Beyond the Reflection

Everything changed once my brothers and I moved house as a cause of my parents divorce. I guess that this is where my crazy adventure began. Things didn't start getting weird until after the purchase of the "mirror". This "mirror," was the cause of my life becoming the way it did.


2. Chapter One

~ Chapter 1 ~

“How do you like your new room, Hunter?” Came my mum’s voice as she stumbled over my packed boxes, waiting to be unpacked. I continued to stare at the ceiling making no notice of her question. “Hunter?”


I turned towards her until my eyes and her eyes became in contact, shrugging as I watched her face fill with annoyance.


She sighed. “I know you didn't want to move here but we had no choice.” Before she could continue I rolled on to my back once again and tried to find the spot I had been previously staring at. “Hunter!”


“What, mother?” I snapped and turned towards her once more. I could tell she wasn't going to last longer in this conversation due to the look in her eye.


“Well, I was going to suggest we went to our neighbour's garage sale tomorrow but seeing how you are acting I don't think we should,” she quickly snapped and then stormed out of my room knocking over my stuff, by accident or on purpose I don't know. Before I could turn to look out of my window, I faintly heard her voice order me as she got further away, “and unpack your boxes.”


I looked outside towards my neighbour's house and saw my mum was right about there being a garage sale tomorrow which was obvious as they already had a sign saying, 'everything one pound.'


I went to one of my boxes and pulled out a small blue piggy bank. I looked inside and found I had ten pounds which would account for ten things at the garage sale, not that I was going to waste all of my money on that junk. I then turned back to the box and started rummaging through; looking at how much was in there. I scanned around my room at what seemed like a thousand boxes, groaning as I lifted my body and dragged myself to my other boxes to look what else I had brought with me.


I started to unpack things, putting everything in random places because I didn't really care where everything went, I just wanted to finish so my mum wouldn't shout at me. I got to my fourth box and found an alarm clock my dad had given me. I searched my room with my tired eyes to find where to put it but it was hard to find somewhere through the forest of boxes. I finally found a spot on the desk next to my bed; I plugged it in and set the time. I was just about to go back to the box when my mum called me.


“Hunter, dinner is ready.” I quickly jumped up and flew down the stairs and into the dining room where I sat down and to my surprise wasn't shouted at for sitting down before anyone else.


“What do you think of your room, Hunter?” George's voice came from behind me as he walked past, sitting down quickly, rocking the seat as he landed on it. Jason came down next. He didn't talk to me, instead I got an evil look.


“It's alright,” I mumbled as I looked down at my hands and then started tapping them on the table to a tune I had gotten stuck in my head since I was ten.


“Stop it!” my mum snapped. It had always annoyed her when I made unnecessary noises or if I put my feet on my chair holding my legs above the table, blocking everyone's view of my body but I did it anyway because it was comfortable. “I don't know why you must put your legs up and tap on the table at every meal we have. I hoped that you would stop that when we moved,” she quietly muttered to herself but I could still hear her.


Mum then gave everyone their food as she stated, “sorry it isn't much.”


I didn't expect much seeing that we were still unpacking everything. She continued, “We shall be going to our neighbour’s garage sale tomorrow where we are going to introduce ourselves to them, so everyone must be on their best behaviour.” She then sat down ready to eat.


“OK,” my brothers and I replied. I could tell my brothers weren't excited about this from the way they both rolled their eyes and sighed. I soon faded out of the conversation, focusing on my own thoughts of where to put my junk, although I didn’t want to make this my house.


As soon as tea had finished I climbed up the stairs and into my room, which looked more like a garage because of the mountains of boxes waiting to be unpacked. I looked at the time, it was six o'clock. I only had three and a half hours left to unpack my stuff before I had to get ready for bed but I can't do that until at least the boxes on my bed are unpacked.


I had finally finished with the boxes on my bed and saw the time said seven. I sighed and looked around, stating exhaustedly, “this is going to take forever but at least I can now go to sleep tonight.”


It had been a long day and I was keen to go to sleep. I quickly got into my pyjamas, slid into bed, my eyes becoming heavy.

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