You Are My Destiny L.H.

Destiny is a nerdy and hidden 17 year old girl. Luke Hemmings is the school bad boy popular guy. He is in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer (not famous yet). What will happen when two different worlds collide?


7. Monday

Hello this is a new chapter and thats all I have to say. 

Destiny's POV

Today is Monday and I am not thrilled about it. Ever since that talk with my sister I am feeling better and we have been hanging out more. But I still feel heartbroken and I dont want to face Luke and Paige at school today. But the part that bugs me the most is I am more confused than ever. I got dressed into my denim shorts and AC/DC shirt. I slipped on my pink converse to add color and headed out to my sister's car. She said she would drive me today because she could take me back if I had second thoughts. 

"Bye and thanks!" I said to her.

"Are you sure?" 

"I can't run forever but thanks." I didn't answer any of Luke's calls or texts. I answered the others but whenever they asked why I didn't answer Luke I ignored them. Speak of the devil. Luke is running towards me and I feel sick to my stomach. 

"Hey are you mad at me?" He asked happy to see me but worried that I might be mad at him.

"No, why would you say that?"

"You haven't been answering my texts or calls but you answer everyone else's." 

The bell rang. Talk about saved by the bell. 

"I have to go."

"We aren't done taking about this."


I walked into homeroom and sat next to Erin. She started asking me questions about why I haven't been answering to Luke and what happened and shit like that. 

"I will explain everything later meet me at the lake where we used to go as kids."


The day went by like it use to but without Luke and at lunch I didn't eat and went to the library like I used to before I met my friends. I was getting ready to see Erin at the lake. I walked because it wasn't very far away. I get there and I see my blonde best friend sitting on the dock with her feet in the water. I sit next to her and I wasn't ready to tell her about what she wanted me to tell her. 

"Ok so spill." She said to me.

"So I at Luke's house on friday" She cut me off.


"NO!! don't jump to conclusions Erin, we are just friends...." I said sounding in a lower volume and sadder at the last part.

"Keep going"

"Then it was his date so he dropped me off home and I was pretty bored the rest of the day. Then on saturday morning he knocked on my door and said he had big and exciting news and I said sure. Then he told me that him and Paige were dating. At that moment my heart shattered into a million pieces, then I went to the room and cried for hours for no reason. I felt horrible and I have no reason why I did. Then my sister talked to me and told me how it was love and how I need to tell him how I feel. But I can't because I saw how happy he was when he told me about his date with paige and how they ares dating."

"Wait since when are you close with your sister and I agree with her you need to tell him."

"I am not telling him now or ever. And ever since that we have been really close which I'm happy about."

"You don't have to tell but you can't ignore him."

"I know but I am not ready to face him."

"Lets go to my house and watch movies."

"That would be great and you can tell the other girls just not the guys they are going to spill."

"Will do."

After that we went to her house and watched movies for hours. I had to go home so my sister picked me up. As soon as I got home my phone went off.

Lukey the Penguin: could you please answer me I miss talking to you. :(

Destiny: I missed talking to you too. I'm sorry :(

Lukey the Penguin: It talks!!!! And I'm sorry for whatever I did to make you ignore me could you just tell me please?

Destiny: No and I was just busy so whats up?

Lukey the Penguin: Can we hang out now? 

Destiny: I don't know I am really tired and haven't finished my homework. (LIES)

Lukey the Penguin: No your not and I don't believe that you never finished your homework. It not even late, it is 6:00

Destiny: OK but just for a little bit

Lukey the Penguin: YAY!!!! pick you up in 5 minutes.

Destiny: OK

I wasn't happy that I was going to see him. I just need space for a while. Should I tell him that? NO don't it will ruin your friendship. But that was the problem friendship my least favorite word right now.I heard my mom call me to tell me my friend was here. I hate the sound of that word. As I walked down the stairs Luke was standing in the door frame waiting for me on his phone. 


"Hey Destiny."

"Where to?" I asked entering his car.


"Sure but don't throw me into the water like last time."

Cliffhanger I will publish soon tho. Sorry this is my second shortest chapter yet :(  Love you guys and thanks for supporting this story!! -Selma Hemmings


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