The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


13. Michael

"Michael? What are you doing here?" I demand. He hesitates and then gives me a slight smile.

"I kind of go to school here? ... I guess you're with the school as well judging by your uniform." I can't breathe as Jack stands up defensively, nearly knocking over Izzie and mine's drinks. 

"Maia? Who's this?" I hesitate and then grit my teeth together. 

"Michael." I reply stiffly. I never called, or texted him, yet I kept his number ... I still have it in my phone ...

Michael goes to school here ...

The boy who I thought was twenty is actually eighteen ... Wow ...

"How'd you meet him?" When I don't respond, Jack's eyes bulge.

"He's the one who was trying to touch you?" I can't tear my gaze away from Michael's as he glances over at Jack. He suddenly swears and stumbles back; Jack has stepped forwards again and is trying to get up in his face. "You touch her again and I'll kill you, got it?" I snap out of my gaze at this moment. I swallow hard and turn to Jack. He's stepped even closer to Michael; he's grabbed the other boy by the collar. "I'll kill you!"

"Jack! Stop it!" He ignores me. I realise Michael and Jack are talking. They're only muttering so I can't hear them. I try to step forwards but then someone's grabbing my arm and hauling me back. I turn to look at them, ready to yell at Izzie to get off of me, but it's Matthew. I glare at him. "Get off of me!"
"Let them sort it out themselves." He hisses. I glare harder.

"Get off!" He ignores me so I turn back to Jack and try to tug on my arm to move closer to him. "Jack!" Michael is suddenly shoving him backwards; I watch in horror as his back connects with the table. They both go down. Tears blur my vision as I try to throw myself forwards to help in. Jack is suddenly righting himself without my help. He's on his feet, swinging his fist at Michael almost instantly. I scream.

"JACK! STOP IT!" It connects with Michael's jaw; it angers the other boy into fighting back. Michael starts to throw in some more. Matthew is watching the two boys with narrowed eyes; he doesn't let go of me. He pulls me harshly backwards and into his chest. I scream and try to fight him; he tackles me into his arms so I can't escape to Jack. He spins us around so I can't see the fight; I try to attack; Izzie is now standing on her chair, cheering on the fight. I fight him for a few seconds before seeing a gap over his shoulder. I stand on my tiptoes and watch from over his shoulder as Jack and Michael hit the ground, legs and arms tangled.

I can hear yells of encouragement, of disagreement; I can hear cheers whenever one of the boys get in a good punch; a grunt of disatisfaction when they miss. I can hear the yelling of teachers, and then the sea of people hovering around us to get a good view of the fight, being parted as three teachers tear through the crowd. The first one is screaming for them to stop; the other two trying to fend of the surge of bodies wanting to watch the fight. I watch as the PE teacher grabs Michael, and Jack staggers onto his feet. He doesn't give the teachers a second glance and looks around, searching for something. I grunt and try to struggle forwards but Matthew keeps me close. Jack spots us; he moves towards me. I try to surge forwards again as a teacher grabs his arm and starts to haul him towards the principal's office. I watch him go with upset eyes. I try to hold back the tears but as he is half dragged/half limped away, they start to fall. 

And I turn and cry into Matthew's shoulder.







The air is cold on my face; the wind is harsh and spiteful, tugging at my clothes and whipping my hair against my face. I lean against Jack's car, although he's still inside being yelled at, and continue to pray that the darkening clouds above my head don't break open. My phone dings, I know it's from Mum or Stan, but I don't open them. I don't want to talk about what happened; I want Jack to hurry up ... I want to know he's ok ...

I breathe in slowly and cuddle closer into my coat. I stare at the ground, waiting silently. A few minutes past before I hear him calling my name. 

I turn and spot him limping across the carpark to get to me. I spot the limp almost instantly but I don't question it as I dance forwards and into his outstretched arms. 

He's warm and soft; I burry my head into his neck and try to hold back the tears again. His strong arms wrap around my waist and he tilts his head into my neck. He swears and grips onto me hard.

"Oh my god ... I didn't know he goes to the school ... I'm so sorry ... I thought you'd be safe at school ..." 

"Jack! I am safe! But you didn't have to get in the fight ..." I whisper. He shrugs and then winces. I draw backwards; He pulls me in again. I breathe out slowly against his chest and run my fingers down his jumper. "You're hurt ..."

"No I'm not!"
"Jack -" I pull away but he doesn't let me ask him anymore questions. He takes my face in his hands and presses his mouth against mine. I don't hesitate; I surge into the kiss and wrap my arms around his neck. I pull him into me. His breath is warm; his lips somewhat, warmer. His strong arms pull me into a tight embrace and his eyelashes brush against my cheekbones. I whimper into his lips as he pushes me backwards and into the car. He presses me up against the driver's window. My phone rings again and he pulls away sharply.

"Who's that?" He hisses. I shake my head.

"Nobody." i try to pull him in again but he doesn't move closer. He just watches me, exhausted. I grimace and rest my head on his shoulder. "Mum and Stan ... They've been calling ever since they got a phone call home from the principle ..."

He winces.
"And you haven't answered?" I shake my head and he sighs.

"You should have answered; they'd be worried about you ..." 
"About me? What about you! You were the one in a fight!" He laughs softly and wraps his arms around me. He kisses my forehead and then moves me out of the way to open the door. He opens it for me and after a quick hesitation, I slide in. He gets in the other side and starts the car. He starts the car up just as Michael staggers out of the school and towards his own car.

We pull away from the school car park and back towards our house, where are parents will surely kill us. 




A/N: Sorry it's short! I've lost my laptop charger! I promise I'll update as soon as possible! Love you guys x Stay amazeballs xxxxx <3 <3

Rooosssseeeee (Rose x)

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