The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


14. Oh no

To be honest, Mum and Stan were more mad at me for not answering my phones and their texts rather than at Jack getting in a fight. Mum went mad, banning my phone (which will definitely help me to answer my phone in the future!), banning my laptop, no more pocket money and i've been grounded for the next two weeks, which isn't that bad if you ask me. It's means I can spend more time with Jack!

Well, Jack, on the other hand, did get quite a bad punishment as well. He got six weeks of what I got, and I can tell he's nervous about being away from the snowboarding job for so long. I really want to reassure him and tell him it's all ok, but Stan sent me up to my room to yell at him on himself. I now lay on my bed, twiddling my fingers together, waiting anxiously for Jack to come upstairs.

What feels like hours, but could have only been minutes, I hear footsteps. I sit up quickly. There's a sigh.

"Maia? Dinner's ready!" Oh.

Disappointedly, I come out of my room and down the stairs after Mum. 







Jack is grinning. I roll my eyes as he follows me into the changing rooms.

"This is the GIRL'S changing rooms! Get out you moron!" I laugh. He chuckles and places his board on the bench. He shakes his head and steps closer to me. His dyed dirty blond hair falls across his face despite the effort from his beanie trying to keep it back. His cheeks dip inwards with his massive dimples; he's grinning. "What?" 

"Nothing ..." His hands fall onto my waist and he pulls me into him. My heart beat speeds up. 

I feel his hands trailing up the back of my ski jacket, before they slide under and rest on my top. His eyes sparkle as they slide under again and rest on my bare skin. I shiver at the move; he tries to kiss me.

"You're so desperate!" I laugh and push him away. He laughs as well and starts to undo my jacket. I roll my eyes but I let him remove it and throw it to the floor. I grin as he undoes his own and then pulls me back into his chest. He grins and his eyes eye my lips dangerously. I grin and slide my fingers through his hair, pulling at his beanie and throwing it to the floor. He grins as I pull his mouth closer until it's brushing against my own. I don't kiss him though; I just tease him with the closeness. He tries to push in but I pull back until I'm standing a few meters away from him. He groans.

"Maia-" He tries and I laugh. I grab my clothes and dart towards the exit. He catches up with ease, grabbing me and spinning me up against the locker room's door before I can leave the room. I groan as his lips jam onto mine; his hands pin my hands up above my head. His whole body leans against mine; he turns his head a little to allow more access. I groan as his tongue is suddenly exploring my mouth. It runs in, slides over my own and makes me moan again. His victory laugh warms my heart and I surge forwards. He pushes me back against the wall and holds my hands up against the wall with one of his. His other hand starts to slide down my body, until it falls onto my jeans. I hold my breath as he pauses slightly. He starts to undo the zipper -


"Maia?" No fuck! I want to know what happens next! 

I roll over and bury my head into the pillow. 

He starts to undo the zipper. I whimper and pull my hands from his grasp. He freezes; my hands fall to the edge of his top. I start to pull it off; his grin is wild. My trousers become loose -

"Maia!?" Someone grabs my shoulders and rolls me onto my back. I squeeze my eyes shut tighter.

He pulls them down desperately; I'm left in my thermals and top. He starts to pull at my top and my mind whirls. His top lays on the floor, abandoned, as I start on his own trousers. I undo it with ease and they become loose. He pulls away for a split second just to step out of them. I grin at the sight of him in his underwear; he wasn't wearing any thermals.

"MAIA! GET UP!" Mum. 

I open my eyes to her bright red face. I can't see properly; my vision is blurred with sleep. I want to shut my eyes and continue dreaming ...

She leans forwards and grabs my arm. I cry out as she hauls the covers off of me and forces me to sit up. I glare at her and push her arm off of me.
"WHEN I SAY GET UP, I MEAN GET UP, GOT IT?" I continue to glare, pulling the covers to my chest and hugging them for comfort. Her hair is all messy; her eyes watering I realise. Her shoulders slump and she collapses onto the bed, exhausted suddenly. "I heard about this ... Ur ... Boy ... trying to touch you ... Why didn't you tell me?" Jack. Stan. They snaked on me!

"He wasn't trying to touch me!" I mumble. "He just wanted my number and didn't know how to get it ..."
"Jack told me you were on the floor when he arrived and you had screamed seconds before he got into the car." Jack! That little bitch. He promised me he wouldn't tell!
The dream suddenly turns bitter; I hate him. 

"He took my phone; I thought he was going to hurt me but he didn't!" I protest. Mum hesitate and then looks at her lap. 

"And he goes to your school?" She whispers. I dip my head in a yes and she hesitates again. "Jack made sure he wasn't bothering you?" I nod again. She swallows hard and looks at me closely. Silence. Then, "It's nice to have siblings, isn't it?"  I shrug, holding back the words I want to say.

I want to tell her about me and Jack. I want to tell her about the dreams I keep having about him. I want to tell her that he's my snowboarding instructor and that I think I might love him.

Wait. Love ... I said I love him ... Fuck. I can't love my brother! 

Well I can but not in that way ...

But I love my brother ...

"They're OK." I admit. Mum is silent for a few seconds, before she glances down at her lap. She twists her fingers in her lap for a few seconds before shrugging.

"Would you like a little sister?" Silence. I stare at her.

And stare.
And stare. 

She gives me a weak smile.

"I'm pregnant ... You're going to be an older sister ..."  




Sorry it's short again! I just thought this would be a killer cliffhanger! XD XD

Rooosssseeeee (Rose x)


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