You Are My Destiny L.H.

Destiny is a nerdy and hidden 17 year old girl. Luke Hemmings is the school bad boy popular guy. He is in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer (not famous yet). What will happen when two different worlds collide?


4. Closer Than Ever

Hey guys here is another chapter hope you enjoy x -Selma

One Month Later

Luke's POV

Me and Destiny have been getting a lot closer and I think it was a good choice to stay friends.

I was standing by Destiny's locker talking with her about something I bet I didn't care about.

"We should set them up"

"Yeah I hear you." I said not paying attention to what Destiny was saying because I was looking at Paige Underwood. Her blonde hair laid on her shoulders and her pink dress made her hazel eyes stand out.

"Hello?" She said waving her hand in front of my face snapping me back into reality.


"You like Paige don't you?"

"No" I felt my cheeks turning a deep shade of pink.

"Your blushing."

"Fine maybe a little."

"Yay now you have to ask her out."

"No and promise me you won't do anything please." I said looking into her eyes with plead.

"Why not?"

"Just promise me."

"Come on."

Why is she holding on to this? Does she like not like me anymore? Maybe she likes someone and she wants me to get someone as well to make me not jealous. Maybe I will ask her out.

"Bye Luke see you in class." She said while heading to class.

I just stared and thought then went to class to take my seat next to Destiny.

"Okay class we are switching lab partners today." I look at Destiny and her faced dropped because she doesn't have many friends. Also she is so shy and none of her friends other than me are in this class. "Destiny with Lucy (the head cheerleader and she is super mean to Destiny)" She looks like she is going to cry but is holding it in. "Luke with Paige" We all sat down and I looked at Paige.

"Hi I'm Luke."

"Hi I'm Paige and I know who you are."

"And I know who you are." We started giggling.

After that class we went to lunch and I asked Destiny "how is your new lab seat?"

She nervously smiled and said "yea they are great."

"Don't lie to me. I will switch if you want me to."

"No you are going to sit with Paige and have fun on your projects together."

"thank you."

The rest of the guys started to show up. I left early to talk to Paige because I wanted to ask her out. I approached her and said "hey Paige what's up?"

"Nothing how about you."

"Nothing really but I was wondering if you had plans on Friday night so that I could take you on a date."

"I would love to pick me up at 7" and with that she walked away. The rest of the day went away.

Destiny's POV

Luke drove me to band practice like everyday. I really enjoyed watching them play and it would always be fun because we would go do something crazy after or watch movies. They were like my family. I mean I have a family but they don't care about me as much as they do. Luke snapped me out of my thoughts as he asked "Hey what are you thinking about?" 

" Nothing i'm just staring off into space."

Once we opened the garage door we saw everyone there watching a movie and tuning the guitars. "Hey everybody is here!" Michael screamed and ran up to us and jumped on us. 

They played a couple of songs as me, Becky, Lindsey, and Erin where watching and pretending to be crazed fans and cheer for them (yes Becky and Lindsey and I have become pretty close. They were like my sisters. Not as close as erin tho). 

"Thank you and good night!" Michael screamed into the microphone. We laughed and they finished. 

"What do you guys want to do now?" I asked becoming a little bored.

"We could sneak into that cool new club?" Ashton said with curiosity.

"You wouldn't have to sneak in Ashton." Erin said looking at her boyfriend. 

"I say we still go!" Becky screamed while she was sitting on Calum's lap.

"Okay lets go!" I said with enthusiasm. 

After that we all went and dressed up to look the slightest bit older and grabbed our fake IDs. We met the boys and must I say they looked hot. Especially Luke, he wore a blank black t-shirt with a leather jacket over with black skinny jeans and vans. His quiff looked so perfect and the lip ring made him look hotter while he was playing with it. SNAP OUT OF IT DESTINY! We all got into different cars. I rode with Luke and things weren't as awkward as you might think. We agreed to stay with each other because I was sort of scared of going to a jam packed night club with drunken idiots.............

Hey guys sorry to leave you at a cliff hanger but I thought it would make it more existing and I will publish the next chapter as soon as possible. Love you guys and hope you had a good valentines day <3 -Selma Hemmings

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