Beyond the Reflection

Everything changed once my brothers and I moved house as a cause of my parents divorce. I guess that this is where my crazy adventure began. Things didn't start getting weird until after the purchase of the "mirror". This "mirror," was the cause of my life becoming the way it did.


1. Prologue

~ Prologue ~

I didn't want to move. I have never been any good at keeping friends and had only ever managed to make three of them. Moving meant that they are now left behind, just like the old house and my dad. My parents never seemed to care much for me and when they divorced I was forced to go with my mum to a totally new place. Some people may say that having two brothers, like Jason and George wouldn't make leaving friends behind so difficult as they would be there instead. For me, although they are OK, we have our disagreements but I guess that is part of being brothers.


Jason, is three years older than me and George is nine years younger than me. I'm a 15 year old boy and although being older has changed me in some ways there is one characteristic which has never faded from my appearance. This is the curl on the right side of my head, which I guess is like a birth mark as over the years it has never grown away.


Anyway, enough of the introduction, where was I? Oh, yes. We had just moved into the house which was massive and was a labyrinth which you could easily get lost inside. My mum being rich, of course, could afford something big and expensive. Inside the house there was a massive kitchen and a small living room. There was also five bedrooms which was weird because there was only four of us living at the house. Lastly at the back of the house, being shadowed from the mansion was the garden which must have been the size of a football pitch.


We had only one neighbour, who was having a garage sale near to the day we arrived. We decided we would go and have a look for something to try to jazz up the house. The only thing we found that appealed to us was a mirror with a grey frame, with intricate leaf patterns on it. As I was the most interested in the mirror we decided that we would have it in my room above my study desk.


I didn't realise the impact this would have on my life or how everyone and everything would change. Lets go back to before everything became weird.

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