Hell Is A Place On Earth

Set in Australia in the year 2030. It has been five years since the infection started and the zombies were created by an airborne bug. 17 year old Harlequin is now doing whatever she can do to survive the end of the world or how she puts it ‘hell’. Harlequin is living in an abandon school with eight others including her best friend Nash and their adopted son Benny and she will do whatever it takes to keep them safe but what happens when they meet fun loving Gabriel who talks about a safe haven for humans with no worry's about zombies. With the promise of a happy and safe life for Benny will Harlequin risk her life to get to the safe haven? And what will happen when Harlequin finds herself in love triangle between herself, her best friend and the new guy?


1. Meet The Characters

Harlequin Rose Nash Holden Benny Holden-Rose Gabriel Rivermark Other Characters Symptoms of infection Note Zombie Stages The Plot


Harlequin Rose

Appearance and character

One of the main characters in She is 17 years old Has light brown hair that hang half way down her back (Most of the time she has it in either a plat or in an untied pony tail. Dark blue stormy sea coloured eyes. Like to fight and practice new fighting techniques (She trains with her best friend Nash and is trained by a guy named ( Benson) She is very determined and is focused only on killing anything that is undead She is sarcastic and stubborn and says exactly what she thinks. Sometimes she needs Nash to pull her back and to stop her before she ends up saying something that she will regretted She is fierce when needs to be and is the most skilled at fighting with whatever she can find out of the group of survivors She is a wild child (but even though she is a sort of wild child she had to grow up a lot when her and Nash decided to take on Benny)  (Nash is the calm one) Nash describes Harlequin as “A revenging angel on a mission to save the world from the unthinkable’ (He sort of has the hots for her even though Harlequin is complete oblivious to it) Weapons: she always has knives on her (Hidden in all sorts of places) she also has a gun but hates using it because ‘Finding bullets for the damn thing is a pain in the ass’ her words not mine Harlequin doesn’t own much in the clothing department – most of it she either grabbed before she fled her house or she found in house while she is scavenging Harlequin loves to scavenge, she always finds new this that she can either use or wear She loves two this one is fighting the seconds is Nash (As a friend?) when she thinks that she can’t keep going she tends to look into his eyes, if see hope in them she keeps going and fights harder but when the day comes that she looks into his eyes and doesn’t see that hope is going to be the day she gives up. (Nash eyes have always held hope and nothing else) Like Nash she is a closed book and doesn’t know how express how she feels and tends to just bury her feeling deep down She acts like nothing can get her down but in reality she is closer to breaking point then she realises (all it will take is the smallest thing to knock her of her game. The question is who will be the one who breaks down her walls to the persons who’s hiding behind it (Nash/Gabriel)


Family and friends     

Her parents – George and Kate – were both Australian and they died when the zombies found a way through the wall Harlequin see Benson and Nora as adoptive parents in a way Nash and Harlequin have been friends for years. They know one another inside and out and they both know what the other one is thinking without them needing to talk Harlequin acts like she tough and nothing can hurt her but mark knows the truth and the smallest think could break her (mark losing hope, losing mark or losing benny) They have both lost their parents She is very protective of Benny, Nash and harlequin have been taking care of him since he was Three. They found him in an abandoned house hiding under a bed. Harlequin and Nash act a lot like benny’s parents and they are the only two that he trusts Harlequin and Nash have been adoptive parents to benny since harlequin were 11 and Mark 12 Has feeling for Nash but is to sacred to act on them so instead she tries to ignore them Harlequin relationship with Heidi is sisterly Harlequin and Nash found a stray kitten (Kiplen) they found Kiplan a couple of years ago


Nash Holden

Appearance and character

One of the main characters in TLOU He’s 18 He’s broad and muscular from years of training and fighting zombies Black shaggy hair with blue-green eyes Nash even though he looks tough he is vulnerable who wears all black, bites his nails, he doesn’t know how hot he really is (I kind of want to take the stereotype that big muscular guy are mean, fearless  guys that don’t have feelings) Nash is a closed book. Like harlequin he doesn’t know how to express his feelings and he keeps everything inside Nash makes it clear that he doesn’t like Gabriel Gets jealous when Benny starts getting closer to Gabe  Harlequin describes him as hopeful for a better life, when she thinks that she can’t keep going she tends to look into his eyes, if see hope in them she keeps going and fights harder but when the day comes that she looks into his eyes and doesn’t see that hope is going to be the day she gives up. (Marks eyes have always held hope and nothing else) He’s thought full and thinks before he speaks unlike Harlequin and he doesn’t like to open up to anyone but Harlequin He’s funny and know exactly how to make Harlequin smile Nash is sweet He is the second best fighter and always fights alongside Harlequin All Nash needs to do is look at Harlequins face to know what is going on and what she is thinking


Family and friends


Both of Nash’s parents are dead, they died when mark was 12 Nash has known Harlequin since forever and can communicate to each other without talking He doesn’t really have friend except -> it’s hard to meet people your own age when you are in a middle of a zombie apocalypse trying to raise a kid with your best friend. He has Harlequin and Benny and to him that’s enough Can sort of call MJ Nash’s friend Nash and Harlequin are bounded together by Benny (and the fact that they don’t what Benny to grow up without parents like mark and Harlequin did Nash and Harlequin have a cat (Kiplen)


