The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


20. Back again

The ice is cold under my feet; I duck my head lower and pull the snowboard closer to my side. I spot Jack in the corner of my eye talking to someone. His head looks up; his eyes widen.
"It's nice talking to you but my - I've got to go!" He mumbles. He starts to run towards me; I duck my head lower but he reaches me.

"Maia? We've been looking for you all week! Where have you been?" I hesitate and turn my head further towards the ground, pretending I can't hear him. He grabs my arm and pulls me round to face him. Before I can fight him, he turns my head to face him and forces me to look at him. "Maia! I've missed you so much! Please don't ignore me!" He pulls me into a hug; my heart splutters and starts to break all over again. He hugs me tight, burrowing his head into the crook of my neck. I squeeze him tight; the tears spill down my cheeks.

"Maia-" He pulls his head from me and takes my face. He gives me a quick once over, nearly four times, before looking me in the eye. "Are you ok? You've been gone for ages! I thought you were - were- were-" I pull my head away and jam my lips against his. I don't want to talk about what happened; I want to kiss him and watch netflix like normal ... I don't want him to hate me or be upset that I ran away; I want everything to be right again ...

His lips move faster; passionately. I stumble and drop the snowboard; people start to look. He draws back and then looks down at the board on the floor and back at me. He swallows hard.

"Have you got a lesson with me right now?" He whispers gently. I nod my head. His hands find mine and he pulls me closer. "Can I have a hug first?" I nod and pull him into me sharply. There's no way I'm leaving him again ...









Jack pulls me closer; I entwine my legs closer with his. His lips rest against my forehead; his hands snake further around my neck. I shuffle closer and breathe out softly.

"We should tell Mum and Stan I'm here ..." I admit sheepishly. He shrugs and wraps his arms tighter around me.

"No thanks ... They'll take you from me ..." He grins and presses his lips to my temple. I roll my eyes and hold him closer for a few seconds, before pulling away. He grins and his eyes fall onto my lips; I bite my bottom lip and he chuckles, leaning closer. His mouth brushes against mine; my heart beat does a flip in my chest. He groans and rolls us over, trapping me underneath him. His lips become passionate within a second; his hands slide up my top and start to run up and down. I tangle my hands in his hair and wrap my legs around him. He grunts into my mouth.

"Maia ..."

"Jack ..."  His hands stop sliding and rest on the edge of my jeans. He smirks and starts to unbutton my jeans. I don't stop him, pulling at his top. My breathing is uneven as I throw his top to aside and try to undo his trousers. He unzips the zipper and his hand snakes into my trousers. I groan as his hand rests underneath me, taking his time.

"Jack -" He laughs and pulls me closer. I groan and try to meet his lips but he pulls back to admire my face. "Jack! Don't be such a bitch - Jaaack!" He laughs again.

"I've missed you so much!" He giggles. I grin and press my lips against his. He grins and rolls us over. "And if you dare think about leaving me again -"

"Stop talking! You're ruining the mood!" I laugh and pull his face against mine. He laughs hard; the clothes soon are removed. 


A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I'm not really good with romance so I've sort of let you imagine the rest XD XD !! Sorry for the short update! I'm not going to lie, I couldn't be bothered to write anything today so it's short, but I promise an extra long chapter for tomorrow xxxxxxx :* You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure to get your followers to check out this movella and to like and comment as well :* :* :* :* You guys are amazeballs!!!!

Rooosssseeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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