The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


27. Jaaack

"You what?" 

"Ok, ok! Keep your voice down - people are staring!"

"But you what with Mat?" 
"Don't worry, he was wearing a condom -"
"You screwed Mat! Oh my god!" I laugh and Izzie goes red. 

"You screwed with Jack!" She shoots back. I stop laughing and groan. I put my head in my hands and shake it. 

"Nooo! Don't remind me - I'm a horrible daughter. I had sex with my brother, whilst my mum was pregnant with his dad ...!" I put my head down on the table and Izzie laughs. 

"I know, but it was worth it right?" She teases. I look up from the Mall's table and shrug.

"I don't remember any of it." 

"Exactly! So it doesn't count! You were under the influence of alcohol! It was going to happen with you snogging each other's faces off before you even started to drink!" 

"Izzie - You had it with Mat! Why are we even talking about me?"
"Because Mat isn't my brother!" I give her a warning look - she laughs and sits back in her chair, slurping on her drink. My phone rings, saving her sorry ass from my anger, and I turn my head towards it. It's Jack; just what I need. I answer and lift the phone to my ear.

"Hey." I say and I hear him laugh.

"Sup. Where are you?"

"At the Mall with Izzie."

"Izzie?" Mat calls in the background. "Oh shit! Does she remember?" 

"Oh, she remembers alright." Izzie laughs. I realise my phone is on speaker - I hear Mat swearing and Jack laughs. It sounds like he's driving; I start to panic about him crashing, but don't say anything. 

"What are you calling us about?" I finally ask. Jack laughs. I can imagine him shaking his head and chuckling. It makes me smile. 

"Oh, rude!" I smile bigger as he chuckles. "No, actually, we're on our way shopping. We were wondering if you need anything?"

"No I'm - oh wait. I'm due to start my period in a few days - could you get me some more sanitary pads please?" I hear the boys grow quiet; Izzie and I pause, letting the silence ring around for a few seconds, before we burst out laughing. "Dude, I'm joking! Don't shit yourself!" I hear Jack breathe out in relief, and Mat swears.

"Not funny Maia -"

"I start next week. You've got a week to prepare yourself -"

"Ew! Groooooss! Don't you dare start talking about blood and peri - that stuff while I'm in the car!" Mat groans. Izzie looks at me, surprised, playing upon the boys uneasiness at the subject. 

"Omg! You start next week? What day?"
"OMG same!"

"Yay! Twins!" We high five and the boys remain quiet, gagging and spluttering on the other end of the line. Izzie and I laugh at our consequences; we ignore stares from the other people on the other tables.

"Ok ..." Jack finally says slowly. "I'm going to hang up now and - ... Byeee!"
"Byee!" Izzie and I call at the same time. Jack's laugh fills the receiver as it cuts off. We grab our drinks and retreat back to my house. 










"So ..." Jack grins, slinging himself into my room. I look up, an eyebrow raised. "You start Friday, eh?" I laugh as he tries to pull me into his arms; I step out of his way and continue to fold my clothes back into my drawers. He doesn't give up. "So that means I have a week to have Sex with you again before you're off-limits?" I laugh at this; he takes this opportunity to pull me into his arms. His lips fall onto my neck and he starts to suck on it. I let out a little whimper and he grins. 

"I'm off-limits at the moment -" I manage to get out, pushing him away. He laughs. 

"No your not -" He pulls me back in, swinging me round and onto the bed. His lips fall back onto mine and his hands pin mine above my head. I groan against him as he starts to grind, wasting no time at all. I can feel his desperation; I grunt.

"Jaack-" His hands start to undo both our jeans; I tug at my top, and then at his. He's grinning, hard, as I shuffle further onto the bed and tangle my legs and arms with his. "Jaack-"
"Maia -" His fingers undo my bra; my heartbeat speeds up. 


And the rest is a romantic blur. 


Ok, hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on, but I've been working on this new Movella called 'Muted'. It's about a girl who's Mute, and doesn't understand the world that much. She can't talk, and her best friend, and brother, Cal, helps her through life. She joins a new high school, where life is tough for her. She struggles to understand why all the other children give her 'looks' or ask her 'why doesn't she talk'. She struggles to understand the most basic emotions, and is quite distant to everybody but Cal.

And then she meets a Blind Boy called Luke at a Music store. Luke is a sweetie-pie, keeping Maddie busy and trying to get her talking. He makes up a phrase that makes both of them happy.
"I'm blinded by your beauty, and your speechless by my love!" It's a cute way of saying that because he's blind (yeah, he's blind. He's so sweet that I'm crushing on my made up character!!!), he can't see her, but he turns this negativity into a positive by saying he's only blind because he's 'blinded' by her beauty. He says she's 'speechless' by his love because she's a mute, and doesn't talk or understand anything, therefore staying quiet.
This Movella is actually quite personal and sweet, and I suggest reading it!!! I hope you enjoy it !!!


Just to let you know, I'm going to end this book in a few chapters if I don't get a co-author :( xx

Stay awesome guys!

Rooosssseeeee xxxxxxx

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