The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


23. Bandages

"Take your top off."


"Take your top off! I need to make sure your bandages are ok!"

"But -"



"Jack!" I snap. He stops arguing and begins to sulk. I reach over and try to tug off his top. He grabs me and rolls us over.

(A week ago Michael cracked a glass upon his head. You wouldn't believe he'd been in agony in the past seven days looking at him now. The medicine overdose was helping loads so he still won't let me take care of him. )

I get annoyed with him and try to push him off of me. He pins me down with ease. 

"Why?" He asks. 

"I just told you!" I squirm under his grip. "I need to make sure the wound is clean! I need to change the bandages!"
"No you don't."
"Yes I do!"
"But -"
"Jack!" He gives me a little grin and his lips peck my nose.

"Don't use that tone with me!" He sulks. "You make Jack want to cry!" I scoff.

"You make Maia want to cry!" I shoot back. He sticks his bottom lip out and bats his eyelashes.


"You're gonna be bloody 'sworry' if you don't get off of me in the next two seconds!" He grins and brushes my hair out of my face.

"You're cute when you're mad." He says, smirking. I glare hard, no longer playing around. He realises and quickly rolls off, wincing slightly at his wound. I turn my back on him and storm towards the ensuite; he follows quickly. "Aw! Maia -" 

I ignore him and reach for my towel. He wraps me into his arms.

"Let me clean your bandages!" I plead. He shakes his head.

"I don't need looking after -" I shrug him off and hand him the towel.

"Have a shower and clean the dry blood around the wound then." 

"Can you come in the shower as well?"
"In your dreams."

"I'm dreaming."
"Jack! Stop mucking around! I'm serious! You need to clean the cut or it's going to get infected and you're going to get ill!" I turn to get out of the en suite but he stops me, smiling slightly.

"I'm serious as well ..." His eyebrows wiggle in suggestion; I glare hard; he doesn't drop his pout.

"I'm going shopping; have a shower and clean your cuts or I'll call an ambulance to do it instead." He grumbles his disapproval, and tries to stop me leaving, but I disappear out of the door quickly. 









Matthew turns up the volume of his music as I stumble into the house, gripping shopping bags. I stagger into the kitchen and throw the bags onto the side. I kick off my shoes, pry off my coat, and dump my bag onto the side. I start to unpack the bags, humming along to Matthew's bad taste of music. It's sad that I know the lyrics to his terrible music, but it also makes me happy that that little freak listens to the same music I do ...

I grab the cereals and reach up to the top shelf. I'm too small to reach it; a body is suddenly pressing into my back and the person attached to the body laughs.

"Short ass!" Jack. I laugh as he takes the cereal and slides it onto the top shelf.  

"Whatever, giant ass!" He grins and leans over me, pecking my cheek, and then my lips.  I melt into the quick kiss; he turns me round and pushes me into the counter. He deepens the kiss, his fingers tilting my chin upwards to give him more freedom. I grip onto his top, pulling him closer to my lips. He grins and slows down his kiss until it's short quick ones. 

"I. Missed. You. You. Were. Ages." I laugh into his mouth and draw back.

"I was half an hour!" I roll my eyes as his hands fall onto my waist. He pouts.

"I know! Half an hour too long! I could've died from the lack of kisses and hugs in that thirty minutes!" I laugh and kiss his lips again.

"You're so dramatic!" I smirk into his lips. His hands run through my hair, before cupping my face. He starts to plant little kisses on every inch of my face; I giggle and surge into his chest. 

"You. Walked. To. Asda?" He asks gently. I nod; he draws back, drawing little circles on the side of my jaw. "I could've given you a lift." He leans in again, his lips brushing against mine. I breathe out slowly. 

"You were meant to be having a shower." And then it hits me. I pull back and examine his dry hair, remembering his wounds. He flinches as I realise this, and then gives me a sheepish grin. I glare. "Why didn't you have a shower?" His eyes drop to my lips; he tries to brush me off. 

"I didn't need one -" He tries to lean forwards, but I push him back, angry. 

"Jack!" I snap. "Don't make me scream! Why didn't you listen to me?" He hesitates, pausing for a split second.

