Best Mistake (Sam Wilkinson and Nate Maloley)

Jasmine an Sammy have been together for a year and half what happens after on mistake will Jasmine forgive Sammy or not? then Nate comes in aftter Sammy messes up, WHen digitour comes Steve aka the co founder of digitour invites Jasmine to digitour stirring up a whole lot of trouble


2. The fro-yo date!

Once after that day Sammy and me spent a lot of time together and soon after little after a month he  took me out on date which he took me to this fro-yo spot that was known for the best fro-yo in freaking town. We had a bast with picking our favorite flavors together it was something you’d want to post on Facebook or something my Facebook was filled with junk like that lol!


“Hey i wanna take you to my favorite spot after this Jasmine!” Sam spoke with a mouth full of fro-yo it was so cute. He had some on his mouth so i reached over with a napkin wiping it off looking into his beautiful eyes while i did it. Everything seemed to be frozen and it was just the only two of us in this big world.


“Let’s go my lady!”Sam placed his arm out and i grabbed it and followed him to his grey dodge charger and heading out of the parking lot. We drove out to this field that had the most beautiful sunset ever in the history of sunsets!!!


Once we got to the place Sammy looked at me smiling and getting the door and me. I stood there waiting on this log head and i was laughing so hard when his ass started to play Justin Beiber ‘All that matters’ this boy really knows how to charm a girl lol! Taking my hand spinning me around and slow dancing i was shorter than him so it was perfect. I placed my head on his chest letting him lead the way through it all.


“I love you Jasmine! everyday doesn't go by that i don't think of your stunning brown eyes and the way you stench your nose when you laugh and your dimples along with the way you look in just basic set of clothes it really turns me on nothing can change that. Just everything about you drives me crazy when i meet you a little over a month ago at the mall and buying you that necklace which you still every time i see you it's really cute, and your my star to my endless night not sure if that made since but go with it Jasmine” He was about to say some more but i was crying tears of joy and pressed my lips with his slowly kissing his lips it took a minute to react but than smiled in between the kiss.


“you know how to make me shut up Jas!” the kiss deepened and everything seemed to fade away the sunset and the music played still as we kissed.


“I love you too Sammy the necklace means a lot to me i wear it just to remind me of you because your the most down to earth guy that I've meet in the whole entire world. yes you may annoy me a lot of time but still i just love you through thick and thin”


“Jasmine Lopez will you be my girlfriend through thick and thin even when i mess up never leave me or i’d just lose my mind without you”


“Yes it would be a honor to be your girlfriend”


Sam spins me around giving me a kiss on the cheek and we drove back to my house talking about something Sam loved music so much it was super cute when he talk music to me! Once we got to my house opening the door grabbing my bag swinging it over my shoulder and waiting for Sammy to walk me to my front of my door holding my hand. We stood looking at each other just smiling.


“Goodnight Jasmine see you sometime i hope really soon i’d see you again maybe tomorrow?”


“Night Sam see you sometime too you big dork tomorrow it is!”


He kissed me one more time before i headed inside and when i step in i leaned back on the door and i could feel  Sam lean back to with a smile and saying “thank the lord!”

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