" Jack pouts even more; I laugh and wrap my arms around him, snuggling into his chest. "You don't like his tattoo's?" Jack changes the movie, sulking, and I roll my eyes. "I'm just kidding, baby. You're mine - you're my own Theo James. I wuv you, my little, cute, jealous snowboarder." I kiss his lips - he smiles slightly and rolls us over. He tries to tangle his legs up with mine - I wince a little at the pain in between my legs - it's been there ever since lunch, when Jack and I decided to make love in the Snowboarding changing rooms, with the twelve year old boys running out the room in a hurry after Jack moaned first!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Yep that's right - I'm the proud winner of not moaning (only because I made Jack go first), and now he has to do whatever I say for a whole bloody week!!!!!!!!!! But he got back at me for winning - I can't move. 

And I won't give him the satisfaction of knowing that either.

Unfortunately, Izzie worked it out though - and she ain't gonna let me forget it either!

"Oi, go make me some popcorn!" Jack moans. I hesitate, and then shake my head.

"No. You go make me some popcorn!" Jack gives me a challenging stare. I grin. "I won the promise." He scoffs.

"Oh gawd \\ you're actually going to hold me to that?!"
"Hell yeah." 

"Whatever." He kisses me, and then scoop me up. "If I'm going to be out in the kitchen, so are you." He carries me out - and sets me onto the kitchen side unit. I roll my eyes, but I'm glad that he 'carried' me, rather than making me walk - it's bloody torture moving around.

At least tomorrow I will be less stiff, and I'll be ok again ...

And then he's going to die. 

"Butter popcorn, or toffee? Oh, or salt?" 

"Ew! Who like salt popcorn nowadays? Toffee popcorn!" He pulls out a packet out of the cupboard and grabs a bowl. He starts to empty it out; I roll my as he scoffs.

"You don't like salt popcorn? What's wrong with you?"

"I don't know - for starters, I like you. Ew. I need to see a doctor." He sticks his tongue out, and then comes and rests in betweens my legs as we wait for the adverts to finish. 

"You're so mean to me." He teases. I roll my eyes and peck his lips; he pulls me closer, and I wince slightly. He notices, and pulls back. "Are you ok?" I nod.

"Your breath stinks." I lie, pulling myself off of the counter and grabbing the bowl of popcorn. I start back into the living room, wincing at every sore step. Jack follows me out with drinks. 

I place the bowl on the side; I go to sit down, when I'm suddenly being pinned to the sofa. 

"You're sore." Jack's proud face fills my vision, and I open my eyes in shock.

And then I realise he's noticed, and I blush.


"No I'm not." I protest, squirming slightly. He laughs hard.

"Yes you are!"
"No I'm not!" He raises an eyebrow.

"SO, if I said, right here, right now, would you do it without any hesitations?" He grins. I hesitate, and then shake my head.

"No. You've had your fun for one day -"

"You're sore." He laughs again and kisses my forehead. "Awe, you should've said something - how long have you been hurting?"

"Since the day I met you." I clutch my heart dramatically and pretend to weep. He laughs, and I laugh as well. He moves to kiss me; his trousers are flimsy; I'm only wearing a long top. I feel everything.

I groan slightly.

"Oi, watch it will you?" He chuckles, and shakes his head. 

"Awe, I love this feeling. I feel so strong -"

"You're so annoying -"

"But, by the looks of your face, I guess I'm big as well ..."

"Yeah, a big, fat, annoying idiot!" 

"Right back at ya!" I scoff. 


"You betcha." He kisses my lips, and grins hard. He doesn't stop grinning, and I finally groan.

"Oi, stop laughing - it's not funny. It hurts." He tries to stop smiling - It doesn't work. I get pissed off with him, and turn further away. He sighs.

"Awe, Maia - I'm joking. ... Awe, Maia! Please! Please don't ignore me - I was just mucking about. I'm sorry it hurts - I didn't think I was hurting you -" I shrug him off.

"Whatever." He sighs and kisses my neck, right over a love bite, and I breathe out softly. 

This boy is so going to be the death of me ...









"So ... Last night, eh?" Izzie turns scarlet; I laugh hard. 

"Whatever ..."
"It wasn't 'whatever'! It sounded like you were having lots of fun!"
"Shuddup, Maia! ... Anyway, how are you and Jack! Still aching?" 

"Ok, ok. I get it; bring up that subject because I'm upsetting you - ruude!" 

"I'll show you rude -" She tackles me, rubbing her knuckles against my head. I moan, trying to escape. I hear a laugh.

"Hey, I wanna go!" I hear a grunt from Jack, and I quickly squirm free just in time to watch Mat and Jack sprawl across the lockers, Jack stuck in a headlock. I quickly bounce over, tickling Mat until he lets go, and then pulling Jack into my embrace.
"Mine!" Jack grunts, scoffing slightly. 

