The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


11. Call me?

"Jack ... Jack get up ... We need to go to school ..." He moans and cuddles closer into me. I sigh as he wraps me into his arms. Some point in the night he rolled onto me, and now consequently, I'm stuck underneath him. I sigh as his head falls into the crook of my neck and he grips me tighter. I turn my head to the clock. I've let us lay in for as much as possible; we have half an hour until the bell signals for class to start ... I turn back to Jack and brush his hair out of his face. "Jack ... Jack, come on! We need to get up!"
"No ..." He moans. "Stay in bed with me ..." I roll my eyes.

"Jack! Mum will be up soon! Come on! Get up!" At the mention of being caught, he opens his eyes. He takes in his surroundings slowly and then grins. He slides down a little more until his lips brush against my chest. I whimper slightly. 

"I don't care." He buries his head into my breasts and I struggle to hold back a moan. Trying to distract myself from him and his lips, I lean over and grab my phone with shaky hands. I turn it on and quickly check instagram and facebook. Half way down my feed, I realise Izzie has left me a text.

Izzie: Spill the beans! How was Snowboarding? Meet any cute guys I can have? 

I laugh and text back quickly.

Me: Maybe ... But they aren't for you! They're for me! 

Almost instantly she replies.

Izzie: Boo you hore!

I laugh as she quotes Mean Girls; Jack smiles. He cuddles closer.

"What's so funny?" He yawns. I smile.

"Izzie." His smile fades. 
"I don't like her ..." He admits sleepily.

"She doesn't like you either." I shoot back. He laughs and props himself up. He leans over me; his hair hangs down and tickles my nose. I grin and bite my lip sexily as his eyes dart to my lips. The dimples in his cheeks pop out as he lowers his mouth to mine. I let him kiss me. 

It starts off slow and gentle, before it gets a little more passionate. His hands slide around my back and pull me closer. I slide my fingers into his hair and start to tug at it gently. He grunts; his body presses into mine. I tangle my legs up with his and his hands start to snake up the back of my top. My breath hitches in my throat as fingers start to slide up and down my back, pushing my top up. They slide upwards until they're brushing against my bra strap, debating whether or not to undo it. I moan and bite down hard on my lip. It must have been his because he groans. His fingers start to carefully undo the strap; my phone dings. I whimper and turn my head away from his lips sharply. I breathe in quickly and he freezes, his fingers halted halfway undoing the strap. I reach out and grab my phone as he grunts.

"Who's that?" He whimpers. I look at it.

"Izzie." He lets off a thousand curse words as I push him off of me and sit up. I look at time and sigh.

Izzie: Where are you? I thought you wanted a lift? 

Me: Don't worry. I'm getting Jack to give me a lift xx

Izzie: kk xx

Jack stays where he is on the bed, watching me as I put my phone on charge and throw my legs off of the bed. I glance over at him.

"Can I pretty please get a lift to school today?" I beg, trying not to jump back into bed and kiss him until we both can't breathe. He nods hard; his eyes twinkling. He pulls himself closer to me, trying to wrap me back into his arms. I laugh and step out of reach, grabbing my clothes and a towel and disappearing into the bathroom. I hear him grunt, but he gets up nethertheless and starts to get ready for school.







Detention (of course we got it. No way was Miss Green, our tutor, was going to let us free after arriving late) was boring and mostly a waste of our time. Luckily, Jack texted our parents to say we were staying behind to study at the library, but I instantly knew Mum and Stan would get a phone call telling them about the detention we took, yet Jack seemed to forget all about it. We were going to be in serious trouble when we get home, but I was fine because I was working tonight. Jack was in serious trouble though. He called me, warning me about the consequences I'm going to get when I get home. I just laughed nervously and ended the call after saying bye and started my shift. 

I now stand behind the Starbucks counter (hell yeah! That's right; I got a job in Starbucks! ;) ), giving some teenagers a pumpkin spice latte. They leave after paying the money and the cafe is left in silence again. I soon become bored and glance over at Jill, the girl working the other till. She's texting away, leaning over her phone so the Manager can't see it. He's in his room, yet the camera in the corner of the room is easily fixed on us. She hasn't noticed it yet but I have. I don't copy her; I grab the spray and some cloth and go to wipe down the tables nearest to us in hope to get a pay rise.

