The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


8. A Bad Dream

Luckily Mum was asleep when I got home so I didn't have to face her until morning; Stan, however, was not. He was sitting on the sofa, biting his nails anxiously when Jack and I walked through the door. He pretty much flew towards us, leaping from the sofa and wrapping his arms tightly around me. At first, I was quite surprised, but then I hugged him back because I was being 'kind'. When I pulled back, I saw that he was crying, which was awkward, and I had to stay downstairs for half an hour and make him a cup of tea to comfort him. Despite me hating him when I first moved here, he is actually really sweet, and he actually cared about if I got home safe or not. He told me he was worried; I didn't have to guess that much; and after I manage to convince him I was OK, he finally went to bed and left me to escape to my own room.

Jack went to bed as well, I think, so I was the last one up. I wasn't tired because of my nap at Izzie's house so I resolve to watching a movie.

I grab my covers and place them on my window ledge; I grab my headphones and laptop. I retreat back to the window ledge and curl up under the covers. I start to play Frozen, my favourite disney movie, and cuddle into the window.

Thirty minutes in, there's a soft knock at the door. I barely hear it the first time; it's when Mum pushes the door further open that I I notice her. I flinch as she catches me on my laptop, and quickly close the lid and take out the earphones. She hesitates, before glancing over her shoulder and then back at me.

"Can I come in?" She asks. I nod and she shuffles inside, shutting the door quietly behind her. She comes over and sits down on the window ledge beside me; I put my laptop down and lead her over to the bed. We lay down together and I drape the covers over us. I don't care if I'm sixteen, I shuffle closer into my mum and I hug her. Hard.

She sighs, but her arms automatically come round and hug me back. We stay like that for a few minutes, just holding one another, before she finally pulls away and forces me to talk.

"Where were you tonight?" She whispers. I try to burry my head into her shoulder but she doesn't let me.

"Izzie's." I reply quietly. She nods.

"A friend?" I nod. "From school?" Another nod. "The Goth one?"

"Stan's been talking about me, hasn't he?" She shrugs, gives a small smile and starts to run her hand through my hair. I breathe out slowly at the gesture.

"How are you settling in?" She asks quietly. I shrug.

"OK, I guess ..."

"You and Jack getting closer? It was awkward when you two first met, wasn't it?" To be honest, It's more awkward now I've seen him in his pants and dreamt about snogging him ...

I don't say this; I just smile and nod my head.

"Yeah, he's OK, I guess ..."

"And how's this snowboarding coming along?"


"The Snowboard instructor?" My phone dings as on cue. I look at it and so does my mum, clearly suspicious. "Who's that?" I grab it and check the name. Jace ...

"Izzie. She's saying sorry for keeping me for so long." I lie and put the phone back where I found it before Mum can see. She gives me a wearily look, but doesn't comment. "Yeah, the snowboard instructor is OK as well ..."

"How's Izzie?"




"Is everything just OK to you?" I laugh slightly, so does she.

"Pretty much." She smiles and strokes some hair out of my face. She breathes out slowly and squeezes me hard.

"How are you doing with the new house?" I know I need to say something nice; she looks exhausted and like she just wants to sleep ...

I change position, pulling her into me. I stroke her hair down and she whimpers slightly.

"Yeah It's fine. It's big; I like it." That wasn't all a lie ...

"Good ..." Her voice trails off until it's just her shallow breathing. I go to say something else, but then I hear the snoring. I look down at her; she's fallen asleep on me. I roll my eyes but make no move to wake her up. I hold her close and eventually, I fall asleep as well.


Mum and Stan went out for the day; Jack and I were left to watch the house. I managed to grab the TV controller before he could, and settled into the sofa. He, of course, came and barged in, a drink in his hand despite it being a school day tomorrow, and sat on my outstretched legs until I swore and moved them off his seat. He now sits there, grinning as I glare at the TV, ignoring. Luckily, I didn't dream about him last night, but he was the first thing on my mind, even with my Mum in the room. I managed to get an hour sleep after Mum left at six, but there's no point stretching it on. So now I'm up, watching TV at nine o'clock, bored out of my mind. Jack looks the same; he finally grunts.

"Right, I'm going in town. Want anything?" He stands up and places the empty beer can on the side. I raise an eyebrow.

"You're driving?" I demand. He shrugs.

