The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


6. Awkward

I got home late that night since I stopped at Izzies to help her with her History Homework, (we ordered Pizza thankfully, so it meant when I got home Stan couldn't choke me with his vile food; Mum was taking a night shift so not even she could save Stan and Jack.) so it is around eight ish when I finally get home. Jack is home and so is Stan.

I creep into the house but it's no use, both boys are up.

"So, where have you been?" Stan asks, looking up from his sandwich. I'm relieved he decided to get a sandwich rather than burning the house down trying to make something fancy, and smile at him. Jace really affected my mood; I can't stop smiling. 

"I was at my friends house ..." I admit, throwing my bag onto the side and grabbing a drink of water. He goes to say something else, but then Jack is walking into the room, an eyebrow raised.

"You've made a friend?" He teases. I roll my eyes.

"You have to be such a bitch, don't you?" I laugh. He gives me a cocky grin and goes over to the fridge. He pulls out a beer and cracks it open. Stan gives him a wearily look. 

"It's a Friday so I'll let you off." He says. "But no more after that one!" Jack salutes and takes a seat beside me. I spot his crossed fingers and scoff. I don't say anything though. 

"So who's this friend?" Stan changes the subject. "Is she nice?" I laugh and so does Jack.

"If it's the Goth girl, it's a no, dad. She won't be nice." I scoff and go to say something against it but Stan gets there before me. 

"You're friends with a Goth?" He asks, puzzled.

"And you're surprised because ...?" Jack teases. I kick him only playfully but he grunts and rubs his leg. I grin and turn to Stan.

"Yes, she's my friend. Best friend actually. I don't care if she's goth; I like her." I say defensively and lift my chin upwards. He laughs slightly.

"Ok, ok! Don't shoot me!" (Yep. He's definitely related to Jack ...) "Is she your age? What's her name?"

"Izzie and sixteen." 

"You know, you don't have to be afraid to ask her to come round. You live here now; it would be nice to meet some of your friends." I hesitate. Izzie and Jack? No way. They'd kill each other. She's already told me how much she hates him ... Nevertheless, I force a smile.

"Sure! ..."

"Dad, stop pestering her. Izzie doesn't have to come round if she doesn't want to." Jack snaps, sitting back in his seat. He gives me a lazy smile; I grin over at him thankfully as he takes another swig of his death drink. 

"Oh, sorry. Sorry ... I - Ur - It's just Jack never invites anybody round..."
"Jack has no friends, that's why." I tease. Jack scoffs and pretends to sulk.

"Ok that was uncalled for." I stick my tongue out at him and turn back to Stan as he laughs. 

"OK then you guys, I'm going to bed. Don't stay up too long!"

"No promises!" Stan rolls his eyes and stands up. He nods over at me.

"Make sure he doesn't have another one, will you?" I laugh and look over at Jack, who's helping himself to a bag of crisps. I doubt I'll have much luck keeping him away from anything with his appetite, but I just smile and pretend to consider it.

"I'll try." Stan laughs.

"Ok then. Goodnight you two." He disappears around the corner. Jack watches him go and then turns to me.
"How old are you?" He asks suddenly. I grab my bag and start to dig through it for my phone. I shrug.

"Nearly seventeen." I admit sheepishly. Jack nods and leans back on his chair, swinging open the fridge and grabbing another two cans. 

"You can drink then." He says, pushing the can across the table and in front of me. I laugh and roll my eyes, grabbing the can and returning it back to the fridge. I grab his spare one in his hands and he pouts. 

"Your dad said no more." I remind him. He groans.

"Party-pooper." He snaps. I just grin and shove the can into the fridge, before returning to my phone. I realise I have a missed call from an unknown number from two hours ago and a text message from them. I raise an eyebrow and unlock my phone. Jack pops the crisp packet open and forces a handful into his mouth. I ignore him and click onto my texts. I click onto the number and read the message.

Unknown number: You missed a call from me at 16:23 on 23 Sept. This is a free Call Alert from O2. To disable this dial press 901, press *, then option 4 and option 5. 

I press delete and look to the text message.

Unknown number: Hey, It's me Jace! Your amazing Snowboard Instructor!

My heart beat speeds up; I find myself grinning. He texted me! OMG! He actually texted me!!!

"Whacha smiling at?" Jack asks, nosely. "Is it me? Are you smiling because I'm handsome?" I scoff.

"Fuck off." I snarl but I can't help but grin. "No! It's Jace! I never had to text him! He asked for my number!" I let myself drool over him in front of Jack; he just laughs and looks impressed and excited at the same time. 

I start to text back quickly. 

Me: Hey Jace! It's me Maia! (Your amazing student!)

I grin and click send. I turn my phone on to vibrate and cover my grin with my hand. Jack scoffs.

"Ok, stop fangirling in front of me. It's disgusting!"

"I'm not fangirling!" I laugh. "But that's a good word. I'm surprised that you know what it means!" He grins.

"Thank you ... I think ..." My phone dings. I look down at it in record time, nearly snapping my neck. It's only Izzie. I groan.
"Who's that?" Jack asks, puzzled. "Is it Jace?" I shake my head and sigh a little. 

