The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


18. Brother and sister "love".

We go to Jack's apartment to get away from Mum and her sickness. We hide away in disney movie and popcorn. It's a magical day. I forget about Mum ...



I take a bite out of the food and pull a face. Jack laughs. Hard. 

"Urgh!" I spit it out and pull at the blindfold. He laughs even harder. "You twat!" I laugh and launch myself at him when I see the marmite grape (Urgh! I've never tasted anything so vile!). He laughs and starts to run, disappearing into the living room. I chase him. "COME BACK HERE!" I can hear his laughing as he ducks into hiding. I stop in front of Ariel on the Tv and look around quickly. It's dark from where we made it into a cinema room; I can't see. "Jack! Where are you?-" Hands are suddenly on my waist; I'm being rolled onto the sofa. Lips press against mine and hands grip onto my waist. I groan slightly and melt into the lips. I wrap my arms around Jack's neck and pull him closer. He grins. The kiss turns a little more passionate; his tongue slides out of his mouth, and into mine. It runs over my own and makes my legs go weak. I groan and sink my teeth into his lip. He groans into my lips and his tongue fights for dominance. I try to take lead but he's stronger; I laugh as his hands are suddenly sliding up the back of my shirt and exploring my bare skin. I slide my fingers into his hair and tug at it. He grunts, his nose pressing into my cheek. I turn my head to kiss him harder; his fingers slither up and grab my wrists. They pin my body to the sofa; his legs fall either side of mine. His breath gets slightly heavier as he suddenly grinds against me. Hard. I groan into his lips; he responds with a grunt and does it again, slightly faster. My legs go weak and my thighs go tingly. My stomach flips and my heart pounds away in my chest. 

"Jack-" I moan into his lips. He grunts; my breathing because hitched as he stops grinding as fast and starts moving slower, harder, trying to get me to moan. I do. I moan. Loud. "Jack!"

His lips stretch into a huge grin; his fingers fall onto my trousers. I realise he's unbuttoning them; I freeze.

"It feels a lot nicer without clothes on ..." He promises, panting slightly. I groan, before relaxing back into him, and pull him closer. I press my lips tightly onto his mouth and he continues. I feel my trousers come loose and then he's pulling at them. My hands reach down and grab my trousers. I pull them back up and he draws back slightly, confused.

"No ... I can't ..." I whimper. "Just kiss me ..." He hesitates, before smashing his lips back down on mine. I tighten my grip on him. His fingers don't give up with my trousers but they know better than to get into side of them, so instead, he moves his hands to the jeans resting on my thighs. He starts to rub in slow, deep circles; I groan as I feel myself growing slightly damper. He grunts as I moan slightly.

"Maia -" He breathes. I whimper hard into his lips and his fingers grip tightly onto my thighs.

"Jack-" The light is suddenly switched on; the light burns my eyes. I groan as laughing suddenly fills the room.

"Oh my god!" Mat. I burry my head into Jack's shoulder and he swears.

"Get out!" He growls. Mat's laugh echoes around the room as he hits off the light and runs away, laughing his head off. I groan as Jack swears fluently and turns back to me. In the darkness, I can see his eyes sparkling. I laugh slightly.

"Oh god ..." I mumble and let my head fall back into the pillow. His hands sheepishly pull away from my thighs and returns to either side of my face. I grin as his eyes fall onto my lips.

"That was fun ..." He teases and I laugh.

"Whatever ..." He gives my nose a quick kiss and then draws back, grinning. 

"If we go upstairs we could finish this ..." He says, wiggling his eyebrows in suggestion. I laugh and push him off of me. He rolls onto his feet and I sit up.

"I can't. It's getting dark; I should be getting back." I start towards my coat but he stops me, pulling me into his arms.

"No ..." He whines. "Stay with me ..." I scoff.

"You're so desperate!" He grins.

"Good." His lips press against mine; we stumble back until I'm pressed against the wall. His hands fall down to my thighs and he starts to rub against them passionately. I throw my head back and groan. His lips attach to my neck; he finds my sweet spot and starts to suck hard. My legs go weak and I lean heavily against him and the wall. He grunts and starts to nibble on my neck. I tangle my fingers into his hair and pull him closer. 

The doorbell rings. 

"JACK! ANSWER THAT WILL YOU!" Jack swears fluently; I gasp, pulling myself out of the trance. His eyes glare viscously over at the door.

"It's like nobody wants me to get lucky!" He snarls. I laugh, my head spinning from the dizziness of the kiss. He grins as he watches me stumble over to the sofa, and starts towards the door hesitatingly. I take a seat and sink into it, waiting for him to get back. There's a few seconds of hesitation, before Jack comes back in again. I stand up and give him a sexy grin, before realising Stan standing at the doorway. I open my eyes in shock; Jack bites his lip and gives the room a quick glance around, before he glances down. I risk a look as well. There's definitely a growing boner ...

