i wish it never happened

Avantika a normal 14 year old girl experience new things............
but some things are too much for her to take, and her life is going down will she survive the highs and lows of everything in her life??????


2. sorry what did you just said????

Face book, a social networking site known by 99.99% of people in our world. I was having the time of my life, doing face book sitting at home, chilling out. The time at which I was online, much to my dismay nobody was online but it was a good thing, as I don’t like chit-chatting all the time so I was good but accidentally I accepted a unknown person, by that name another boy used to be my senior in our school. The name was Siddharth Ghosh,

“Shit, what did I just do???? Are you a fool Avanti, what the hell were you thinking???”

Right after the second I accepted the request a message flashed on my screen.

“Hlo” Siddharth messaged

“Hey” I messaged back

“How are you???” he messaged back

“I am f9, wt abut u???”

“I am f9….”

Now how can be every possible person in the world asks the same question, I was like “what the heck”. But as just like every second person Sid (Siddharth) asked me the same boring thing.

“Do u have a boyfriend???” Sid asked

“Nope I don’t”

“What???? But y u r so beautiful…..”

“Dude you are way to straight forward” I thought

“Thanks, but I really dnt have any boyfriend…..”

“So did ever u got propsd???”

“Yup’ a few times but I rejected all f dm…..”

“Oh, so what will u say if I said I like u????”

“I have to think about it…..”

“What if I said I loved u????”

“Den also I have to think…..”

“Den think about it”

“Y shld I???”

“cuz’ I think I am in love wid u…..”

Now I wasn’t shocked as I anticipated where this conversation was leading to. But I haven’t seen such a naïve, straightforward guy, its true I have been proposed by countless guys but none of them were my type. But this guy was something else just like me talking straight to the point and frank enough; I thought I could fiddle with him for few days but before that I needed to reject him, and that was very important after that I can take care of the rest. So I proceeded in my style.

“Look I dnt even knw u so I cnt just go on and acpt u……”

“Wt do u wnt to knw about me, tell me????

“Luk, whtevr u say I can’t acpt u……”


So as expected, this thing was a no go and my plan to fiddle with this guy had to fall back. And after a small chit chat with this guy I got bored and just gone back to my room, took my guitar and started playing one of my favorite tunes.

Who says, who says you’re not perfect,

Who says you’re not worth it

Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting

Trust me that’s the price of beauty

Who says you’re not pretty

Who says you’re not beautiful.

Who says………………

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