You Are My Destiny L.H.

Destiny is a nerdy and hidden 17 year old girl. Luke Hemmings is the school bad boy popular guy. He is in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer (not famous yet). What will happen when two different worlds collide?


2. noticed.

Luke's POV

I needed to get my mind off things so I felt like I wanted to go the music room and play something. Every step I took closer to the music room I heard a beautiful voice one like I never heard before so I went closer until I peaked my head and saw she wasn't paying attention. She kept playing Blink-182's song I Miss You. She finished and I made sure to clap as loud as I could. She quickly turned around and I saw her blush and embarrassment in her eyes. "Your really good and I love the song" I said trying to sound cool but I could tell she wasn't buying it. 

"Thanks but i'm not that good." She replied looking down but I could feel her blushing. I smiled and the bell rang and she quickly grabbed her bag and ran out of the room. I left the room and locked up for her seeing that she didn't. I felt like I've seen her before but I couldn't make out where or who she was. I shrugged and headed to class. When I got there I saw her sitting in the back by Erin Prepay. Erin and I were friends and I've seen them together around, while I kept staring she looked over at me and I sat down almost immediately. Throughout the class I kept looking back to the point where my neck hurt by looking to much back all the time. The bell rang and she rushed out of the room with Erin. The school day went by slowly and I didn't see her again which made me sad. 

I saw Erin and I just wanted to shower her with questions like who is that girl whats her name and stuff like that but I couldn't. I walked up to her slowly and said "Hey Erin." 

"Hey Luke whats up?" She asked while packing her bag and exiting the school.

I followed and said "who was that girl you were sitting next to in History class today?" She smiled and said her name was Destiny and I thought that was a beautiful name.

"Thanks bye!" I walked away and all I could think about was her. It was driving me crazy I need to see her or talk to her tomorrow or she will be all I think about.


Destiny's POV 

I left school early to get my mind off things and I have never left school early ever. I just walked home and texted Erin that I left early because I wasn't feeling good and she said feel better. The whole time I was walking I thought was I really good or was he just trying to be nice and I really sucked. I can't believe he noticed me and I don't know how to feel about this I can't be noticed but I felt happy that he finally did. I can't let this control me. I turned the knob to my house hopping my parents weren't home. Once I got in I ran into my room and feel on top of my bed with my bed in my pillow. I screamed into my pillow and felt better. I looked under it and found my journal/song book. I started writing what happened at school just hopping that would help me forget about it. 

My phone buzzed and kept going with a million messages from Erin asking "Where am I , If i'm okay, Saying she has big news, and that she is coming over right now." I went down stairs and saw some of my siblings watching TV. I opened the door for Erin and she rushed in and started talking fast and drew attention to us.

"Calm down! Lets go upstairs."

I closed the door and she asked me "Where were you the rest of the day and don't you dare tell me you felt sick because I know when you are lying to me and you look fine!"

"Okay okay you caught me what now and I left because something happened and I needed to get away for the rest of the day."

"What" she starred at me and I just looked at her with a face that I can't explain but it the face you get when your about to throw up.

"WHAT HAPPENED!" she screamed at me and I shushed her telling her my parent will get upset. 

I sat there explaining my whole day and once I finished she scrammed "OMG." 

What? I thought "What?" 

"It all makes sense now!" I just looked at her with a blank face. "Dest (that is my nickname and only she can call me that) he was looking for you all day, every class he would come and scan the class and sit by the door to make sure he saw everyone who entered, then at the end of the day he came up to stuttering which he never does and asked me who you where and asked for a name." 

"Did you give him one?" I asked sitting up and worrying. And praying she didn't.

"Yea is that a bad thing that your crush knows your name?"


"People could care less and who cares?"

"I'm not you Erin I hate when people talk about me and stare. I'm not like you i'm not interesting."

"Stop it of course you are and if you weren't why would I at of all people be friends with you?"

"I don't know you feel bad for me?"

"No because you balance me from getting too crazy and I can be myself around you its my turn to balance you out."

"Can you drop it promise you won't hand out any information about me to him or his friends."

"That will be hard because they sit at my table and we are pretty tight." I giggled and she said "I promise now do you want to go to my house and watch sad movies and drown ourselves in popcorn and ice-cream then cry because we ate so many calories?" 

"I thought you'd never ask." She laughed and went to her house while listening to Blink-182, Green Day, and my  favorite Nirvana. I exited and saw a lot more cars in the drive way and asked "mom having book club or something?"

She giggled and exclaimed "not exactly" I just followed her into the house and heard screaming a video games playing. And low and behold her friends were over playing video games and some of her girl friends just texting. I scanned and saw Michael, Ashton, and Calum, but no Luke......... I was sad about it but happy at the same time. Erin said "Hey guys." calmly and they all kept focussed on what they were doing and just said hi. "Guys this is Destiny." They all look up and greet me while introducing themselves. 

"I'm Calum and that is Ashton, Michael, Lindsay, Becky, and Luke is somewhere around here." My heart started beating really fast when he said Luke was here. 

"Hi" I greeted them shyly and Calum patted a seat next to him and I sat down looking at Erin like with a WTF face. She just smiled and gave me some soda. I got a little bit more loose after a while and then ended up screaming along with them and having fun. I mouthed to Erin Thank You forgetting Luke was here somewhere but I didn't see him so I didn't care. 

Just then my whole world snapped back when Luke entered looking really hot in his black t-shirt with Nirvana on it and some black skinny jeans, with black combat boots and his lip ring oh his lip ring. Snap out of it Destiny! His eyes met mine and looked shocked and just stared for a while until Michael said "Just make out already if your going to stare at each other for an hour." He looks over at Michael and gave him the death glare and I just looked down blushing hard. 

He walked over a sat next me and Calum squished next to me more than Calum to be honest ​and I am enjoying it. NO YOUR NOT DESTINY! I flicked that person and focussed on Luke. She smiled at me and looked at my Blowing for Soup shirt and whispered "I like your taste in music." I giggled and he whispered "I finally made you laugh and I think its so cute I have to do it more often." 

"Good luck." I said trying to act cool but, probably looked idiotic. 


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