"Yeah, why?" I glance over at the can and back at him. It clicks into place; he swears fluently and sinks back into the sofa, looking pissed off with himself. I laugh and pull the blanket closer around my shoulders. He sits there, sulking for a few seconds, before he stands up and leaves the room. I raise an eyebrow and pause the TV to listen to where he's going. I hear him in the Kitchen rummaging through the fridge. I scoff and roll my eyes. I hit play on the TV again.


The doorbell rings; Jack answers it. There's the sound of laughing. I don't bother to listen in and continue to watch TV; a boy walks into the room. His hair has been dyed bright blue; he looks like sonic the hedgehog. He's wearing a grey top and his skinny jeans are way too tight for my liking. He glances over at me and then at Jack.

"You have a girl round?" He demands. Jack rolls his eyes.

"Seriously Mat? That's my sister." The boy, Mat, pulls a face.

"You have a sister? ..." He suddenly starts to grin. "Ha! That leaves you out of this; she's mine." He pulls himself onto the sofa beside me and I suddenly realise that that 'girl' is me. I flinch and pull my legs away from him as he grins. "Hey, I'm Mat." I look at him and then at Jack, trying to plead with my eyes to make him take Mat away. Jack shrugs and Mat wraps an arm around my shoulders and pulls me into his side. I swear and try to pull away but he's stronger.

"Hey babe. Wanna a kiss?" I elbow him hard and he collapses into the sofa as I pull myself away from him and onto my feet. I stumble away, clutching the blanket and glaring accusingly at Jack. Mat grunts.

"Hey! I'm just trying to be friendly." I shove Jack out of the way, angrily.

"Your friend's a dick and so are you." I snarl and then I storm to my room, listening to Mat laughing like a hyena.

"And that is how you get the TV. Take notes; it comes in useful."

And I know I've been played.





"Go away."

"No." He opens the door and I fix my glare onto him. 

"Get out!"

"Nope." He steps in and I stand up quickly. I storm towards the ensuite and lock myself in to prove a point that I don't want to talk to him. He sighs. "OK, that was rude ... I'll just make myself at home then." I hear him get start comfortable and groan.

"Get out of my room!" He laughs mockingly.

"Not until you forgive me." I swear and sit down on the toilet lid. "Guess I'm not leaving then." He says when I don't reply. I huff and cross my arms over my chest. I'll just have to wait this one out ... He'll get bored in a few minutes ... I hope ... 

I hear my phone ring almost instantly; dread swarms me. 

"Oh my god! Who's this? Is this the famous Jace? Can I answer it? Yeah, thanks!" No!

I forget about waiting it out straight away, and throw open the door. I launch myself at Jack, grasping my phone. We hit the floor, he hits his head, but I don't care. I quickly check the caller. He's laughing hard; I realise it's just Mum. I swear and glare accusingly at him, but nevertheless, I answer it.

"Hello? Mum?" I ask.

"Yep! How are you honey? You and Jack getting along? The house hasn't burnt down yet?" I look at him underneath me, pissing himself, and I glare harder.

"Yep. We're fine." I lie. Mum sees right through me.

"Don't start any fights; we need the house still standing by tomorrow." Tomorrow? "I'm going to be staying round a friends house tonight because our shifts start at the same time and my car has stopped working so I need her to give me a lift; Stan might be home but he has a night shift so I trust you can order a pizza without doing anything too drastic?"

"DrasticMe? Pfftt ... Ok. Fine." I sigh. "But you might have one less child in the house when you get home ..." She laughs.

"Be good!" She warns, before ending it. I switch my phone off and turn my attention to a grinning Jack. I hit him. Hard. He continues to wet himself with laughter as I pull myself onto my feet and place my phone onto the side. I cross my arms over my chest and glare at him.

"Get out of my room." I snap. He chuckles and pulls himself onto his feet, wiping a tear away.

"You should have seen your face!" He teases. "You pretty much flew towards the phone!" 

"You always have to be such a jerk, don't you?" I snarl. I turn on my heel and try to leave, but he grabs my arm.

"Aw no! Maia! Maia, I'm just kidding! I'm sorry." He pulls me back, maybe a little closer than he should have, but it's enough to stop me storming away. I don't look at him and glare at the floor. "I'm sorry, ok? It wasn't nice to trick you like that ..." His face is centimeters away from mine; I force myself to turn my head away.

"No it wasn't ..." I snap. He flinches; my heart beat taps away so loudly in my chest, I'm surprised he doesn't hear it. 

"What did Lauran say then?" It was a bit of relief to see he didn't refer to my Mum as his Mum, and that made it a little less awkward about dreaming about him ...

