Hell Is A Place On Earth

Set in Australia in the year 2030. It has been five years since the infection started and the zombies were created by an airborne bug. 17 year old Harlequin is now doing whatever she can do to survive the end of the world or how she puts it ‘hell’. Harlequin is living in an abandon school with eight others including her best friend Nash and their adopted son Benny and she will do whatever it takes to keep them safe but what happens when they meet fun loving Gabriel who talks about a safe haven for humans with no worry's about zombies. With the promise of a happy and safe life for Benny will Harlequin risk her life to get to the safe haven? And what will happen when Harlequin finds herself in love triangle between herself, her best friend and the new guy?


2. Prologue

When I was younger everyone was always so fascinated with when the world was going to end. No one really knew how it was going to end or when, all anyone ever said was that it would be quick and painless, that it would happen when we least expect it. Now when I think about it I realise they probably just said it to stop kids from freaking out. To this day I still cannot fathom how everyone thought that the end of the world meant that humanity would be wiped clear from the face of the earth and on matter what you did no one was going to be speared, like seriously it would be just too easy if we all died at the same time the same way don’t you? And life has never been set up to be easy. The truth is the end of the world consists of pain, sickness, suffering and a whole lot of fear. And I know what you may be thinking ‘How do you know all of this?’ well the thing is, I survived the end of the world and trust me when I say it’s more hellish then you could possibly imagine.

My name is Harlequin Rose I’m seventeen and right now I’m living in an abandon high school with six other survivors my best friend Nash and our adoptive son Benny, all doing our best to stay alive as we wait out a zombie apocalypse.

About five years ago people started getting sick, at first the doctors just thought it was a normal flu and that with time it would simply go away (Yeah right) that’s until more and more people started getting sick and as time went by people started dying. In six months five hundred innocent people like you and I, had died and finally the doctors had realised that this was more than a cold and scientists actually started to do something. After two months of agonizingly waiting we finally got told on the weekly news that the so-called ‘flu’ was actually a mutilation virus that soon earned the name Black Lung. It was said to be some sort of microscopic bug that was airborne and once you breathed it in there was no going back. Everyone was baffled about where it had come from. All we knew was that It was caught easily and the symptoms very recognisable and made for easy diagnoses. It would always start the same first you would get unbearable stomach pains that caused dry reaching then you would start to sweat as if you were sitting in a car in forty degree heat. The last thing is probably the most disturbing and definitely the most painful, you begin to rot from the inside out until advenurly there is nothing left to keep you alive. I’m talking about kidney failure, lungs collapsing the works. After that, well there was nothing after that because you are either dead or on your deathbed. About a year later the government decided that for the best chance of survival they needed to separate the sick from the healthy so what do they do? They ended up splitting the world into two half’s by a massive cement wall, like the Great Wall of China but bigger and longer. All the infected; as they were called on the east side and the rest on the west and because the sick were sensitive to sunlight there side sort of had a massive metal roof that covered a lot of the east side that protected them from the sun but also made it a lot less easier for black lung to spread onto our side. The weird thing was that no one ever talked about what was happening on the other side of that wall and even though at the start there had been talk of finding a cure no one ever mention if they had found one or if they were still looking, it all just went very eerily quiet on the other side. People went back to living normally like they had done before all this madness, men and women started working again and they had built a school and everyone was starting to forget about what was on the other side. It was sad really. We all thought that we were finally safe again but we were far from it.

One night, sometime around twelve the west side was attacked by yes you guessed it zombies. I don’t remember much and to this day the night has become one big blur of dead rotten corpses chasing people dressed in night gowns and bunny covered PJ’s down the street, screaming in fear. I stood there frozen in fear outside of my house as people all around me were being attacked. Zombies in an all out frenzy. Savagely pulling apart and killing people then tossed them white faced and bloody in the streets. I could have easily been one of those unfortunate people, killed right then and there if Nash hadn’t been there that night, the boy with the brown mop of hair that just covered his eyes, who lived next door but had never spoken or never even looked in my direction. He grabbed me by the arm and we both ran as fast and for as long as we could into the unknown until we stumbled into the silent of the night, far away from the cries and screams from these you weren’t as lucky to escape the massacre and ever since then we have been oddly inseparable fir we known that we were orphans and only from that day on. Our first night in the wild was tough and we both were to terrified to sleep but It didn’t matter how much we wanted to go back we both knew that going back home was not safe and in honest truth there probably wasn’t even a home to go back to. So we continued forward, leaving our friends and families behind, never to know if they, like us escaped that night.

 For the next two years Nash and I maneuvered our way through ghost streets during the day and slept in abandon houses at night as we quickly realised that the zombies were a lot more active at night then during the day and that it would probably be safer to be inside then out in the open when the sun went down. Along the way we found a sacred little boy about four hiding under his bed in one of the houses we were scavenging in. with no sign of his parents me and Nash decided to take him with us and that was how it was for about another two years, just the three of us looking out for one another, doing our best to survive what I referred to as hell. We had been wandering from town to town for the past four years without seeing another human being making me think that maybe we were it, maybe it was always going to be the three of us fighting our way through the hordes of the undead and just as we were going to give up and had lost hope for a better life than the one we were stuck in we stumbled on a group of seven in an abandon school, they took us in without a thought and made us feel welcome, which gave me and Nash the feeling like we were a part of their crazy mismatch family, but then again I wouldn’t want it any other way. To this day we try to stay as hopeful as we can that one day the apocalypse will be over and we can feel safe again but until then all we can do is look out for one another and kick a little zombie ass on the side.


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