The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


25. Party?

Jack pulls me closer into his embrace and breathes out softly. I hold my breath as Mat switches his music off and starts to settle down for bed. We sit in silence for a few seconds, before Jack finally shuffles down to my height on the bed. His hand runs up the back of my shirt and his lips fall onto my neck. He kisses it gently for a few seconds, before pulling back.

"What's the matter?" He asks gently. "You haven't been yourself since we left ..." I look up in the darkness; his lips brush against my own like he's scared of me replying. I shrug.

"Me and Mum had a fall out ..." I admit slowly. He leans his forehead against mine.

"What about?" He mumbles. His breath in warm on my face; I lean into him, my eyes drooping with exhaustion. 

"Us." He doesn't reply for a few seconds, before he breathes out slowly. I stop hugging him and draw back to meet his eye. He watches me; I lean closer until our lips are touching.

"Would you ever leave me?" I mumble. He shakes his head so fast that his lips burn mine. 

"No! God no! No - I love you too much!" He promises. I grin.

"Good. Because I would have tied you to the bed if you said otherwise." I tease and plant a kiss on his lips. He laughs and pulls me into his chest. Eventually, we fall asleep with a smile plastered onto our faces. 










"Truth or dare?" I roll my eyes.

"I'm not playing this game." I say, getting up. Izzie groans.

"You're such a kill joy!" She moans, before leaning back against the wall. Her mind wonders; she starts grinning. "You think Mat will play it with me?"

"If you let him get into your pants maybe." I tease. She laughs hard.

"Maybe I will ..." She giggles. I groan.

"Ok that was too far - I was joking!" I laugh. She grins.

"I wasn't!" 

"Oh my god - Izzie!" I hit her with the pillow; she falls onto the floor laughing hard. 

"Don't pretend you're so innocent! I bet you've got a ton of boys in your room every night!" She teases. I grin sheepishly.

"Maybe ..." I laugh and then I shake my head. "No only one boy." She perks up, excited.

"Oh my gooood! Who is it? ... Wait - it better not be Mat!" I laugh.

"What? God no! It's Jack!" I grin and hit the music; Izzie stops smiling and stares at me like I'm crazy. I realise what I just said. I swear and hit the music off. "Oh god! No - Izzie! Don't! Don't give me that look! It's not my fault, it's just -"
"You and your brother hit it up?" She demands, sitting up. I groan.

"What, no! We don't 'hit it up', we just ... ur ... kiss and all ..." Izzie grunts.

"That is so disgusting!" She snaps, standing up. "What do your parents say?" I hesitate and then look at the floor. I shouldn't have said it ... She now thinks I'm disturbed ... I've probably lost my best friend now ...

"We aren't blood related!" I remind her. "And it wasn't our fault - it just happened -"

"Oh my god -" I wait for her to run away, sickened, but instead she laughs. "You dirty girl! You're hooking up with your brother! Good for you, girl! He's actually fit as! If you weren't banging him, I definitely would-"
"Ok! Izzie! Enough!" I laugh, nervously. She grins and slouches back into the bed, continuing to flick through the magazine. I hit the music back on and grab my book

The realisation that she didn't freak out makes me worried as I start to read. It's almost like she was used to it. ...

I shiver and continue to read. 











"Maaaaaaaia ..." I shut my locker and glance over at Izzie. She gives me puppy eyes. "There's this massive, awesome party tomorrow and I really want to go -" She starts. I groan and hitch my bag further onto my arm.

"I'm not going with you." I snap stubbornly. She moans.

"What? Why not? I've never had anybody to go with - please! Please go! It will be jokeeeees!" I shut the locker and start down the hallway; she follows.

"It will be jokes for you! You'll go off and start drinking, and I'll have to stand there and wait for everybody to stop grinding against you!" I snap. She laughs and loops her arm with mine, before pouting.

"But pleeeeease-"

"What's the matter?" Jack tags along to my side; I scoff.

"She wants me to go to a party!" I accuse. Jack's eyes light up.

"Party? Chris Brown's party?" He demands. Izzie grins, letting go of my arm and dancing over to Jack, excitedly. 

"Yeah!!! Are you going? Is Mat going? Are you two going?" She squeals, forgetting about me altogether. I raise an eyebrow as she cuts us off from walking. She leans closer to Jack, desperately. He laughs and pushes her away.
"Yeah definitely! His parties rock." His eyes dart over to me; he gives me a lazy smile. "You'll love them! I promise!" I hesitate, and then shake my head.