 Ben Holden-Rose -  Appearance and character Age 9 His name is ben (Most call him Benny) and because Harlequin and Nash never knew his real parents they both put their last names together. So Benny’s last is Holden-Rose Benny is small for his age (He looks like a 6 year old) with sandy blonde hair that needs cutting and he is pale due to him being mostly inside the school Brown eyes with fair features He loves animals and is always playing with Kiplen (Nash and Harlequins cat) He’s curious. Always wants to know what’s going on and likes to be in evolved in adult conversations Loves books (Harlequin and Nash have been reading to him since he can remember) Always says what he thinks (Like Harlequin) Only trusts Nash and Harlequin and freaks when there gone to long Harlequin has been training Benny in simple self-defence for about a year now


Family and friends


Benny never knew his real parents so he thinks of Nash and Harlequin as his parents and sometimes you catch him calling or referring to mark and harlequin as mum and dad (But they never correct him on it) Benny is friends with Tabitha. She is the only other kid in the group (Age 10) benny is really fond of her and they enjoy playing hid and seek when Nash and Harlequin are gone. It stops him from freaking out and worrying that they won’t come back.


Gabriel Rivermark 


Appearance and character

He’s 18 nearly 19 Comes in a little later in the story with info that could and will change Harlequin and everyone she knows life (Good or bad?) He will help when Harlequin, Heidi and Nash get attacked by a group of runners (stage one) He’s more tall and lanky unlike Nash Dirty blonde hair Green eyes And unlike Nash and Harlequin Gab has spent most of his life inside the safe haven He is the complete opposite to Nash. Gabe will be more open and will now how to express his feelings Throughout the story Gabe will teach Harlequin how to express how she feels instead of her hiding all the time (which will make Harlequin realise that she has feelings for Nash but now have feelings for Gabe) Hen Gabriel comes it will cause a love triangle to form between himself, Nash and Harlequin Gabriel will get closer to Harlequin throughout the story that will make Nash distance himself from Harlequin and closes his self-off He will bring change when he tells of a safe haven for humans away from zombies He’s going to be more of a ‘on your face sort of person but in a good way Has a good sense of humour but more in a sarcastic way (Nash is funny but more in a sweeter way Good listener Benny with warm up to Gabe quickly. Which makes Nash mad because he jealous of Gabe and Benny’s new found friendship) He’s charming but more in a friendly way then a jerk He thinks that it’s weird how close Nash and Harlequin without there being romantic feeling involved He’s has had a few girlfriends in the past but thinks that Harlequin is very unique and it makes him curious to get to know her even more Nash gives Gabe the cold shoulder a lot, which Gabe doesn’t understand because he is used to being liked 


Family and friends

His mum and dad are divorced but alive He has two sisters and one brother back at the safe haven Gabe is liked a well-known by many at the haven and has a lot of friends but no best friends He doesn’t have anything like Nash and Harlequin have. So seeing how close they are makes him curious Nash is going to admit that he is jealous that Gabe still has parents

There are going to be other characters involved in the book but I am not going to call them main characters because I just want to focus more on the others and to let them shine more and for readers to get to know and connect with the with the characters that I feel with have a big in packed on the story and will bring a strong presents to the whole thing.


Other Characters

Part of the group that Nash, Harlequin and Benny are a part of:

Charlie – Age: 24, what he brings to the group: Creator/inventor. Makes most of the weapon’s that the group use but doesn’t like to fight and stays mostly inside in what he call his ‘inventory den’ MJ – Age: 27, thinks of himself as the leader of the group: MJ and Harlequin are all was having disagreements (They fight the way that brother and sister would) he is very serious and likes to dictate how things should be run. Benson – Age: 61, is the eldest in the group and is married to Nora. Benson is the one that is actually in charge but often lets MJ go and take charge a bit. Benson specialises in fighting techniques and is often found training either Harlequin, Nash, MJ or Heidi. Benson thinks of Harlequin as the daughter he once had. Heidi – Age: 19, has a younger sister named Tabitha and is secretly dating Charlie. Is seen usually out scavenging with Harlequin and Nash. Heidi is quite and shy. Nora – Age: 59, Nora is married to Benson and has taken the roll of cooking and cleaning. Nora refuses to fight and doesn’t go outside. Nora is usually seen either cleaning or cooking. Tabitha – Age 10, is Heidi’s little sister and is benny’s friend. They keep each other company when the others go out to scavenge around the neighbourhood. Unlike her sister Tabitha or as they sometimes call her tabby is moved out going and doesn’t like to be alone.


Symptoms of infection


Hot flushes


Compulsive sweating.



If bitten there can still be a hope that you don’t turn but it’s slim. The only way to know for sure that a person is infected is to wait to see if they start showing the symptoms listed above.

(The school where the survivors live)


Zombie stages

When people get infected and turn into zombies they go through 4 stages before the zombie dies from the infection.

Stage 1

Runners – If the runner hear you they will run after you (They are incredibly fast making them extremely dangerous)

Stage 2

Clicker’s – two months in. face covered in black bugs. They can’t see but they can hear really well. They do this weird clicking thing with their mouths.

Stage 3

Stalkers – seven months. Their face by this time is pretty much gone. All flesh no skin, they have no eyes s their ears act like their eyes.

Stage 4

Bloaters – three meters tall. Very hard to kill. Really big and bulky – fast. Really loud.

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