5SOS: Last One Standing

Luke Hemmings has made horrible choices in his life. He knows it was wrong of him to do what he's done. But, he can't go back in time and change it.

But now, someone has found out about his dirty little secrets, and is willing to use them against him.
Luke has no other choice than to accept a deal made to protect his secret, but little did he know it would cost him everything he's ever wanted.

Including her.


17. A/N

Hey guys it's Mallory :)

So um, I have an Instagram fanpage for 5sos and it's


Just cause I love them sm *o*

I'll be updating tomorrow for you guys!

Sorry to keep you all waiting so long. I've been busy with my fanpage and youtube lately haha.

So, um, very sorry about making you guys wait.

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