Love May Die

Prophecies are...deceitful things , they can be true or they can be complete sham , they can tie people together or they can break strongest of bond between people . Prophecies have prompt people to go against their own families .Beings have survived because of them but also greatest kingdoms fell because of it.

In the beginning , a prophecy was made . People have forgotten about it since it has been a long time from when it was made . This prophecy is believed to be one of the strongest , ancient and pure ones.

Vampire and werewolves live among humans on earth including other mythical creatures and rule over their territory but there are betrayers planning downfall of their rules . Has the time come for the prophecy to come true ...How are two teenagers involved in this . Vampires and Werewolves are not meant to be , they don't necessarily hate each other but nor they do like each other but what if that prophecy completely opposes it .


1. Chapter-1


It could have been a normal day in Riverside High, it was, until...


Until, a stranger bumped into Hazel Ginger, if not the Queen Bee, but still among the most popular of the said school.


She stumbled but did not fall on the floor, however, her books were a different story. They were sprawled onto the floor between the stranger and her, in such artistic manner, one might think it was done purposely. 


Hazel was a little more than perplexed here, it has been years when someone decided to mess with her and although she didn't carry the usual bitchy attitude, she thought that same couldn't be said about the other girls in her school.


However, she was surprised to learn that not a girl, but a boy have bumped into her, purposely or not, he was a stranger to her, and she realized to the whole school as well once she looked around. A new kid, ah-ha!


Meanwhile, the new boy was observing her with a air of superiority, he was aware of everyone's/ people's stare and the scene he kind of was causing. Acute awareness were one of the perks of being a vampire, you see. Klark Arnauld, a vampire prince, loved being a well...vampire. He knew that the girl before him was a werewolf. A royal or not, that he was not so sure about.


He loathed werewolves with a passion, vermins were ranked higher in his thinking hierarchy than these-things. It was unbelievable that these vermin-colleagues were living among humans, with...vampires. Not that he can do anything about it, he always thought that his ancestors were stupid, to have signed that treaty with the dogs and know he had a proof before himself. The girl wasn't even picking her books up! How can someone even be that idiotic!


Hazel again looked at the stranger, this time observing him and like a normal human, waited for him to pick up her books or at least offer to. She waited and waited and waited, but he remained still and intact in his posture and place. She realized that he was one of those arrogant brats- she couldn't realize how correct she was- who don't think about anyone but themselves. She knew he won't help her but she waited for a reaction, anything.


'Well, a apology would be accepted if made!' She thought to herself, oblivious that Klark could read the thought right through her. Klark couldn't stop the smirk, it was the most natural thing for him to do.


'Who the fuck does she think she is? As if I would ever apologize to a bitch like here...oh wait, it's a pun well made'


As Klark maintained the eye-contact with Hazel, something sparked inside him, something he have never felt before, for anyone... he dismissed the feeling regarding it merely as his body' way of repelling the creature before him.


Hazel was almost lost in her thoughts that jumbled up out of nowhere and were jumping around her head in circles. Klark, seeing that he was still listening to Hazel's thoughts, felt a headache coming because the thoughts were just so mixed, he couldn't keep up with them. He stopped his unwanted presence in her mind at once. That is why he couldn't have heard what Hazel thought next.


'He looks familiar' Before she might have probed this issue and come to some conclusion, she was broken out of her trance by another something.


"I'm sorry, here are your books, my friend is a little on the edgy side today" The tone was barely a whisper, words a heap of rushed sounds, the person sounded out of breath. 


Eye-contact between Hazel and Klark snapped like a twig in storm, and Klark felt some kind of loss, which was in-explainable really. Hazel's eyes were instantly on the second stranger but...but...


"Xander?" She said a little timidly, in a uncertain tone, she could be making fun of her well right now.


"Hazel" Second stranger's eyes crinkled and he was smiling ruefully.


"You remember..." Before Xander could have completed his sentence, he was interrupted as Hazel practically threw herself on him. He laughed at this, typical Hazel, and hugged her back.