"I - Ur -"
"Jack! The truth!" He suddenly looks guilty and then looks to the floor, sulking.

"I can't reach the end of the bandages and I was too embarrassed to ask Mat for help ..." The anger disappears; I sigh and surge forwards and into his chest. I can feel the material through his top rubbing against my belly; I wrap my arms around him and hug him close.

"Why didn't you just cut the bandages off?" I ask. He winces and then leans his mouth on my forehead.

"I wanted you to help me ... If you're helping, you won't leave me ..."

"Leave you?" I pull away, but he holds me closer.

"I don't like it when we're separate ... I'm scared Michael will hurt you ..." I breathe out slowly and hug him tighter. 

"He won't ..."

"He will -"

"He can't -"
"He could ..." 

"Jack -"

"Maia -" I pull away from him and glance into his eyes. The fear in them overwhelms me; I reach up and kiss his lips. He grabs my face and kisses me back, harder, passionate-rdesperate-r. I stumble and he presses me up against the counter. I grab his face and pull his face closer; his hand grabs my leg, trying to wrap it around him. I groan and run my hands through his hair; my hand falls upon the bandage; I pull away quickly.

"Let me sort out your wounds first ..." I whisper. He nods and draws back, quietly. I take his hand and pull him towards the stairs; Matt's music continues to blast the roof off as I shut the bedroom door behind us. I lead him to the bed; he sits down slowly. I grab the bandages I left on the side for him, and grab the paracetamol.

"When was the last time you had nurofen?" I ask. He reaches out and pulls me onto his leg, nudging his head into my neck. He shrugs, his hands wrapping around me. His lips start to travel up and down my neck; I hold back my moans. "Jack - You're meant to be helping me here!" He tightens his grip on me.

"I am ..." He whispers. I roll my eyes and pull away; he pouts.

"Come on! Top off! The blood's gonna soak through your top!" I command. He grins, his dimples popping out of his cheeks.

"I love it when you talk dirty to me ..." I scoff and reach over. I pry his top off of him; he grabs my waist and rolls us over so I'm underneath him. I groan.

"Jack -" I start but he shakes his head, silencing me with a quick kiss.

"I'll remove any piece of clothing for you, if you do the same for me." He whispers. I hesitate, and then glare.

"That wasn't the plan -"

"Neither was removing my clothes." I roll my eyes.

"It seems pretty obvious, doesn't it? You've cut your chest; I'm not going to roll the top over it!" I say but he just grins and kisses my nose. His fingers start to undo my top; I breathe out slowly, defeated. "Fine, but only the top; we aren't doing anything." He grins.

"We'll see about that ..." He mumbles. I laugh.

"Even injured, you're desperate!" I tease. He smirks, pulling my top off and throwing it to the floor. His pulls back, grinning widely leaving me in my pink laced bra. 

"Jack!" I warn. His eyes sparkle; he dampens his lips. "Now your top!" He shakes his head.

"One second ... Admiring the view ..." He says. I scoff and give him a little push. He rolls off of me, but his eyes don't leave my bra. I lean over and pull at his top, throwing it to the floor afterwards. I grab the clean bandages and pull him closer. I start to do his forehead, but he stops me. "Can I lay down?" I smile and nod my head. I shuffle over for him to lay down, but he pulls me back, before resting his head in my lap. I laugh. 

"D.E.S.P.E.R.A.T.E." I grin. He grins back; his eyes are sparkling like mad. I roll my eyes, but I don't make any move to move. I start to clean up his bandage.

We sit in silence, listening to Matt's music next door. I forget about being in my bra after a few minutes and focus on Jack and his handsome face, and the nasty gash on his head. Many times I see his gaze fall to my bra, and then he swallows hard and looks away, and all the times I smile wider. He does it again, I lean forwards and plant a kiss on his lips.

"I can put my top back on if it's affecting you...?" I whisper. His hand reaches out and grabs my wrist when I try to move away; he shakes his head quickly.

"No way!" He laughs. "I like you without a top. ... But there is one thing you could do ..." I raise an eyebrow as he grins up at me. "Your trousers are really itchy on my head ... You think you could remove them?" I laugh. Hard.

