5SOS: Last One Standing

Luke Hemmings has made horrible choices in his life. He knows it was wrong of him to do what he's done. But, he can't go back in time and change it.

But now, someone has found out about his dirty little secrets, and is willing to use them against him.
Luke has no other choice than to accept a deal made to protect his secret, but little did he know it would cost him everything he's ever wanted.

Including her.


5. 5

(Gina's point of view)

Before I knew it, school ended. I was walking home when Ashton came running up to me. I couldn't help but smile at the goofy way he looked.

"There you are, Gina!", he said, catching his breath. I stopped walking and turned to him. I gave a small smile to him. I didn't want him to suspect anything was wrong. I wanted to make people believe I was okay about Luke.

"Hey, you want to hang out later?", Ashton said as he grinned from cheek to cheek. I gave him a smile back and replied. "Sure! I'd love to hang. Your house?", I said, trying to sound excited. I kind of was, it's been a while since I hung out with Ash. I've always wanted to hang out with him, but he said Luke would get mad and I didn't want anything happening to Ash.

"Yeah! And maybe I could serenade you with a new song the boys and I have been working on.", he said as he smiled again and his dimples were showing.

"The boys are going to be there?", I asked. There is no way I wanted to go if Luke was going to be there.

"No, just me.", he said as he blushed. "I was thinking maybe I could sing to you."

"Really? I've never heard you sing before! I can't wait!", I giggled. Ashton was the drummer of the band. He didn't really sing, I don't think I've ever heard him sing before.

"Sweet! When you want to come over?", I could see the excitement in his face.

"How about now?", I asked. I knew my brother wouldn't mind if I was gone for a couple more hours. He would think I was with Luke like I always was. He still didn't know about the whole break-up.

"Awesome!", he said as he played with his hair. I liked his hair, it made him look like my brother. Wait.. That's weird.

We walked to his house and he opened the door for me.

"After you, m'lady.", he said, gesturing for me to go inside.

I walked in, he had a nice house.

"My parents aren't home yet.", he said as he set his backpack down on the dining table. "You can put your backpack down next to mine."

I took my backpack off and set it on the table.

He walked over to his couch and motioned for me to sit next to him. I walked over and sat.

"Netflix?", he asked as he smiled at my presence.

"Netflix.", I said as I nodded my head and smiled at his grin. He turned on the T.V and he put on Netflix.

"Gina.", he said as he was searching for a movie.

"Yes?", I asked.

"Hey, I saw what happened in the hallway with you and Luke.", he said as he looked at my face. His green eyes were shining.

"Y-You did?", I stuttered. It was embarrassing what happened. Luke said all this shit about me. I wanted to cry just at the thought of it. I didn't know a couple tears had slipped from my eyes until Ash wiped my tears away with his bandana.

"Please don't cry.", he said as he set the remote down. "I don't want you to feel hurt over him anymore."

I then remembered when Luke checked my arms.

"H-How long were you watching?", I finally said and looked into his eyes.

"I saw everything.", he said as he looked down at my arms. "Gina, I'm telling you now, hurting yourself because of him isn't worth it. You'll find someone else who's worth your time. Luke has always been a jerk. Please.. Don't threaten to kill yourself ever again. It really hurt me when you said you almost did."

I looked at him in shock. It hurt him when I said I almost killed myself? I didn't know anyone would care. I mean, the band never really liked when I was around at their practices. Luke was the only one who enjoyed it when I was there.

"I didn't know it would matter if I died or not.", I mumbled, but he clearly heard me because he grabbed my hands and looked me straight in the eyes.

"I would care, Gina.", he said. His words were heavy. "You're like family to me and this band."

He thought of me as family.

"Thanks Ash.", I said, looking away from his gorgeous green eyes. I knew if I stared into them any longer I would break. His eyes reminded me of Luke. He was his best friend.

Ash picked the remote up again and selected 'Mean Girls'. He didn't have to ask for my approval. He knew me too well.

As we watched the movie, I could feel myself getting chilly. He wrapped his arm around me. I really didn't care. I could feel his warmth against me. It was comforting to have someone hold me once again.

I lay my head on his shoulder and cuddled closer to him. He had the A.C on and I was in shorts and a tank top. He looked at me in my discomfort.

"Hey, what's wrong?", he asked as he paused the movie.

"Nothing's wrong, I'm just a little cold.", I said. "You can play the movie again."

He tightened his hold on me. He pressed me closer and cuddled with me. He played the movie and I lay there in his arms. I could stay like this forever.

I was drifting away. I was becoming tired and I guess I closed my eyes and slept for a couple minutes. Ash shook me and I opened my eyes slowly and smiled slightly. He chuckled at me.

"Is 'Mean Girls' too boring for you?", he chuckled and his dimples were showing. It made me smile.

"I was just a little tired.", I said as i snuggled closer to him. He didn't push me back or anything. He let me rest on him. He put his arm around my stomach. I had my head on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat. It was beating like a drum.

He took his arm off my stomach and stopped the movie. He then put his arm around my stomach again and used his other hand to play with my hair. I had slightly long hair and it was dyed unusual colors. I was like a girl version of Mikey.

I then felt Ash push me off gently and he went to grab something from his kitchen. I lay there on his couch. I was still kind of tired. We hadn't talked in a couple minutes. We just lay there cuddling until he got up.

He came back and I sat up. He sat next to me. He brought a purple bag of Doritos.

"Here, I know these are your favorite. I thought you would've liked a snack.", he said as he smiled.

I took the chips and opened the bag. I haven't had these in forever!

He looked at me and chuckled. "Man, you were hungry.", he joked.

"Yeah, yeah. Hey, can we go to your room?", I asked as I put some chips in my mouth.

"Sure.", he said as he got up. He grabbed me by the waist and picked me up. He was strong.

"Hey!", I said, laughing. "Put me down!"

"Nope", he grinned sheepishly. He carried me, bride style, to his room.

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