"No. It's Izzie." I open the text.

Izzie: Come round mine tomorrow? Xx 

Me: kk, what time? Xx

Izzie: Eleven ish. I wanna go c a film or something Xx

I roll my eyes.

Me: No horrors!!!! And I'll be there at half ten Xx

Izzie: No horrors? Boo you whore.

I snort at her Mean Girls reference.

Me: Isabelle Freya Brown ... Did you just quote Mean Girls? 

I practically hear her laugh. 

Izzie: Yes I did Bitch, now you coming tomorrow or not? 

Me: Bitch, I might be! 

Izzie: You better be or you are in serious trouble!

Me: Whatever *woman with her hand outwards emoji* 

I turn my phone off as Jack rolls his eyes.

"You're very rude, you know that, right?" He grins. "Texting at the table." He tuts and shakes his head. I give him the middle finger.

"Whatever. I'm going to bed." I get up and grab my bag and phone. "Night twat ... oh and take it easy on the beer, yeah!" 

 "Night bitch, and oh, no promises!" I laugh and disappear up the stairs, leaving him to go against my word, and grab another beer.









My alarm goes off; I groan and hit it. Hard. It falls off the nightstand and onto the ground; my hand wails at the force of the hit. I let out a whimper and roll onto my back, cradling my hand to my chest. It stings a little, but the pain is bearable so I just lay there for a few minutes and wish I was still sleeping and not in pain. I'm just about to fall asleep again when a 'ding' from my phone wakes me up again. I moan slightly and roll over. I see six texts; the most recents are from Izzie.

Izzie: Get up you lazy pig. 

Izzie: Get up; I'm bored. Be over by ten. 

Izzie: Tick, tock.

Izzie: Maaaaaaiaaaaaaa! Come on! You're killing me now! How long do you sleep for?

Izzie: I'll kill you if you don't reply right now. You've got three seconds.

I groan and just stare at the texts for a few seconds.

Izzie: 1.

Izzie: 2.

I text her back quickly.

Me: Ok, ok! I'm up! What you want? I was sleeping. 

She replies almost instantly.

Izzie: Get your fat ass up and over to my house in the next ten minutes or you're in trouble! 

I groan and look at the time. It's half nine ... 

Me: I hate you Izzie.

Izzie: I know you do. Now hurry up!

I put my phone down and roll out of bed. I take the quickest shower in my life and straighten my hair. I pull on some leggings and a loose top. I yank on my converse and apply light makeup (a little mascara and lipgloss). I pull on a beanie and grab my leather jacket. I pocket my phone and grab my purse and door key, jamming them into a bag. I skip out of the room and then stop before I reach the stairs as I realise something.

The house is abnormally quiet. Mum is probably sleeping (she only got in a few hours ago I bet), and Stan probably left for work an hour, maybe two, ago. Jack is most likely to be sleeping; it's silent without him being a complete moron. Jealously swarms over me. No way is he getting a lay-in and I'm not.

I check the time quickly. It's 9:45. I have fifteen minutes until I even want to think about leaving for my long walk to Izzie's ...

Wait - Jack could drive me!

This idea makes me grin. 

Now this bitch is gonna wake up. 

I grin and slide over to his door. I listen closely. I can hear his snores from this side of the door ...

Tut. Men!

I pry open his door and slip in quietly. The room is really dark; I just about make out his figure sprawled on the bed. His room is a mess; tops and shoes are scattered everywhere. As silently as I can go, I tiptoe over to him, and place my bag on the side to avoid it getting broken if Jack doesn't react sweetly to my morning wake up. 

I count down from three in my head, and then I throw myself on top of him.

He's instantly awake; he throws his arms up, catching the side of my face. I grunt as he grabs me violently and then I'm being tackled underneath him. He pins my arms up above my head with ease; his weight shifts onto legs to stop me from kicking him off of me. In the near pitch black darkness, I can see his pissed face. I can also smell stale alcohol; he definitely had more than one beer ..

"What the fuck - Wait, Maia?" I squirm underneath him. I suddenly realise what he's wearing; he's only in his boxers and his chest and legs are bare. I blush hard.

"Um. Yes. HI ..."
"What are you doing here?"
"I need a lift to Izzies." 

"What the - Haven't you heard of knocking?" 

"Haven't you heard of trousers?" He scowls.

"It's my room! You can't tell me what to do!" 

"Get off of me!" He rolls off of me, and then remembers what he's wearing. He swears and grabs him trousers. 

"Look away!" I do. I hear him grunting as he tries to pull on the trousers, before then the lightswitch is being turned on. I turn my head in his direction, blushing deeply, as he stands there, hair all ruffled, his trousers unbuttoned and shirtless. I pull myself off of his bed and grab my bag.

"Now you're awake," I say, trying to push the awkward feeling away. "You can take me to Izzie's!" I quickly stamp out of the room, trying to ignore the feeling I felt when his body was pressed against me. 

That and the rising boner pressing against my thigh. 

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