That Face In The Picture

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  • Published: 30 Jan 2015
  • Updated: 30 Jan 2015
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1. That Face In The Picture

That Face In The Picture

  Memory cannot always call to mind

The moments that we’ve lost

Or recompense for the time that has gone.

Slowly, that recollection fails to reenact

The happenings of what has come to pass. 

Liability weakens, as we manipulate

Our own blemished reminiscence,

Certainly of absent appeal.

No thought remains pure… 

All tainted by the influence of a false fantasy. 

Can you be sure, that the cryptic gaze

Behind those glassy eyes

Is not brokenness in disguise?

Is that wavering smile not

Eclipsing an underlying pain?

Puzzling, isn’t it?…

How an image can capture so much,

Yet reveal so little?

In the end, that face in the picture,

Is just that… A plain appearance

Captured at a time so few can truly recall.

And what that moment is really about?… 

No one will ever know…   



Jan. 23, 2015 

Pictures can capture anything, but they can’t capture the very moments that’ve gone. They can capture sadness; can capture joy and bliss, but there are always those feelings that manage to fade and slip away. Memories can’t be caught! I see pictures everywhere, and sometimes there’s that face in the picture I can’t describe. It’s like I wouldn’t know how to, even if I tried. I always wonder what’s going through the person’s mind; how they’re feeling; what they’re thinking… People always say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and yet, sometimes I feel they’re worth nothing at all. Pictures can be manipulative. They don’t tell you anything; don’t show you everything, but they’re there for you to look at. They’re frustrating at times, when the answers you’re looking for are hidden all too well. Other times, pictures capture the one moment that your memories threaten to forget. One look, and it’s like you’ve traveled back in the past. I guess I felt the need to write this poem, because I realized that in a way, pictures are all too magical! They reveal everything to the ones who know, and never fail to deceive the ones who don’t.



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