Nothing Lasts Forever

calum and Emma are identical twins, and they look exactly the same. the hood family all live in a small house in New Zealand.. it's not really a family because calum and emma's dad died in a plane crash returning home from a family gathering in Scotland.
and things don't always stay the same.


1. chapter 1

Emma pov

"mum I don't wanna leave!" I scream from my room with mum trying to encourage me to come out. "we have to leave now, the plane leaves in two hours!" calum my brother yells from downstairs waiting. I take a few deep breaths and fix myself up and unlock the door.

my name is emma hood and I'm 14 years old. I have a twin brother called calum and no dad. since dad died we weren't earning a lot of money so mum decided we moved to Australia so it would be cheaper. I had to leave all of my friends behind which was probably the hardest thing ever.

"coming!" I yell back whilst stumbling down the stairs with my suitcase. I haul my bag to the airport shuttle which was already outside. I sit next to calum on the shuttle and hold his hand as I cry into his arm. when we arrive at the airport our plane is already boarding. we quickly grab some food and our tickets and get on the plane. the plane trip from New Zealand to Sydney wasn't the longest so we got there pretty fast. we chose to move to sydney because it was closer to New Zealand then the other cities so it's easy to travel to and from.

"and our new house should be..." mum says as we slowly crawl along the street, "that one!" mum pulls into the driveway and starts unpacking the car for calum and I to take the things inside. I walk over to calum and give him a hug, not an I love you hug just a normal ordinary hug. we walk into the house and and unpack some stuff.

"dibs this room!" calum shouts from one of the rooms he's found.

"no way I found it first! and my bags are even in there!" I say back trying to prove him wrong. he sticks out his bottom lips but them his pout turns in a grin and he starts running towards me.

dammit. he was gonna tickle me. I hate it because I am the most ticklish person ever! he starts to chase me as I sprint as fast as I can to another room and just lock it before he comes in.

I haven't seen this room yet. it's odd and I examine the features inside it. there's also a window in here too. I look through it a see that you can see the next house through it. I helplessly look inside but don't realise that someone has been staring at me this whole time. I just ignore them and walk back outside the room.

calum laughs and pushes me onto the bed. as usual, he starts tickling me. I look over and I could see the person who was watching me before easier. it was a boy with dirty blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes. "stop! calum.. I can't.. breathe!" I say between tickles. calum stops and looks at me. I look at the boy next door. the boy looks at me. calum looks over too.

"um I'm luke."

"I'm calum and this is my sister Emma."

"oh I thought you guys were dating or something, and sweet kiwi accents you got." luke says

"well we literally just moved here like 5 minutes ago so could you maybe show us around?" I ask luke and he nods.

"meet me out the front in 5."

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