Best Mistake (Sam Wilkinson and Nate Maloley)

Jasmine an Sammy have been together for a year and half what happens after on mistake will Jasmine forgive Sammy or not? then Nate comes in aftter Sammy messes up, WHen digitour comes Steve aka the co founder of digitour invites Jasmine to digitour stirring up a whole lot of trouble


1. Meeting Sammy

You took my heart and turned it into something else something that I thought i’d never get in a million years your love. Everyday Jasmine and her friends would hang out at the mall on the weekends. One day she meet the adorable and handsome Sammy Wilkinson and fell deeply in love with him yeah clique right.


“Jasmine meet my brother’s annoying best friends Will and Holton and the jacks yeah those to knuckle head have the same name! and Sammy” Said Monica my best friends still till this day we talk about the adventure we had growing up her and Austin her older brother. From falling out of trees and racing up and down old man’s Jenkins yard and getting in trouble with him.


“Hello guys, I'm Jasmine as you can see h aha!” I looked at the boys once more but one catches my eye the Sammy guy he was really cute to me. in every person’s mind there is one person that just sticks out. Sammy smiled right at me and turning to talk to the guys.


We all walked around window shopping but Monica went into Claire's and everybody followed her along with the boys and i was looking at the gold stud necklace. That necklace would be the death of me I swear it will. Somebody walked up to me picking it up dangling it in front of my eyes.


“This is one pretty Necklace you should totally buy it’ll bring your eyes out for sure” It was Sammy and I laughed


“I'm broke Sammy cant buy that wish i could though” Laughing then it faded i really wanted that thing so bad, Sammy could see my smile fade and put his hand on my shoulder patting it


“I’ll buy it for you!” i shook my head “No lets just say it’s a early birthday present from a dear friend you just literally meet”


Sammy went up to the cashier and paid for turning back to me swinging it back and fourth dancing to the song that was playing. I just smiled and pushed my bangs out of my face and Sammy turned me around pushing my hair out of way putting the necklace around me. Everything seemed so unreal at these moment and he leaned in pressing his lips on my ear.


“There you go Jasmine! i’d just about anything to make sure you be a happy girl! can’t let somebody as pretty as you go a day without being happy!”


That sent chills down my back but i like it everything this boy was doing just sent my  stomach on a ragging butterfly overload. Only a couple of guys could do that to me and i’d only meet the dude but there was something about the boy that had be over the moon.


“Thanks Sammy. your a real gentleman you know” Leaning in sneaking a kiss on his cheek just before he wrapped me up in hug and put his arm around me walking with the others. We had something it was only a matter of time will tell i like i love this boy already…..


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