i wish it never happened

Avantika a normal 14 year old girl experience new things............
but some things are too much for her to take, and her life is going down will she survive the highs and lows of everything in her life??????


1. Me

Ever met a girl, whose age is 14, yet thinks as if 24. Well that’s me Named Avantika Roy Chowdhury. As I wake up this morning it’s no different from other mornings because it’s usual fight between my parents. Every morning when I wake up I hear this fight, I don’t remember when this started but whenever it did, and I don’t like it at all. It was already six of morning and I was already late for the school. “Shit it’s this late, I have to get up. Leave I don’t want to go school anymore” I thought. And I dose off. At 10 of the morning I get up and see nobody is at home, it was my pleasure not having anybody at home, or else fights, fights and fights. I was sick of this life but only two more years of my school life was left after that I decided that I will just go abroad for my higher studies, well that aside I won’t say that I am very bright student, and was a topper of my class. Being a topper wasn't cup of my tea, if you guys know what I mean, but everyone in my family was a topper including every single of my relative, every cousin of mine. It suffocated me; everybody lived a life decided by their parents but unlike them I and my brother were seen as an outcast as we were not a perfectionist, but my brother was way cooler than those clowns, he did what he loved and my parents were a lot more supportive about it. My mother was a cool mom, modern, ridiculous, highly fashionable and etc. ( I don’t have a word to describe her) and neither was my father was a old fashioned person, as he knew living in 80’s won’t help him in anyway, so my father to supported what my brother did. And according to me, I was not really a highly talented or multi talented person but was a delinquent, how? My way to resolve every problem was fight, and most of the time I used to be irritated so, if anybody tried to do something it was more like adding oil in the fire and digging your own grave, so people were used to be afraid of me. But who knew falling in love could do wonders and change me in a second, well that’s how my world became a Topsy-turvy land and I turned into a good girl rather than turning into a worse possible brat.
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