The shop is surprisingly empty for once. There's a man sitting in a corner tapping away at his laptop; a woman sits to aside reading her newspaper while her daughter stirs her hot chocolate and continues to scribble away at a drawing pad. I spray the table and wipe it down as the door dings. I don't look up, cleaning off the rest of the table. I hear a sigh.

"Hey, hi. I'll have a - ur, that. I'll have that." Jill repeats what he wants and when the man replies with "yes please", she scurries away to make it. I move onto the next table as the man glances over his shoulder and at me. I pretend not to notice him as I take him in from under the starbucks hat. He's tall; broad shoulders and a cheesy smile. He's got a leather jacket on and trousers that have chains hanging from the pockets. Although he gives off a scary biker look, his eyes are wide and innocent; his lips fat and pursed. There's not a single tattoo or piercing in sight ... That's a good thing, right?

He bites his lips and looks over at the other customers.

"Here you go sir. Would you like to eat in or take out?" I finish cleaning the table and start back to the counter.

"Take out please ..." When Jill starts to wrap up his drink, he leans out and takes her hand. "No, not the drink. You. What's your number?" He's grinning slightly; Jill laughs and blushes.

"Saucy!" She laughs and hands him his drink. "That will be £2.50 please Sir." She completely rejects his number request. At least she has some dignity ... 

"Awh come on now ... You're worth a lot more than that ..." She laughs again and I wrinkle my nose in disgust, sliding round him to get behind the counter. 

"The drink, you cheeky man!" She flirts. I scoff and throw the cleaning products into the spare room and wipe my hands on my apron. I appear back behind the till as one of our customers, the man, shuts his laptop and starts out of the cafe, leaving a tip on the table. I collect it quickly and start to put it into the till.

"And what about you honey? How much will it cost to buy you?" My neck nearly snaps with the force as I lift my head in shock. I swear and step backwards, disgusted. He leans against the side, wiggling his eyebrows in suggestion. 

"Too much for you to pay for." I snarl. He shrugs and looks back at Jill.

"She can't take a joke can she?" He asks. Jill sways slightly, twisting a lock of her hair around her fingers and biting her lip sexily. She shakes her head and I gag.

"You're disgusting." I snap and turn to the til again. I shut it firmly and start towards the cloak room, ready to check out. I grab my coat and remove the starbucks clothes and fold it into my bag. I see the text from Jack. 

Jack: Text when you need me to come and get you x

Me: Be here in five please? xx

I pocket my phone and start out of the door. I spot Kelly, another employee, coming into the cafe. Her and I exchange a quick nod of the head as I step past her at the counter.  

Luckily, the man who has been flirting with Jill is no where to be seen, so I give Jill the worse friendly smile I could manage and jog outside and into the cold. It pinches my nose and cheeks almost instantly and I wrap my coat further around my shoulders. I squint through the snow and down the icy road, where I wait for Jack to appear. I expect to see him straight away; I don't. I groan and go to return back into the coffee shop when a hand is suddenly on my arm. 

"Hey." I spin and spot the Flirty man. I swear and stumble away. He leans forwards and grabs my arm, pulling me out of the way of a girl on a bike. She cycles past us, wobbling slightly as her mum gives us a nasty glare as she continues to yell encouragement from her own bike behind her daughter. I wince and turn back to the man. He's not really a man, to be honest. He's nineteen? Twenty? He's not much older than me ... "Hey! Please don't run away! I just want to say sorry. I was just mucking around; I didn't mean to scare/upset you. I was just being friendly." I pull my arm from his grip as my phone vibrates in my pocket. Jack.

I answer it quickly and step further away from the man as he steps forwards again.

"I'm Michael." He says, raising a hand. I breathe into the phone and swear.

"Jack? Where are you?" I demand. He laughs.

"Eager to get home are we?" His lazy voice grins. I eye Michael wearily as he reaches for my hand and pulls it closer to him.

"Hey, Maia -"
"Get off me you creep! How do you know my name?" I pull the phone away from my ear and yank my arm from his grip. I hear Jack swear on the other end of the line. 

"Maia? Maia? What's going on?" 

"Hey! I'm sorry! I read your name tag! I thought it would be nice to say your name -" I stumble backwards, clutching my bag in case he wants to rob me. 

"What do you want with me?" I demand. Michael winces.

"I just want to be friends -"

"MAIA!" I lift the phone to my ear.


"Are you ok? Who are you talking to?" I glare at Michael and wearily start backwards and down the road, not leaving his eyes. 