"We've got the house to ourselves tonight." I grumble, pulling my arm from his grip. I grab my phone and roll onto my bed, still pissed off with Jack after what happened with his 'friend'. He notices I haven't forgiven him yet and sighs. He pulls himself onto the bed next to me; my heartbeat stops but I pretend it doesn't.

I roll onto my side, my back facing him. He groans. 

"Aw! I said I'm sorry!" He sighs. I feel him grow closer, a little too close considering we could become brother and sisters, but besides the whole sister / brother thing, I like it.

I try to work out if he's doing it because he likes me back, or he's trying to comfort me... 

"Maia!" He sighs. I refuse to look at him. "What do I have to do for you to forgive me?" Kiss me.

I don't say this, of course, and continue to hold a grudge. He arm slides around me and he pulls me into his chest. His breath is warm on the back of my neck; It reminds me of Jace and I instantly feel bad.

Jace and I are seriously crushing on each other, yet I find myself laying with my brother ... OH my god ... This is so awkward ...

Maia, this is gonna hurt, but you're going to have to tell Jack you don't like him. You're brother and sister forgodsake! What will Mum and Stan think if they see you guys kissing? It's going to get real awkward real quick; you're ruining Mum and Stan's life of being together just so you can have a small teenage crush. You'll move on! You always do! 

Ok, the voice, is stings. Like mad. It's the truth, but I don't like it. I don't want to tell Jack I don't like him ... I want to kiss him ... Oh fuck ...

I moan silently as Jack's arms pull me closer into his chest, before they turn me gently onto my other side so I'm facing him.

"Maia," He breathes. His face is three inches away from mine; his breath is warm on my mouth. I hold back a soft whimper. My dream fills my head. He pulls me closer; so close that I can feel his warm breath on my lips. His hands on my waist make my breathing hitch upwards; my eyes slide shut as I lean against his chest, letting him hold me upright. My hands curl up on his chest; he closes the gap between our mouths ...

As soon as I think this, Jack's head slowly tilts forwards and then his lips press against mine.





My heart flips; my legs go jelly like. All my worries about him being my brother drain away, and I surge closer into the kiss. His lips are hard at first, like he doesn't want to kiss me, but they start to go warm and relax almost instantly. They become soft and careful, kissing at millimeter of my lips. I whimper; his lips curve up into a beam. 

I find myself wrapping my arms around his neck, and I pull him closer. He chuckles and his arms hold me tighter, until our chests are pressing against one anothers. With two gentle fingers, he tilts my head to aside so he can get more access to my lips; my breath hitches in my throat at this gesture. 

His lips are warm and soft and careful and - and perfect. Just perfect. 

I run my hands through his hair, gently tugging at it. He moans. The sound is - oh god. The sound ... I feel my breathing become uneasy; I want to pull off all my clothes, but I force myself not to. 

His hands on my back start to run up and down my back; his lips becomes a little more desperate. He deepens the kiss; my head whirls at the action. 

He likes me back ... Oh god - oh god - oh god -

I pull him closer; he's suddenly shuffling over me. I roll onto my back as he hovers above me, his lips never leaving mine. His legs press against mine; he leans on his elbows to keep himself up. I keep my arms wrapped around his neck and pull him closer. 

"Oh god ... Jack ..." I whimper. He groans a little. "We - we shouldn't be doing this ..." He scowls.

"I - I know ..." We don't stop. 

His body presses against mine; I feel something large pressing against my inner thigh. I moan, maybe a bit too loud. Jack grunts and his hands fall down to my waist. My heart thumps rabidly in my chest as he gently begins to grind his hips against mine. I gasp as he presses his mouth to mine. Our noses smudge against each other; our hands run up and down each other's backs. 

He swears.

"Maia ..." He mumbles. I groan as his hips start to slow down a little, and he applies a little more pressure onto my thighs. My legs are like jelly; my face hot and flustered. I want to do so much to him, I want to do so much with him, but I push him away nevertheless. He pulls back, breathless. He's flustered as well; his cheeks bright pink and his eyes sparkling. He stops grinding and he looks sheepish. "I - Ur -"

"I'm sorry." I mumble. "This is not right ... Mum and Stan will kill us ..." He swallows hard and nods. He doesn't move from on top of me, I don't mind. I wrap my arms around his waist and pull him into me. I cuddle into his chest, hating myself for ending the kiss after all my thoughts about kissing him ...

After a few seconds of hesitation, he sighs and rolls onto his back, pulling me into his side. I curl up into him; eventually we fall asleep. 

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