Best Mistake (Sam Wilkinson and Nate Maloley)

Jasmine an Sammy have been together for a year and half what happens after on mistake will Jasmine forgive Sammy or not? then Nate comes in aftter Sammy messes up, WHen digitour comes Steve aka the co founder of digitour invites Jasmine to digitour stirring up a whole lot of trouble


3. Chapter 1: My boyfriend is weird in the morning

Everything seemed great after that and Sam and me had fun being with each other.I got up from my bed that had purple and blue sheets and grabbing my glasses from the dresser beside my bed resting them on my nose stretching my whole body out and yawning.  

Then i looked over to the right of me seeing Sam still sleeping he looked so cute decided to take a picture of him. Caption it “Da bae is so cute sleeping wished he could stay like that forever but i wanna see his face! LMAO” and posted it to instagram and giving him a kiss on the cheek and he smiled opening his eyes.


“Good morning Babe!” he leaned in to kiss me on the lips but i moved over laughing and burying my face in his chest “hey i wanted a little good morning kiss havent kissed you since yesterday thats a long time!”


“Haha nope you can wait after you brush your teeth your breath stinks babe!” I laughed covering my nose and Sam pushed me playfully laughing with me in unison.

My laugh was really weird it was like a fucking hynea not cute and i snort a lot of the time it is embarrassing as fuck. But Sam said it was a really cute laugh oh hell no it aint it is hideous.


“Wow your rude as fuck in the morning Babe thanks love you too” We both got up heading over to my bathroom brushing out teeth and of course. Sam was playing no type by that one rap duo that made no flex zone to my surprise. He was dancing like a weirdo and after we got that done it was back to my bed!


For so odd reason we jump on my bed while listening to songs, i was wearing Sam’s sweatshirt and black shorts and his black Nike socks and Sam had on only his black basketball shorts on along with his Nike socks like me! we think alike my man!


It was pretty much a breezy morning after that i’d watch my Netflix.  Sam would walk over to me laugh at what i was watching which was supernatural don't laugh about that. Man dean and Sam are totally hottie! ever since 2005 they had my heart i was born in 1996 so yeah.


“Don’t you ever watch anything else beside that crap?” I was totally offered for dean and Sammy and the others


“For your information this isn't crap OKAY. This is pure golden shit okay babe now don't you need to hang out with Gilinsky and Johnson i know they miss you!”


“Yeah...Yeah i’ll go finish my putting my pants back on!” Sam gotta be kidding me, and i turned around quickly covering my eyes


“PUT SOME FUCKING PANTS ON SAMMY BEFORE I CUT YOUR ASS!” I yelled still covering my eyes laughing, many girls would love to see Sammy in boxer but i hadn't I've been his girlfriend for a year. But i wasn't ready for that even tho i seen him in his boxer tons of times.


“YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT JAS!” then his ass was in my room getting ready and walking out giving me a kiss on the cheek before heading but a kiss on a cheek wasn't going to cut it. I  gabbed him my the shirt pulling him towards me and he cupped my face going full force make out session with me. The door of my apartment was wide open and the lady from across looked at us with a disgusted face on her already wrinkled face.


“You kids need to think about other people in this building our kissing is inappropriate at this time in the morning” Ms. Kelly was this old bat bitch that always said that to us


“Yeah yeah you wish you had some action like this” Sam would always would do to and she would gasp and Sam would wink at her making me laugh.


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