The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


9. The Snowboarding trip

I wake slowly. Someone stirs beside me and I whimper a little. I burry my head into their chest as they let out a small chuckle.

"I would say morning, but we've only slept for three hours and it's only 4 o'clock." 4? Owhh. I have to actually take part in today ... 

I turn my head slightly, my eyes still shut. I'm exhausted; I just want to sleep, but I force myself to wake up. Jack lies there, smirking at me. I smile a little back and push my head into the crook of his neck. He laughs, and his hand runs through my hair.

"You going Snowboarding today?" He whispers in my ear. His breath is warm on the side of my face; I smile and cuddle up into his chest. I shrug sleepily. 

"It's not Monday ..." I whisper back. He grins, resting his lips on my forehead. I lift my head up slightly so he can continue kissing my head. 
"It doesn't have to be Monday if you want to go Snowboarding." He replies gently. "We could go for fun." I look up properly, and I smile.

"That sounds good." He grins.

"Cool. Come on, get up then!" I groan, but I let him pull me out of bed and towards the door. 






When we first got there, I was surprised to see it was still open. And then Jack told me it was open for twenty four hours and I swear I've never been happier in my life. 

We get geared up quickly, in separate changing rooms unfortunately (XD), and I meet him outside.

"You ready?" He asks. I grin as he takes my hand. I go to walk to the beginner snowdome, but he laughs and pulls me towards the advanced. I look at it, wincing.

"Jack," I moan. "I can't go in there ..." He laughs and continues to pull me through the doors. I clutch my board tighter to my side and step in as well.

"Sure you can." He smiles. I shake my head.

"No seriously, Jack. I can't. Ask my instructor; I bet he doesn't want me in here either." Jack pales a little, before acting all cool, and he steps closer. The breath catches in my throat as his lips brush against my ear.

"I have asked him. He said you'll do amazing." He mumbles. I frown and go to ask him what he means, but he takes my hand and pulls me into the snowdome, pulling away from my face. The cold air beside my ear makes me shiver as he pulls on his board. He grins. "I'll race you." I roll my eyes and pull on my board as well. I stand up, wobbling slightly.

"I'll fall over." I admit, shuffling over to him. He laughs and takes my hands.

"I'll catch you; you'll be fine." I blush as he leans forwards and plants a kiss on my cheek. It lingers for what feels like seconds, before he draws back. I lean closer but he just laughs and starts to move, pulling me along behind him. I grip onto his hands as we start down the hill to get to the ski slopes. 







"Maia!" I turn and look behind me. Jace stops running and slows down a little. He grins. "Maia! Hi! We didn't get to talk much in the lesson but I need to ask you something." My heartbeat flips as he stops beside me, panting.

My thoughts go wild.

 OMG!? Is he gonna ask me out? Eeek! ... Wait. Jack ... What do I do about him? No! Not eek! Get rid of him! GET RID OF HIM! I force a smile.

"Yep?" I turn round fully and he smiles, catching his breath. The seconds that tick by are agonisingly slow, before he stands upright and beams.

"There's a Snowboarding trip coming up soon and I would like you  to be one of the students that I take!" He grins. My heart flips in excitement; the news is amazing, mostly because it wasn't him asking me out ... 


"Oh my god! Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I'd love to come!" I squeal. He laughs; I don't realise what I'm doing until I've pulled him into a tight embrace. I freeze as he pulls me closer. His head burrows into the crook of my neck; I stay frozen, just hugging him. It's snowing outside; it starts to get colder than in the Snowdome. I pull away quickly. 

"I - Ur - Yes! Ok! I'll get the form posted to you, ok? It has to be in by friday!" He tells me, blushing. I watch as he turns his head towards the bus I'm taking. He hesitates, and then grins at me. I blush as well and tuck some hair behind my ear.

"Yes thank you! - I ur - I should go? Text me later yeah?" I ask. He nods, and I bite my lip. I hesitate, wanting to say something else. I want to tell him I'm sorry for hugging him. I want to tell him about how much I'd love to go snowboarding with him. I want to tell him what a good teacher he is. I want to tell him why I didn't want him to ask me out.

But I don't say anything. I just shut my mouth, force a smile and half skip, half run, to the bus.

I pull myself into a seat and squeal, not caring about the anxious glances. 

I'm going Snowboarding ...







The forms are all filled out; my bags are in the back of the taxi. Jack was going out this week anyway so Mum and Stan have the house to themselves. I didn't like that thought, but there is no way I'm cancelling this trip ... 






I meet Jace at the airport. We shove our bags into the compartments along with the other students, before taking our seats. We've been flying for over three hours now. Truthfully, It hasn't that boring. Jace and I played cards for most of the two hours, and watched half of a movie on his IPad before he had to change seats with the other instructors because of a fight going on three rows behind us. He leaves reluctantly, a woman replacing his seat. We talked, a little, but it was only small talk and soon we were left sitting in silence, so I resolve to going on my phone.

As soon as I see Jack's name popping up on my screen, a huge grin plasters my face.

Jack: Sup. I heard you're going Snowboarding!

Me: Hell yeah! :PP

Jack: Wow! After all I've done for you and you leave me behind! .. Jks xx

Me: Ha ha! This is students and instructors only! You should join x you are really good!!! x

Jack: Haha! Thanks, I guess ;P x

Me: I heard you're out for the week as well! Where are you going? x

From what I can hear, the argument has died down behind us, yet Jace doesn't come back ... I'm grateful in a way that he stays where he is; It means I can text Jack without feeling like I have to put down my phone to talk to him ...

I wait for Jack to reply; trouble stirs up behind us again. I watch as the little girl in the other row beside me turns round and watches as Jace struggles to keep the students voice down. Her flaming orange hair frames her small face  makes her crystal clear blue eyes stand out and twinkle like diamonds. I'm instantly jealous of how pretty she is and she's only 10!