"Oh my god Jack!" I grin. "No! No way!" He laughs and sits up, pulling me into him. I squirm away from his wound but he doesn't care. He plants a kiss on my lips and I relax into him.

"Fine ... But what about that bra? The colour is hurting my eyes ... You think you could take it off?" 

"You know what's irritating me?" I reply slowly, making sure my voice is slow and sexy. I can see it affects him. Lots. "Your trousers ..." His eyes bulge; he's instantly pulling at his trousers and i stop him quickly, laughing hard. "I'm joking, you retard!" I plant a kiss on his lips; he sulks. 

"Don't tease about that stuff ..." He pouts and I grin. Although he's upset, he does reach up and pulls my lips back to his so it's all good ...

 I lean over him, kissing his lips. It's only soft and gentle for a few seconds, before he finally groans and his hand slides up and into my hair. He tries to pull me closer; I purposely slide my lips away to annoy him. I trail my mouth his jaw line, and then leaning further over him, I kiss at his shoulder. He grunts; I soon realise why when lips press against my left breast. I pull back; he grabs me and pulls me back again. I let him, unable to contain a moan. His hands press down hard into my upper back; he tries to get me to draw closer. I work quickly, undoing the bandages off his chest and cleaning it quickly. I start to wrap the bandages around him as I feel my bra become loose. I quickly do it back up again before it can even move a centimeter; he moans hard.

"No! I was so close!" He undoes it again; I do it back up.

"Stop it you idiot!" I laugh. His hand comes up and he cups my right boob, kissing the top of it. His fingers try to push the bra off; I slap his hands away and finish on the bandage. I breathe out in relief when I finish and twist free from his grip. His face is so worth the muffled moans I had to hold when his lips were against my breasts ...

He starts to plead for me to let him kiss me again, rolling onto his stomach and trying to kiss my stomach. I draw back, uncrossing my legs and hopping off the bed. He grunts.

"No!" He whimpers. "Maia!" I giggle and grab the dirty bandages from the floor, and throwing them into the bin. He moans and tries to grab me again, but I step side him and grab my top. He's on his feet in seconds, pushing my top to aside and trying to get me on the bed again. I laugh as he tries to tackle me; his fingers suddenly start unbuttoning my jeans. I moan his name and push him backwards. He grunts and pushes closer; I yank my top on and roll off the other side of the bed and onto my feet. I grab the first aid and start to tidying away the disinfector. He lays on the bed, groaning. My eyes fall to his member sticking out of his trousers; my thighs become all tingly. He groans again; it affects me badly. 

"You can't leave me like this!" He whines. I grin and start towards the door, trying to lower my blush. 

"Yes I can!" I tease and he moans.


"Have fun!" I laugh and run down the stairs, before he can moan my name again. I throw the first aid into the cupboard and grab a quick drink of water. I look at myself in the window. I'm flustered; my face is burning up. I try to cool myself down; I open a few windows, but it doesn't help. I retreat to a chair, trying to stop myself tingling. It takes a good few minutes, but I'm finally stable again. I disappear into the living room to try and calm my racing heart. 









Jack grins and flops onto the sofa beside me. He gives me a weak wink; his eyes are wild and excited. I raise an eyebrow.

"What?" I ask. He crawls over and lays down on my lap. I roll my eyes but start to play with his hair, cautious of his bandage. He grins, his eyes never leaving my lips. I can see in the corner of my eye that his boner's gone - how did he get rid of it that quickly? I turn back to the TV as he takes one of my hands and starts to play around with it, twiddling my fingers and running his thumb over my knuckles. I continue to stroke his hair down with one of my hands, watching as Sheldon on Big Bang Theory says something offensive without meaning too. Penny glares at him; I smile slightly. Jack suddenly laughs and then pulls my hand against his lips. He kisses my knuckles and then runs his fingers over where he kissed.

"You know," He says with a little grin. "I think your hand would look even prettier with a ring on this finger, from me ..." My head nearly snaps as I look towards him. 

What the hell? Was he trying to ask me to marry him? 

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