"Nope." I step side Izzie and continue towards the cafeteria; Izzie groans and catches up.

"Maia! There's going to be fit guys, and there's going to be sick beats, and alcohol -"
"Alcohol? Now I'm definetly not going! Do you know what beer does to you? It -"
"Maia! Stop being such a GG and come to the party!" She whines. I turn my head away and push open the doors to the cafeteria, pretending I can't hear her.

"Nope." She groans in frustration; I grab a sandwich quickly because there isn't a queue, for once, and start back to my chair; hands wrap around my waist and someone pulls me into their chest stopping my journey. 

"Aw Maia! You better not be bullying Izzie!" Jack teases. I roll my eyes and glance over my shoulder at him. He pecks my lips forgetting about the other children in the canteen. I remember them though, and push him away. He sighs and follows after me. "Maia! It's going to be awesome! Please come!" I take a seat, moving my bag out of the way, before unwrapping the sandwich. Izzie sits on the other side of the table, begging me with her eyes to say yes. Jack slides into the seat beside me and wraps his arms around me. "It's going to be amazing! Please -"
"I don't want to go -"
"Maia!" Izzie groans. "Please! For me! For your best friend!" I hesitate, looking at her, and then at Jack. They both give me cute little smiles. I roll my eyes.

"Fine! ... I'll think about it ..." I grumble. Izzie fist pumps the air, laughing.

"Yes! Get in there!" Jack leans over and pecks my lips again; I turn my head away, irritated. He wraps his arm tighter around me, grinning like mad.










Hands push me down, and onto the bed. I breathe in quickly as Jack is suddenly there, laying on top of me, grinning. He pins down my arms and legs; his eyes fall onto my lips.

"Hello!" He grins. I roll my eyes.

"Hello!" I breathe. He laughs and leans his forehead against mine. "What do you want? I thought you were doing your homework?" He rolls his eyes.

"Because I'll choose homework over you!" He kisses my lips quickly; I try to deepen it but he pulls back quickly. I raise an eyebrow and go to ask him what's wrong but he starts talking again "So ... This party tomorrow -" I groan and push him off of me. He rolls onto his side, before grabbing my waist before I can escape. He pulls me on top of him, wrapping his arms around my back so I can't escape. I don't mind and lower my lips to his.

"I don't want to go to the party." I mumble into his mouth. He breathes out slowly, and his lips gently move against mine as he talks.

"Why not?" I hesitate.

"Because I don't want to." I mumble. He laughs gently.

"If you're scared about the alcohol, I won't drink; I'll stay sober with you." I shake my head quickly.

"No, I'm going to drink. If I'm being dragged to a party, I might as well drink, but I don't know what to wear - or who's going to be there!"

"It's Chris Brown!" He chuckles. "The whole school's going to be there! ... And whatever you wear, I bet you're going to look gorgeous!" I pause and then roll my eyes, blushing slightly.
"Who the hell is Chris Brown?" He chuckles again and kisses my lips. He only meant for the kiss to be small, but we're both drawn in by the heat of the moment. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to my face. He breathes out sharply and wraps his arm tighter around me; his legs tangle in with mine; I grip his hair tightly and tug at it gently. His hands grip my back, running up and down, moving my shirt as well. 

"He's. The. Most. Popular. Boy. In. The. School." Jack whimpers against my lips in between kisses. "Known. For. His. Parties -" I pull my leg up slightly, purposely rubbing myself against him. He groans at the end of his sentence; I drop my kiss to his neck and start to nibble slightly, rubbing against him again. He throws his head back and groans. "H-he throws amazing p-parties - they're wild!" I pull back; he grunts.

"Wild?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. He tries to pull me back on top of him; I pull back. "What do you mean by wild? Do people get ... hurt?" His eyes open wide; he shakes his head quickly.

"No! No! God no! I didn't mean like wild like that - I meant they were awesome! Fantastic! Unbeatable!" I give him a sharp look; he gives a sheepish grin, before I finally sigh and relax back into his chest. I rest my hands against his chest, letting my eyes fall onto his lips. He lays underneath me, arms holding my waist, trying to pull me closer but I take my time

"Are you sure?" I mumble. He hesitates, and then nods his head quickly.

