You Are My Destiny L.H.

Destiny is a nerdy and hidden 17 year old girl. Luke Hemmings is the school bad boy popular guy. He is in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer (not famous yet). What will happen when two different worlds collide?


6. Date with Paige and Feelings

Hi guys its Selma and I just wanted you to know I won't really mention it in the book but Luke and Paige are dating after the date so...... be aware so you are not confused. ENJOY THIS CHAPTER!

Luke's POV

I have something special planned out for this date with Paige. I am going to take her to dinner then go to look at the stars in on the hill. I hope she likes it Destiny helped me think of some ideas which is pretty cool of her to do. I put my hair into it's quiff and got dressed up not too fancy but not too casual like I wasn't trying because I was. Paige is my dream girl she is perfect. I look at the time and see I have 10 minutes so I decide to pick her up. 

(I decided to skip the date because most of you guys are Lestiny shippers. :) 

Destiny's POV

When I got home I was super bored so I called Erin but remember she was at some dinner with her parents and lets say her parents hate her personality. It was because she had a more laid back attitude and her parents were rich and snobby. She also has red extensions which her parents hated. She is thinking about having Michael do her whole head red to piss her parents off more than she already does. She was also dating Ashton who her parents liked until they found out how old he was. Everybody likes pissing Erin's parents off even me, they never liked me anyway so it didn't make a difference. I called Lindsey but she was with Michael and Becky was with Calum. And Erin texted me that Ashton is picking her up and getting her out of that place. I was alone. My family doesn't know I exists, my friends are busy. I look at the time and see it is 6:00 pm and I have nothing to do. I just decided to finish up my school projects. I probably should have done that slower because I finished quickly and was stuck in the same position I was before BORED. I walk into the living room to see the baby sitter with my younger siblings.

"Hey what are you doing?" She asked me.

"Getting a snack and pretty much nothing else I'm bored." She nodded.

"Do you want to watch a movie they are going to be picked up for art classes and sports in 15 minutes." She asked me.

"Sure I have nothing better to do." I then grabbed an apple and made my way to the living room.

"When are my parent going to be home?"

"In half an hour. Why?"

"I don't know why I just felt like knowing." 

After that we watched a movie and Jamie (the babysitter) had to go home. I walked up to my room and fell asleep softly afterwards.


I slowly woke up remembering it was Saturday. I look at the time and see its 9 am. I roll out of bed and hear knocking no the door. I open it up and see Luke standing there with a smile on his face. I loved it when he smiled. I loved it when he said my name because his accent made it sound so..... STOP IT DESTINY YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP DOING THAT!!!!! 

"Destiny?" Luke asked snapping me out of my thoughts. 


"Nice penguin pajamas." He chuckled while talking. 

"You bought them for me don't be laughing at me for being nice and wearing them." He entered.

"Guess what?"


"The date went great and Paige and I are dating." He said smiling clearly happy. 

"Yay!" I said faking a happy reaction. In truth my heart shattered into a million pieces and I don't know why. We weren't dating nor did we ever but I felt hurt. We hugged and I was still shocked. 

"My mom is probably wondering where I am I said I was getting breakfast." 

"Bye see you later Luke." I say as he leaves.


I close the door and slide down it and feel a tear fall. I slowly got up and fell onto my bed and balled my eyes out for an unknown reason. The day went by with me crying and hating myself for staying friends with Luke and pushing him ask out Paige in the first place. I also feel so mad at myself because I let Luke move on. God why does everything have to be my fault. It was 10 at night as I checked and I literally have been balling my eyes out all day. I heard a knock and was hoping it for not to be Luke or anyone else for that matter. I put on my robe and slippers and open the door. I see my sister in her cheerleader outfit and her football player boyfriend by her side. She looked at me and looked worried and confused. 

"Hey babe not tonight." She said looking at him.

"But you said I give my present for winning the game tonight." He whined. 

"Calm down another night." She said and he sighed and walked into him car and drove off. She walked in and closed the door. She sat me on the couch and took out her makeup remover wipes and started to take off my dropping makeup.

"Whats wrong?" She asked concerned. We used to be really close maybe even inseparable. But then she got really popular and was never around anymore. She was always 2 years older than me but that is what I liked about it. She then forgot about me and never cared anymore. She's at collage right now but lives at home because who wouldnt want to live in a mansion without bills or having to pay for food. 


"Don't give me that shit." 

"Luke and Paige started dating and i'm heartbroken but I have no right to be and I don't know whats wrong i'm just....." I lost the words

"Confused." She finished for me.


"You have every right to be upset if you have feelings for him."

"No I don't because I wanted us to be friends and I rejected him." 

"That doesn't mean you don't have feelings you clearly do."

"But I shouldn't have feelings for him he is taken and I just feel worthless because i'm this mess and he is out with him perfect girlfriend probably getting it on right now while i'm so stressed about it." 

"Your funny and why are you heartbroken?"

"I think I'm in love with Luke." I said simply and yet still confused.

"Then tell him." 

"I can't tell him he is happy and I would be a selfish bitch if I did that."

"Fine I'm not going to push you so do you want to have a movie night like we used to with fatty foods and ice-cream. And chick flicks to cry to or not cry to because you already have. Maybe comedy?"

"I would love that Kim." We hugged and I am really happy that me and my sister made up and are close. 

The rest of the night we watched funny, inaccurate, and action movies commenting on them and laughing while consuming a ton of calories. We soon fell asleep on the couch smiling. 

Hey guys sorry this chapter is a little all over the place and I skipped a lot but it was for the best in this case. I am writing a Calum Hood FanFiction so I will be out with the new chapter shortly. Love you peoples -Selma Hemmings <3 

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