The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


19. Caught

We've been caught.


Stan steps forwards and hits the light on. I squint and curl up into Jack's side defensively. He groans.

"What?" He moans. I burry my head beside his.

"Stan." I breathe. He hesitates and then swears. He lifts his head and glances over at a shell shocked father. His hands slide out from under my top and jeans and he sits up. I scramble up as well, grateful for the covers that prevented Stan from seeing where Jack's hands were ...

"What - When - Why - How?" Stan demands. His eyes are suddenly angry; his looks furiously between Jack and I. I cower away from his gaze; Jack glares.

"Dad, calm down. Do you want something to eat?" Jack asks slowly. Stan grabs the keys and starts towards the door again; I scramble onto my feet.

"Stan - Please! Please don't tell my Mum! Not with the baby! It will worry her too much!" I beg. Stan stops at the mention of the baby; he stares at the door; his hand hovering over the handle. "Stan please! We can explain -" He spins round and glares at me. I stumble backwards; Jack pushes me behind him defensively as Stan takes another step forwards and glares harshly at Jack. 
"I need a word with you boy!" He snarls. I've never seen Stan so angry in my entire life; I grip onto Jack's arm frightenedly. Jack swallows hard and then dips his head in agreement. He glances over at me; I beg him with my eyes not to leave but he gently turns and prys my hand off of his arm. His head ducks down towards mine; his lips brush against mine. Stan grabs Jack.

"That would be enough of that thank you!" Stan screams, grabbing Jack and hauling him away. Jack turns and lifts his fist; I wince. Stan grabs his fist and drags him out of the room; I stumble back and into the chair, hugging the blanket to my chest. The tears come almost instantly as soon as someone being smacked echoes around the room. 










Mum was furious.

Nah, sikes. 

She was ok.

OK, I'm kidding as well. She was a bit of both. When she first found out, she smacked me, and screamed, and yelled, and went on a huge rant of how disgusting it was for all four of us, and then her anger ran out and she slumped into the sofa and cried for the next hour. She's now in bed, after she was nearly sick again, and I sit with Stan. It's awkward. He doesn't look at me; I don't look at him. Jack stormed out an hour ago, leaving for his flat screaming at how much he hates Stan. I miss him. It's stupid, but I do. I miss him loads and it's been an hour ... 

I glance down at my water and swallow hard. Stan is suddenly looking up and taking me in for the first time in forever. He shakes his head.

"I can't believe we didn't see it coming ..." He whispers. I don't say anything. "Have you - have you done anything? LIke ... Um ..." I shake my head.

"No." I spit. "We knew we couldn't; we haven't done anything." Stan nods and looks down at the table.

"And ... Um ... How long have you ... ur, being 'going out' for?" I hesitate, counting back in my head. Seven weeks? Maybe eight? I've been here for ten weeks ... I shrug. 

"A few weeks?" Stan looks sick; he stands up quickly and retreats to the kitchen sink. I watch him go quietly, before getting up and leaning against the unit beside him. I don't know what to say, so I don't say anything at all. We stand in silence for a few seconds.

Finally Stan clears his throat.

"And it's true? You guys actually ... love each other?" Silence. Stan turns to look at me. "Maia?" I dip my head in agreement.

"Yes ... I love him ..."







He told Mum - that bastard. He promised he wouldn't, after all the other million of questions that came after Jack and I expressing our fond of each other, he promised he wouldn't tell a soul.

He told Mum. 

After I pleaded, and begged, and sobbed, and prayed, and cried for him not to.

He told Mum. 

And Mum was furious

Half way through the tears and yelling and screaming, Mum finally said those few sentences I didn't want to hear for another few years.

"I want you out. Get out of my house! Pack your bags and leave! NOW!"

So I did. I packed my bags and I left.

And I guess God must've hated me as well because as soon as I started to walk towards Izzie's, the clouds broke above my head and it started to rain like there was no tomorrow ...









"Maia? Where are you? Maia? Please pick up your phone! Please! Lauren didn't mean those things she said! She was just shocked! So was I! You should have told us! Please Maia! Please come back to the house!" 


"Maia! Please! Don't you dare ignore my voicemails! Please, I love you! Don't ignore me! I'm sorry Mum and Dad had to find out! And I'm sorry I left without you, but please come back! Come to my flat, or your house. Mum and Dad are worried sick! We've been looking forever for you! Where are you?


"Maia ... It's Mum, I -" (Sobbing ends the call)


"Maia ... It's me again ... Jack ... Please ... Please come home ... I miss you; I love you too much ... Please come home ... I can't live without you anymore ... I'll move back home if you want? ... Anything ... I'll do anything if you just come back home PLEASE!"


I look at the voicemails. I always do. Every single one, I listen to once or twice. Maybe even seven or eight times if it's from Jack, but then I delete them and hide further into Izzie's sofa bed. It's like my heart gets ripped slightly more whenever I hear Jack's voice. My heart cracks when I hear him cry. My heart breaks when I hear Mum sobbing and Stan pleading for me to come back. My heart is ripped to pieces when Jack tells me he loves me, because I love him. SO much. So, so, so, so much ... It's killing me to ignore him, but until I sort out what I'm doing for the rest of my life, until I sort out my thoughts and feelings on this situation, I'm just going to lay here and hope Izzie's mum, or Izzie's dad, or my mum, or Stan, or Jack, won't find me ...

That's pretty much how it's been for the past three days. Crying, deleting voicemails, ignoring texts, blanking phone calls, and hiding in Izzie's room so her Mum won't find out I'm here. It's lonely, especially with a breaking heart, but If I can just make it through a few more days, just whilst my mind mends all it's broken thoughts, I'll be able to leave like brand new and start another life without a Jack ...

Oh god ... Without a Jack ...

And this is about the time when my heart shatters again. 





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