"I didn't need help - I had that ..." I laugh and kiss his nose.

"Sure you did, baby!" He smirks slightly - his arms wrap around me and his lips press onto mine. I forget that we're at school - I move closer, pulling him closer to me - and Izzie elbows me hard.

"Guys ...? People are staring -" I try to pull back, but Jack pulls me closer and I feel his tongue suddenly pressing against my lips, begging for entrance - I let him. We start french kissing, and Izzie groans. "GUYYS!" Jack's suddenly pulled away from me - I moan, and so does he. Izzie shakes her head at me and takes my arm.

"Stop being so gross, and come and get a sandwich with me!" I take a final glance at Jack over my shoulder, and then follow her, sulking slightly.

She ignores me, and drags me to the cafeteria. 








"Aching still?"

"Fight me!"
"I'll do something else with you, if you want ..." I groan slightly, and push past him.

"You're so -"
"Desperate? Hell yeah. I'm feeling very desperate today!" I wince slightly - he notices and wraps me into his arms. He chuckles. "You like me talking dirty to you, don't you?" I shake my head.

"No - You're so annoying! You're worse than the girls that scream when they see their friends -"

"I'll make you scream all night long, baby -"

"Jack! Stop it -"
"What?" He asks innocently. I roll my eyes and hitch my bag higher on my shoulder blade. His hands fall around my waist, and he pulls me in, kissing at my neck. I groan, and force myself to pull away. He pouts, but I don't care.

"Jack! We can't - I have a science test next lesson. I'm meant to be revising -"


"Fine ... One more kiss?" I peck his lips quickly, and start towards the lunch hall - Jack sighs, and disappears out to the football court. 











"What'cha up to?" 

"Homework." I groan and step into the room. I take him in, sitting at his desk, shirtless, arched over a maths book. I try to bite my lip sexily - he doesn't notice me, and I sigh. 

"You can do it later - I just need two seconds - whatcha think of this?" He looks up, laughing, but the laughter soon dies on his lips when his eyes fall onto me. I raise an eyebrow at his expression, and laugh when he slowly dampens his lips. 

"Oh." Is all he says.

I watch as his eyes take me in, in my new black laced underwear, and he struggles to swallow. I roll my eyes.

"Whatcha think? I bought it after school?" I take a quick circle, and turn back to him. He's staring; his mouth open slightly.

"I - ur - I - I like it ..."

"Really?" I look into the mirror, and check out the underwear. In the corner of the mirror, I spot Jack lifting the pen to his lips and biting down hard on it. He doesn't look away from me - I try to ignore him. "I think it's a bit too small in some places -" He shakes his head.

"No, I - ur - no! It's perfect!" I laugh, and roll my eyes.

"Well thank you." I blush slightly, and he just grins. "I think I might go for a bigger size, so I can grow into it?" He shakes his head quickly, and opens his arms for me.

"I think it's the perfect size!" He says speedily, opening his arms wider, to signal he wants me to walk into them - I scoff, but go towards him nevertheless. I place myself in between his legs, and I give him a quick peck on the nose. 

"What?" He just nods, and wraps his arms around me, pulling me in closer. I roll my eyes, knowing he isn't paying attention any more.

His eyes drop to my bra - and then my pant - and he lets out a small whimper. I raise an eyebrow.

"You ok, there?" I tease. He nods again - he dampens his lips again.

"Y-y-you know what - I can do my homework later -" He fumbles to get up, out of his chair; he tries to lead me towards the bed.

I laugh, and push him back into the seat.

"No, you need to get your homework done!"

"But it's boooooooooring -" 
"I know but it's good to do it - you'll get high grades!"

"Can you help me, pretty, pretty, please?" I laugh, shrugging my shoulders.

"Ok. Let me go get changed first -" He shakes his head, and he grabs my waist, pulling me onto his lap. I roll my eyes, but get comfortable any ways. I spin the chair so it's facing the desk, and grab his maths homework. He snuggles his head into my shoulder blade; his lips kiss around my bra strap. "Is this algebra?" He nods. "Oh screw you - I haaate algebra!" He chuckles.

"Me too."

"So, you have to do this whole page?" Another nod.

"But I pretty much have done three quarters of it. I've got at least eight/ten left. Not that much -"

"Oh, well, you know what - this is your homework, have fun -" I try to leave, but he tugs me harshly back into his chest. Hands are suddenly groping a very sensitive area - his lips find my ear, and he grins cheekily.

"Every question I get right, an item of clothing is removed?" He whispers. I barely hear him over the pounding of my blood in my ears - I struggle to hold back a moan as he rubs against me.

Damn underwear - it's thin as anything.

"Deal or no deal?"

"D-d-eal-" He grins; his hand starts to move in gently rotation movements as he starts to solve the next question. I bite down hard on my lip and lean into him heavily, trying to suppress a moan. He notices, and grins darkly. 