My phone vibrates in my hand; I look down. Jack replied!

Jack: Sorry, Matt was annoying me!

Matt? He's still at home?

Jack: I'm going to stay at Matt's for the week. We're going up north to go surfing.

I imagine Jack without a shirt on and surfing. My stomach flips and my legs go weak. I reply, trying to dampen my lips and to stop myself drooling over the picture. As I do, I realize how much I miss him. I don't like it. It's only been five hours ... 

Me: Cool! Don't miss me too much!

Jack: Too late xx

I smile and rest my head against the side of the plane, just looking at the last text. I try to think of a reply.

Me: Text me every night before we go to bed, OK? I want to know you haven't been eaten by a shark!

I can practically hear his warm, loving chuckle as he replies.

Jack: You too! Text me every night and morning so I know you haven't fallen off a cliff! 

I chuckle as well and the lady beside me raises her eyebrow. I try to stop smiling but I can't.

And then it hits me.

I don't think I'm crushing on Jack anymore.

I think I love him ...

Oh Shit.







The mountains are really steep. I kept to the blue runs on my first day, but somehow Jace got me going down the red's, which may I say, are incredibly dangerous and could easily kill you ... So when I got back to my cabin, I was exhausted, not to mention petrified of what I've just done. 

I share the cabin with three other girls. We all have separate rooms, thank god, so I don't have to talk to them much. I don't think they like me much either, so it's awkward.

I lay on my bed now, stripped down to my thermals, texting Jack. He's on, thank god, and soon wants me to call. I don't hesitate, I ring him up straight away. It doesn't make it through the first ring before he's answering.

"Hello, hello!" He grins and I laugh. 

"Hello, hello to you too Mr Surfer!" 

"You too Miss Snowboarder!" I laugh and he chuckles. I can hear the girl outside my bedroom grunt so I lower my voice. 

"How's the second day of surfing?" I can practically see him shrugging. 

"Ok, I guess. I would rather be snowboarding with you ..." I blush.

"Aw! You miss meeee!" He laughs.

"Like mad." I blush harder.

"I miss you too ..." I mumble quietly. I hope he doesn't hear, but I think he does by the grin in his voice.

"Good! ... So! How are you getting on? Done any red runs?" I sigh a little and glance over at my cold hot chocolate. I wince. 

"Yeah. Two. Jace made me! I swear he was trying to kill me at one point!" He laughs.

"He's just trying to help you! Anyway, I thought you loooved him! Wasn't it good that you got to spend a whole two days with him?" I roll my eyes and pull myself onto my feet. I walk over to the window and draw the curtains back a little. I look out over at the green run and watch as someone goes whizzing down, nearly crashing into the ski lift.

"No." I sigh. "I don't think I love him anymore." He stops grinning in my head and scowls.

"What? Why not?" Because I think I love you instead ... 

"Because I found someone else." I mumble. I wait for him to tease me about it, but instead he sounds angry and a little hurt.

"Who?" You. 

"I can't say." I reply numbly. He sighs on the other side of the phone. 

"I'm facetiming you." Before I can argue, he's ended it and then he's facetiming. I pick up and turn the screen to outside my window, hiding my face. "Maia?"


"Turn the screen towards you."
"No. Look at the view; it's pretty."

"You're prettier." I blush hard. "Please turn the screen." Please? ... Oh my ... That one word makes me feel light headed and weak in the knees. The way he says it ...

I turn the screen, and give him a little smile.

"Hey ..." I lean against the window ledge, and glance over at the door, where I can see a shadow. I frown but Jack grabs my attention again.

"There you go! I can see you now!" I roll my eyes. 

"You're an idiot, you know that right?" 

"You're a bigger one!" He grins and then he raises an eyebrow. "So this Mr New Guy? Is he nice?" I shrug.


"Is he cute?"

"Why? You planning to steal him from me?" I mock. He laughs and I retreat back to my bed. I lay down on my side and face him. He smiles a little as I take in his surroundings. It looks like he's in a bathroom ... "You're on the toilet?" I don't mean to say it, but I do. He laughs. Hard.

"No! God no! I'm hiding from Matt! He wants to go surfing again but I just want to go and sleep! I'm exhausted!" I laugh and he chuckles. I watch as he pulls his legs up on the toilet seat and leans his head against the wall beside him. I smile a little at seeing him. He suddenly grins.

"So? Mr Nice Guy -"

"Don't worry about him Jack. He's OK." I say. He looks offended.

"I just want to know his name ..." Jack. I go quiet as he waits patiently. "If you aren't going to tell me that, at least tell me what Jace did wrong!" I hesitate and then shake my head.

"He didn't do anything wrong. He's really nice, but I prefer this other person ..." 

"How long have you known him for?" 

"Six weeks." It doesn't click into his brain that it's him. He continues to scowl as his face goes slightly red.

"How have you known him that long? You've only been in Canada for six weeks!"

"I met him on my second day." He still doesn't get it. "He has brown hair ..." Not a single thing flickers across his face. "Oh forgodsake Jack! It's you! I like you!" He frowns and then freezes. I turn the camera away from my face. He swears and leans forwards on the toilet seat. 
"No! Maia! Don't turn the camera away! Please! Let me see your face!" He begs, suddenly desperate. I sit up and get comfortable although the heavy feeling in the room. I turn it around sheepishly; I realize he's grinning. "Oh my god! Ok, I was going to ask you this when you got back, but now I want to ask it now. -" He doesn't even give me time to process what he's saying. "Maia Green, will you be my girlfriend? Please?"

I should have said no. Mum and Stan would be furious when they found out, but I forgot all about them when he asked. I just grinned and squealed a little. 

"Yes! Yes I will!" 

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