"No one gets hurt; I'm sure." I don't believe him, but I don't really care. I can see his desperate gaze flickering towards my lips; begging me to come to the party and to kiss him right now, and I love the powerful feeling in my stomach. I feel so happy to have taken charge; he groans as I let my hands trail up and down his chest, teasing him.

"Ok ..." I sigh, trying my best sexy pout as I can. He flinches and leans upwards, trying to meet my lips, but I purposely turn my head away and rest it on his chest, pretending like I just want to cuddle. I feel him collapse with effort; he thinks I don't want to kiss anymore. I grin to myself and hug his chest to me, holding back a giggle. He breathes out sharply, furious with himself for saying 'wild'. I continue to run my hands up and down his chest, before shivering, not really on purpose, but I go with it.

I pull away and sit up; he looks at me surprised. I tug the covers free from underneath him, and curl up under them. He buries under beside me. I cuddle into his side; he wraps an arm around me and I wrap my arms around his chest. I tangle my legs up with one of his; I rest my head against his shoulder. He exhales quietly, his other hand resting on his stomach. I entwine my fingers with it; he turns his head slightly to look at me, and grins.

"So, will you come to the party with me?" He asks. I shrug.

"Maybe ..." He rolls us over so I'm trapped underneath him; his hands start to run up and down my sides. He leans his head closer and his grin gets bigger. 

"You know there's going to be a lot of ... grinding there ..." I gasp as his hips start move against mine, purposely slow, purposely hard. I roll my head back and groan; his lips take advantage of this and fall to my neck. He starts to tease me instead; I lose the dominance. 
He starts to nibble on my neck; something hard presses against my inner thigh. My night clothes are thin; I can feel him trying to press it underneath me. I moan a little louder than I should; Mat scoffs next door.

"Guys! Really? I'm trying to sleep here!" He yells. Jack ignores him; his hands travels down to my thighs and starts to rub against them. I whimper and arch my back upwards, trying to get closer to him; he grunts slightly. 

"Maia -"
"Jack! Jaack ..." I entwine my fingers with his hair and tug at it, trying to suppress my moans. It doesn't work; I keep on moaning.

He grins against my neck; his hands get slightly higher, until they're against my lady parts. He stops grinding as his hands trail upwards and slip into my trousers. My legs go weak; my head spins with want. I lose feeling in my thighs for a few seconds, before it's back, tingling. His hand gently rubs against my underwear; his hand cups underneath me. I groan and clutch onto his hair tightly. He stops kissing my neck and turns his head upwards to watch my face. I can't look at him; my head stays rolled back onto the pillow and my eyes squeeze shut. I hold my breath as he pauses underneath me. 

"You like this?" He whispers. I can practically feel the smirk on his face ... I nod my head quickly; my hand snakes down and grabs his own. He freezes as I pull it up, and into my knickers. I push his hand against me, cupping myself. We both groan. His fingers start to move as he recovers quickly; I'm still in shock so when his fingers start to rub against me; I groan hard. And loud. Maybe a little too loud ... 

"Guys -" Mat warns. "You're giving me a boner! Stop it!" His spare hand shoots up and rests over my mouth; he's grinning like mad; and his fingers begin to rub against my clit. I grit my teeth together, trying my hardness not to moan. He glances down, his eyes sparkling, and then back towards my face. He rubs harder; I dig my nails into his back. He grunts but doesn't tell me to stop. 

Suddenly, a finger slides into me; I cry out and he presses his hand further into my lips. I'm a shaking mess as another fingers comes in and he starts to rub in deep circle rotations. 

"Jack - I - Jaack!" I can feel myself building up; he notices and grins, pressing his fingers in harder. I moan again and his lips sink into my neck. "Jack I - Jack! Oh god ..." He tries to shuffle downwards; I grab him and him up. He groans.

"You'll like it -" He tries, but I hold him closer. He whimpers in complaint; I come and his whimper turns into a grin. He tries to go down again but I sink my nails into his back. He stays where he is, panting slightly. I'm a shivering mess; my whole body wants me to remove my clothes; I hold back the urge and press my lips hard against Jack's mouth.

"You're going to pay for doing that -" I mumble. "Just you wait and see ..." The sparkle in his eye grows bigger; his fingers slide downwards again. 

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