Klark, who along with the whole school, was watching the exchange quietly, felt a twinge within himself, then there was something boiling from that twinge, he did not knew what, only thing he knew was that the boiling feeling was surfacing something dark inside him.


'God, my body really doesn't like this bitch and now she's hugging my best-friend, I feel like puking" And he really did, felt like puking.


Another thing he was experiencing, was confusion. In all the years he have known Xander, not once has he mentioned the name Hazel in any of their conversations. He knew that Xander was always in contact with his distant relatives and all, just so you know, Klark never met any of them, other than Xander's parents and some others because of the simple fact that they all were Werewolves, including Xander, but Xander was an exception to Klark, why? well that's another story and I'm no storyteller. May be the girl was just another cousin. But the way they were hugging, no, it wouldn't be possible. Shrugging to himself, he started peering into Hazel's mind again, keeping his promise of never intruding into the mind of Xander, as he had promised to his friend almost a decade ago.


Thousands of pictures were seeming to be flying at an incredible speed. But they slowed after some seconds. It was like looking into a kaleidoscope. First picture, video actually, was of a cute little girl crying because her ice-cream and her favourite dress was ruined, there was another kid, a boy, who was laughing at her, but ultimately offered the girl his own ice-cream. Second video was of again those two kids, but they looked much older in this one, preferably, after two or three years of the first video. The little girl, here in the video, was laughing and giggling, as she ran away from something while throwing glances over her shoulder, the boy was the one running after her, with what seemed like a marker-moustache on his face, his face was red with anger and also from running. Before the boy could've caught the girl, she fell down and scratched her right knee, immediately crying after seeing some blood trickling down her leg. The boy was almost jumping from joy as he reached her but that immediately ceased once he saw the girl in pain. Panicking, he looked around and found no one. He was alarmed, what was he to do, he couldn't really just leave her there. So, thinking up smart, he pulled his shorts down and tied them into a knot over the girl's knee. Once the girl stopped crying, the boy became red, not from anger, but this time with embarrassment and the girl was again cheery and laughing at the boys' misery.


Klark registered that these memories were way too intimate for him to pry into, he doesn't have any regard for the girl, but he couldn't invade privacy of his best friend like that. He pulled himself out of Hazel's brain, but he couldn't do it before seeing a fat tear, zoomed in impossibly, so only the water was clear, falling down someone's face. Unexpectedly, he felt sad.


It was a hiss sound that broke Xanders' and Hazel's embrace. Adelaide, Hazel's best-friend, was standing some lockers away but moved forward when her best-friend and the stranger were hugging no more. 


Adelaide, like Klark, was a vampire, in fact, a vampire princess. He knew it one glance but he was shell-shocked to see her come and stand beside Hazel. She obviously knew that the girl was a werewolf, then why would she stand beside her. 'May be she doesn't, yeah, that must be it' Klark thought to himself. 


Adelaide was wary of these strangers, one was vampire and other werewolf, who knew what their motives are or what they are capable of. She knew that, but not her friend and she was well aware of it. So, here she was.


 "Hazel, let's go, we'll be late for History class otherwise" Adelaide said to Hazel, but many times during the sentence, she was glancing at both the strangers suspiciously. Of course Hazel did not notice that, she was busying being baffled by Adelaide's words. There was a legit reason behind it though, Adelaide never liked History, she even caused Hazel to skip some classes, so it really took Hazel by surprise, when she said something so opposite her usual behavior. She was acting strange today. 


Both Xander and Klark were silently observing Adelaide and the exchange between two friends. They both knew Adelaide was a vampire and Hazel a werewolf. It was unnerving to watch to these two species standing together, without ripping each other's head off. Well, they knew it was possible for a werewolf and a vampire to be friends, both were a fine example of it, but still, it is hard to remove prejudices from your head. 


Hazel, since she now had her books, turned to walk to History class with Adelaide, but turned back again and waved Xander good-bye, she did glance at Klark, but, in a suspicious way.










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