A few seconds of torture - and he finishes the first one. He gets out his maths book and checks the answer - his face lights up.

He goes to unbutton his trousers - I pull off his right sock instead. He rolls his eyes.

"Fine." He whispers in a low voice. "Have it that way -" He hand slides into my pants - he starts to rub again. I let my head roll backwards and I moan. He chuckles and starts on the next one - I try to concentrate on not moaning.

I fail miserably. 

I grunt as his finger enters me - he grins and checks the maths book.

"Another one right -" I pull off his left sock. He chuckles; his finger starts to move inside of me - I grip onto his arm, and grit my teeth.

A low moan escapes through them. 

Underneath my body, I can feel Jack growing as well - it doesn't help me to stop whimpering.

His eyes skim the text book - another question right - his fingers start to unbutton his jeans again. He takes a pause in fingering me, just until he can take off his jeans, and then he tries it again. But instead, I push his hand away, and turn round. I press my body into his - I kiss at his jaw line. A whimper escapes his lips; I let my hands roam his bare chest.

I can feel him underneath me - he can definitely feel me, as well then. I like the power of sitting on his lip in thin underwear - it turns us both on like nothing before.

He looks towards the math book, and breathes out softly. His fingers start to unloop my  bra. I wrap my arms around his neck, and press my naked chest into his - he grunts slightly. 

That little noise makes my legs tingle. I can't help it; I grind slowly against his lap. We both moan. 

"Maia -" He tries to wrap his arms around me, but I push him away, and giggle.

"Homework first ..." He groans.

"You're so mean -"
"I know." He continues to work - but I can tell I'm distracting him. 

He checks the maths book and groans. He starts to redo the question again, and I giggle against his jaw.

"Tick, tock. I'm getting bored..." In responce to that, his head turns and he starts to suck on my sweet spot. I let out an exagerated moan - I get a non forced moan back, and chuckle.

"Jack - Jaack! Oh god - I'm wet -" I pant, trying to turn him on. It works. He groans hard; he tries to remove my pants, but I push his hands away. "Homework." He stops kissing my neck - he starts to scribble down the equations frantically. I grind on him, being the helpful person I am, and continue to distract him. "You're so big! I'm getting an orgazm just by looking at you -"
"Grind." Jack growls. I giggle and start to play with his hair.

"No thank you ..." He turns us over, trapping me underneath him on the chair. I grin as he kisses my violently, purposely trying to press him against me. I groan slightly - his hand grabs at my breast and he squeezes. I quickly remember he's got homework - I push him off.

"I just finished two questions -" He grins. I sigh as I count how many pieces of clothing we have left on - two. 

"And how many questions left?" He hestitates, and then shrugs.

"Five -"

"Complete those five and then ..." I wink and he grunts. He turns us back the normal way - he tugs off his pants, his eyes never leaving mine, as he searches for a reaction. I look at his rising boner, and I feel myself go shivery. I pull at my pants slowly - he groans at my naked body; his hands try to grab me. I push them away. "Homework!" He starts to work straight away - I breathe out slowly.

And then I grow desperate to tease us both again.

I kneel up, shuffling closer on his lap, and then I try and sit myself on top of his stiff. He lets out a groan.

"Maia -"

"Jack -" I grip onto his shoulders, lowering myself onto him. I don't push all the way, only a quarter, and then I groan. "Protection?" His fingers stumble to drop the pencil - he pulls open a draw and rips the condom out of the wrapper - he applies it to himself - he grabs my waist and hauls me back down on to him. I cry out - he grunts sharply.

"God, you're so tight -" I groan loudly - he picks up the pencil and continues to frantically work out the questions. I'm left with two choices - 1) pull out and wait for him to finish.

2) Take control for once and fuck him while he still has to work.

Number two appeals to me too much - I start to grind with him in me.

We both let out grunts of shock, and pleasure - his head rolls back to lean on the back of the chair.

"Maia -" His hands fall to my waist - I push them off. He picks up the pencil with shaking hands, and tries to continue. I start to grind harder. "Maia -" I groan as I feel myself building up - I press deeper onto him - I move faster, harder. We both moan. "Fuck, Maaia-"
"Jaack-" I feel myself building up - I'm suddenly on the floor, and Jack is positioning himself, having already pulled out. His lips jam onto mine - I suddenly feel him enter me. I groan loudly - he pins my hands above my head, his legs pin down mine; and he starts to thrust into me. I throw my head back and groan. He doesn't stop - he grunts as well. I feel myself building.

"Jack - I'm gonna -" I come, and a second later, so does Jack. 

We lie there, on the floor, shaky, before he finally chuckles.

"You know, you make homework a lot more fun!" He pulls at the condom, and glances down. He grins. "And now, I'm going to make this, a lot more fun!" He starts to move down.

A few seconds later, and I'm screaming his name.

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