"You ready to go?" Stan asks. I nod my head, stumbling to grab my phone and coat. Jack grabs the blanket we were snuggled under a few hours ago and wraps it around himself.

"Is it just me or is it cold?" He lies. I give him a devious smirk when Stan isn't looking and his eyes twinkle with hunger. I grin and stand up.

"Ok. I'm ready." I say and Stan nods. He looks over at Jack. 

"Night." He says and starts towards the door. I risk a quick glance over at Jack; he pulls me into a hug, purposely pressing his rising tent against my sensitive area. I whimper and squirm away; he laughs hard. 

"Night you twat." I laugh and he winks.

"Night you bitch." I grin and disappear out of the door, following Stan towards the car. 







I took the bus to school this morning because Jack's alarm didn't go off. I met Izzie in Form and we went to MAths together. Half way through English, the second period, Jack stumbled in, his hair ruffled and his shirt on back to front. I roll my eyes and sink lower into my feet. He gives the teacher a lazy grin and slides to his place after explaining the alarm clock issue. I smirk into my hand; Izzie scoffs; the teacher continues speaking. 

Jack turns round in his seat and gives me a big grin. I roll my eyes and look down at my lap, before glancing back. He turns back to the teacher. My phone vibrates in my pocket. I glance down at it. It's Jack. 

Jack: You look nice today. 

I look back up. He's looking at me; I raise an eyebrow.

Me: So do you with your sexy looking hair. 

He glances down and then looks back, grinning.

"Jack? Eyes forward please. I'm more important than the person behind you." Jack turns round. My phone vibrates in my hand. 

Jack: More important? DId you hear that? Give her a piece of your mind!

Me: Shut up you retard. I'm trying to learn. 

Jack scoffs outloud; Miss turns and glares at him.

"Jack? Get out. You're interrupting my lesson." Jack hesitates and then nods. He stands up, pockets his phone in his back pocket and walks out. Miss gives him an evil glare and then turns back to the board. My phone vibrates. I glance down again.

Jack: Harsh. What did I do wrong? 

Me: You're so annoying, you know that right? 

Jack: Why thank you! 

I roll my eyes.

Jack: You coming snowboarding tonight? 

I grin to myself.

Me: If I have to ... 'sigh'. 

Jack: Yes you bloody have to! I'm going to be teaching some brat for the first two hours! You are not leaving me alone for the two after that as well! I need a pretty face to admire!
I blush, hard, and turn to grin into my hands. I look everywhere but where I should be; at the white board. Izzie catches my eye, scowling. I just grin and look back down at my phone. 

Jack: I can see you through the window in the door. Stop blushing!

I grin and look up. Sure enough, there he is, leaning into the door pulling faces. Izzie snorts beside me; Miss threatens to send her out as well. 

And that's how the class continues. 








The snow is cold underneath me; I roll my eyes as Jack skates to a stop beside me and holds out a hand.

"You fell over." He observes cheekily. "Well done." I laugh and take his hand. He pulls me onto my feet and I look around for my snowboard. It's gone down the mountain on itself. I groan.

"Jaaaaceee!" I moan. His eyes sparkle. 


"Please go get my snowboard!" I stick my bottom lip out and he grins. He leans forwards and kisses my lip; I surge into his body, wrapping my arms around his neck. His breath is warm on my face; I lose my breath as his lips jump instantly onto my neck. We stumble backwards and into the snow. His legs wrap around mine; I slide my fingers into his hair and pull him closer. I let my head roll back as his lips begin and suck on my sweet spot. I moan. "Jack!"
"Jace ..." He whispers. "Jace ..." I don't care. I moan his real name again and he gives up.

"Maia ..." His hands start to try and undo my jacket; I quickly push him away and sit up. He pulls away, surprised. I laugh and lean against him.

"Afterwards." I promise. "But for now, go get my snowboard." He grins and pulls himself up, and then me. I watch him slide down the snow dome's hill, and he grabs the board. He grins at me and starts back towards the ski lift. I hug myself for warmth and watch him, grinning all the time.









The front door opens; I cuddle further into Jack's side. He holds me closer and moans slightly, burying his head into my neck. I sigh gently as his arms wrap tighter around me and I sink back into him and the side of the sofa. There's a soft gasp.

"Maia? Jack?" Stan. I pry open my eyes, although all I want to do is sleep and cuddle closer, and glance across the dark room and towards Stan. He looks taken aback; I take in my position sleepily. I lay on Jack's chest in the living room; we're lying on the sofa. One of his hands is half way under my top, holding my back close to him, the other one is resting on the inside of jeans, resting on my bum. My head is on his chest; his head is buried into my neck. He can't see my face, but I can see him. Jack tightens his grip on me. 
We've been caught.


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