The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


5. The Phone number

"So, how was snowboarding?" Mum asks. It's the fourth time I've been; I'm actually enjoying it now. I've mastered the turning and the death machine; stopping comes as a gift to me (and by stopping, I mean crashing), but Jace is probably my favourite part about snowboarding. It's wrong, I know, but I think I'm crushing on my snowboard teacher, and if I can guess correctly, I think he has a little crush on me as well ... He flirts with me so that counts as crushing as well, doesn't it?

Doesn't it?

He goes to my school; I've looked around for him but in my snowboarder lessons, Jace only shows his eyes. I wouldn't be able to point him out in a million years, yet I still find myself looking out for him .. Sad, isn't it?

"Yeah, it's OK." I admit. 

"How's your trainer? Is she nice?" Stan asks. I shrug.

"He. My trainer is a 'he'." Mum suddenly squeals; Jack winces in the corner of my eye and I jump at the sudden noise.

"A he? Oh my god! Is he cute? Is he sweet? Do you loooove him?"

"Mum!" I snap. I feel my cheeks flame up as her shrill laugh fills the room. Stan's booming laugh joins in as well; Jack lets off an uneasy laugh as well. I glance over at him but it's just me who noticed the nerves in his voice. I give him a questioning look but he pretends not to notice me so I turn back to Mum. "No I don't loooove him. He's just a friend. Not even that. An acquaintance." I scowl and Mum laughs.

"Ok, ok lovebird. Whatever you say." I glare harshly as she laughs and turns to Jack. "Have you met her instructor? Do you think he's cute?" For some reason, Jack pales a little. I raise an eyebrow as he shakes his head and turns to me.

"I don't think he is cute; I don't know him." He says slowly and then he forces a grin. "What's his name? Is he cute?" I swallow hard as his eyes search me, piercing into my own. 

"His name is Jace and I'm not answering the other question." Jack smirks, but then shakes his head.

"I think he goes to our school but that's it." He tells my Mum. I turn my attention back to Mum, who is still grinning.

"He's got to come round some time then!" She teases. "Aw, I can't believe little Maia's in love! I bet you're glad we moved to Canada now, aren't you?" I pretend not to hear her and start sulking into my dinner as she continues to take the piss out of me. 







"Jack ...?" I call. I hear his music die down a little in his room.

"What?" He scoffs.

"Can I come in?" Silences. Then,

"No. Go away." I sigh and knock again.

"I'm not going to leave, you know that right?" I admit, making myself comfortable outside his door. He swears and his music is switched off altogether. I hear footsteps stam over to the door and then it's swung open. I haul myself onto my feet to meet him and grin. He's only in his jeans; his hair is all ruffled from where he's been sleeping. It's Saturday and the time is twelve o'clock. Mum and Stan had to work; we're alone in the house. 

"What?" He snarls. I roll my eyes.

"Still not dressed?" I tease. He doesn't smile; his glare hardens. 

"What?" He snarls again. I scoff.

"Don't act like you just woke up." I snap and step into his room. He could have easily pushed me out, or slammed the door on my face, but instead he shuts the door behind me and lets me take a seat on his bed. His bedroom is full of light despite the dark clouds outside his window; the radiators on full blast make it warm in here. I turn to look at him. He's got his arms crossed against his bare chest; the memory of seeing him bare chested when we first met makes butterflies swarm inside me. He glares as I hold back a blush.

"What do you want Maia?" He snarls. I shrug. 

"You said you knew Jace." He looks taken aback almost instantly. His arms drop to his side and his mouth opens slightly. He stays like that for a few seconds, before recomposing himself. He nods, taking this in.

"I - well I - I said he's from school and - ur ... I've seen him around, why?" I watch as he stumbles over his words. I blush a little.

"Well I - I want to get his number but I'm too shy to ask ... Do you think you could get it for me?" I bat my eyelashes as he sinks into the chair, weak suddenly. I stand up, shocked. "Are you ok?" He nods and waves a dismissive hand at me. His mind looks like it's working overtime; I flinch. He doesn't say anything for a few seconds. The idea of what I'm doing makes me turn red with embarrassment. I'm making my soon to be brother get me a crushes number. At the moment, I don't even know the boy ... Well I do but - 

"You - you know what, it doesn't matter. I- I'm sorry I came in." I start towards the door, stumbling through the shirts and loose shoes on the floor. I go to leave but he calls my name. 

"No! Don't go ... I - I have his number already ..." He fumbles with his phone and I look at him in shock, before narrowing my eyes.

"You said you've only seen him around school ..." I accuse. "Why do you have his number?" He shrugs and leans back in his chair. He stops looking so nervous and turns into the normal cool and collected Jack I've grown to know. He sits back in his seat and holds out his hand for my phone. I blink slowly before sliding over. I pull out my phone and hand it to him. He types in the number quickly, before handing it back. I smile at him.

"Thanks. You're a life saver." I say and I hug him quickly - awkwardly as well since I've only known him for two weeks - and then quickly skip out of the room, clutching the phone close, scared to lose the number, and my cheeks burning with embarrassment. 






I didn't text Jace; I was too frightened and too embarrassed to explain how I got his number or why I wanted it, so I just left it in my phone in the locker room. We stand in the Snowdome, Jace is in the midst way of telling me how to do a jump but I can't concentrate. My attention is drawn onto him; I'm far too interested in watching the way he moves; the way his eyes crinkled when he smiles; the way they sparkle when he talks and the defiant way they seem to light up when I do what he says, correctly. I can't help but crush on his moonlight eyes as well. They're beautiful, twinkling like stars in the night sky ... I could easily lose myself in his eyes any day ...

He clears his throat; I realise he's looking at me. I blush red.

"I - Ur - Um, what?" He laughs and staggers over to me. His eyes are crinkled with a smile; today he wasn't wearing a hat meaning his hair was on show. His hair is light brown but he has gelled to the point it looks black ... He looks completely different with his hair on show, but in a cuter way ... *blushhhhh*.

"So, you ready to do the jump?" No.

"... Sure?" 





"You did really well today ..." Jace grins. I smile down at my feet. He walks me back to the changing rooms, for the first time ever, and stops outside the girls locker room. He smiles and pulls at his balaclava. I quickly take in the sharp cheek bones, the soft pinkie lips and the slightly crooked nose. I feel my cheeks flame up. He laughs and takes my hands, dropping the balaclava to the floor. I hold my breath. "You know, I was thinking ... Maybe I could get your number?"

Oh my god ... Oh my god ... Oh my god ... EEEEEEKKKKK!!!

I hold back a scream and smile wildly.

"Definitely. I mean - Ur - sure. Um - Ok. ... If you must ..." He chuckles and pulls out his phone. I can't help but feel envy that he gets to take his phone into the snowdome with him and I'm not ...

Yet again, he won't fall over and break it like I will ...

I smile as he passes me his phone. I type in my number quickly and hand it back to him. He looks at it and then smiles.

"Cool." He says. 

"Cool." I breathe out as well.

"Well I guess I'll see you next monday, eh?" I nod.

"Yep ..." We stand there awkwardly for a few seconds. I turn my head away and towards the changing rooms; he continues to stare at me with a little smile on his lips. Finally he chuckles. I feel him take my hands in both of his and then he leans forwards and kisses me on the cheek.

"Bye Maia." My heart beat leaps to my throat; I feel lightheaded and hot. He lets go of my hands and draws back. He grins and disappears back into the men's locker room. Flustered and shaky, I turn and run into the girls changing room, my whole body alight with excitement. 

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