You Are My Destiny L.H.

Destiny is a nerdy and hidden 17 year old girl. Luke Hemmings is the school bad boy popular guy. He is in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer (not famous yet). What will happen when two different worlds collide?


1. Introduction




Hey guys its Selma this is my first story and I really hope you like it. :)

Destiny's POV

The alarm bursted my ear drums and woke me up to go another day in heaven, yes call me a nerd but I love school it is better than home where there are parents and annoying younger or older siblings everywhere. Let me introduce myself my full name is Destiny Maire Cam i'm 16 years old and go to Melbrook High School. I'm a middle child and pretty much forgotten in this family considering there are 5 of us. My older brother Zach (gamer) ,my older sister Kimberly (cheerleader), my younger brother Justin (Athlete), and my youngest sibling of all Jenni (pretty good drawer for 6). My family is really talented and there is me the nerd the one who is pretty much forgotten about but, I taught myself how to sing and play guitar. I'm too invisible for anyone in my family to notice and I have gotten use to it enough to like it and keep that way.


I got up and took a shower. Once that was over with I brushed my teeth and dryer my hair plus made some pretty beach curls in my hair. I still looked ugly either way but, I went with it and put on my blink-182 crop top (yes I listen to them) with a black under shirt and some black skinny jeans with my white vans. Finally I slipped on my nerdy black glasses. I ran to the kitchen and didn't even bother to say hi or talk to anyone. I just got an apple and my backpack and walked out the door. I waited for my best friend Erin to arrive. She was pretty she had blonde hair with red extensions and it fit her personality well. She pulled up to my house and I jumped into the car and we drove to school. She was outgoing and I'm hidden and like it to be that way. 


We parked the car and entered the school. I got to my locker and hurried to get my books and get to class. I turn around and see Luke. I couldn't help but stare he was so perfect I those blue eyes and the lip ring. Who am I kidding he would never notice or talk to a person like me. 


"Your staring again." Erin said looking at me smiling because she new I liked him. I denied it and exclaimed "Was not I was looking at the lockers observing". She rolled her eyes and pulled me into homeroom. I sat next to her in the back where I liked it. The day went by slowly and it was finally lunch. I didn't sit with Erin I just went to the music room and practiced my guitar everyday. Or went to the big tree outside of the school and wrote in my diary and wrote songs. I entered the room and saw the teacher standing there waiting for me because she was on her way to a meeting and told me to lock it when I finish. I nodded. And she walked out.

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