"I'm fine. It's just a misunderstanding. I'm sure he won't bother me again." I make the message clear within my conversation to Jack, but Michael looks hurt.

"Maia - I'm sorry. Please. Don't." He reaches forwards and I scream as he grabs my phone and hangs up on Jack; I wait for him to destroy my phone but instead he starts to type something in. I try to tackle it off of him but he pushes me away and taps something into my phone. He pushes me to aside and finishes, throwing me my phone. I divide at it as it nearly hits the curve and smashes. I double check it's ok, before glaring at him from the floor, covered in snow.  

"I'm sorry this went so bad, but that's my number if you want to call me some time ...?" I snatch my phone and hold it to my chest as he winces and lifts a hand towards me, trying to help me. I go to yell at him to leave me alone when I hear a car pulling up suddenly, and Jack is flying out of the car. I watch as Michael swears and stumbles away as Jack goes to punch him. Michael turns and sprints away; Jack doesn't bother to chase him and turns to me. He throws himself to the floor beside me and grabs my face. He inspects me quickly, looking for any visible wounds. When he sees I'm ok, he breathes out harshly and pulls me onto my feet.

"Are you ok?" He demands. "Who was he? What did he do? Are you ok?" I nod my head, my voice unable to appear. I lean into Jack's chest and he wraps his arms around my body. I berry my head into his chest, feeling the phone in my hand become heavy with the new phone number I just got. I don't say anything. 










The hot chocolate is warm and warms me up slightly but I still feel cold from the snow I was lying in a few hours ago. Of course as soon as Jack took me home, he told his Dad about the Man. He said he was trying to assault me; when Stan started to panic (Mum is working a night shift at the local hospital so she doesn't know yet), I managed to convince him I was OK and he didn't do anything too serious but Jack had screamed at me and demanded me to call up 112 and tell them what happened. I had responded badly; I yelled back at him  saying I was OK and how I didn't want him to act like my Dad (boyfriend when Stan wasn't in the room. ... Yeah, that's right ... I told him I didn't want him to be my boyfriend ... I hate myself ...) He had gone off and started to sulk (and smash things), while Stan tried to squeeze every last information out of me. I finally, after an hour of begging, persuaded him not to call the police, or tell Mum. He went to talk to Jack; I knew I could trust him not to tell, I made sure he promised on Mum's life, but Jack is a different story ...


I sit in the kitchen on the stool, clutching the hot chocolate close. A blanket wraps around my shoulders but it doesn't fend off the breeze in the kitchen, so I rely on the drink to warm me up. It works a little bit, but my thoughts are still cold and harsh. 

I told Jack I didn't want him ... Why am I so stupid? I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate my-

Arm are suddenly wrapping around me and lips are pressing into my neck.

"I'm sorry." Jack. "I'm so, so, sorry. I didn't mean to yell ... I was frightened ..." Tears prick up in my eyes at the remembrance of him screaming at me ... I try to shake him off but his arms wrap tighter around me and he holds me closer. "Maia ... I'm sorry ... I was frightened. I thought he hurt you ..." I refuse to talk; he gives up with the hugging and kissing my neck and turns me to face him. He yanks the blanket onto the floor and pushes me against the table gently. I hold my breath as he leans into me. His breath is minty; his head is cold from the draft. When he breathes in, It's hitched and uneven. I realize he's been crying ...

 I swallow my own tears as his lips brush against mine. "Maia ... Please ... I thought he was going to hurt you ... I'm so sorry I yelled at you ... I'm sorry I made you say those things ... You're my world Maia; please don't leave me!" His lips move against mine; he leans into me. My lips respond although I want to ignore him. I want to hate him. I want to scream and cry because he yelled at me. I know it's childish, but I'm so scared of the anger and rage I saw in his face. It wasn't the Jack I've grown to know and love that yelled at me. The rage and the anger in this person was worst than my Dad's ... He was an alcoholic. He used to come home every night after a night in the local pub, and beat Mum and I. The anger in Dad's eyes were just as bad as Jack's ... Maybe even less worse ...

I lose it. My lips starts to wobble and the tears appear. The lump in my throat starts to suffocate me and my shoulders start to shake. I drop my head away from his lips and start to sob. He pulls back, surprised.

"Maia - Oh no. Shit! Please don't cry! Please! Maia - I'm sorry -" I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer, sobbing into his shoulder. He wraps his arms around me and we stay like that for what feels like seconds but could have been hours.

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