5SOS: Last One Standing

Luke Hemmings has made horrible choices in his life. He knows it was wrong of him to do what he's done. But, he can't go back in time and change it.

But now, someone has found out about his dirty little secrets, and is willing to use them against him.
Luke has no other choice than to accept a deal made to protect his secret, but little did he know it would cost him everything he's ever wanted.

Including her.


20. 20

(Gina's Point Of View)

*Next Day*

I held my homework pass in one hand and I flung my backpack onto my shoulder with the other. I got out of the emergency room late last night and I didn't have time to finish my homework. Ash came to visit me last night. Harry had called him and told him what happened. Today, Ash was going to pick me up. He's also picking up the rest of the band, including Luke. Ugh.

I was already in my clothes. I had a huge bow on top of my head and colorful jewelry. I put on some light pink lipstick and some liner on my good eye. My left eye was swollen. It hurt when I touched it. Hopefully no one would ask.

I walked out of my room and walked towards the dinner table where Harry was sitting. He was eating cereal.

"Hey Gina. How you feeling?", he asked with a mouthful of cereal.

"I'm fine.", I said coldly. I still can't believe he punched me. Yeah, I know he was aiming for Luke but he still had time to realize that I was in the way. Did he want me to learn my lesson or something?

"Gina. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to punch you. Can you please forgive me?", he pouted.

"Look, I'm going to be late. Where are the granola bars?", I asked as I walked towards the kitchen. I searched the cabinets and then he finally answered.

"In the fridge.", he sighed and continued to eat his cereal.

I went over to the fridge and grabbed a bar. I tore open it's wrapper. As soon as I put it in my mouth I heard a car horn. It was Ash. I chewed on the granola bar and ran out the door without saying a word.

"Hey! Get in!", Calum shouted as he waved over to me with his big smile.

I ran over, trying not to trip over my feet. I noticed Luke was riding shotgun.

"Luke, you have to sit in the back now.", Ash scolded.

Luke groaned and got out and opened the back door ad slumped in. He slammed the door. I opened the front door and slipped in.

"There you are, love.", Ash looked over at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "How are you feeling?"

"Oh I feel better. It doesn't hurt much. The doctor said it will be back to normal in a week or two.", I reassured him. He was so caring.

He stepped on the gas and headed towards school. He was in his senior year and I was still a sophomore. He's heading off to college next year.

"What happened to your face?", I heard Mikey snork in the back seat.

"My brother punched me in the face.", I looked back at him and he shut up.

"Your brother?", he said, shocked.

"Yep.", I said popping the 'p' sound.

"Hope you feel better.", Calum said with a smile.

"Thanks Cal Pal." I said back with a smile. He was such a sweetheart.

Luke was looking out the window with an angry look. What was his problem?

"You coming over for the practice today?", Ash asked not taking his eyes off the road.

"Oh um.. I don't know.", I giggled. Giggling always helped me relieve stress. Ash always made me bubbly.

"You should come! We always love to hear your opinion.", Mikey shouted and I heard someone slap him on the shoulder.

"I don't think that's the best idea.", I said. I wanted to be there for them, but I want to stay far away from Luke.

"Why? Because Luke is going to be there? We won't let him get close to you if you want, Gina. We'll keep him locked up in the attic!", Mikey joked.

"What happened between you two anyways?", Calum asked.

"He cheated on me. That's what happened.", I said coldly. I tried to fight back the tears.

"What? Really?", Calum asked.

"It was a mistake.", Luke mumbled. "I said I was sorry."

"Sorry doesn't cut it Luke!", I shouted. I could feel their eyes on me. Well not Ash's. He kept his on the road.

"Luke, why would you cheat on her?", I heard Calum and Mikey ask in unison.

"I'll tell you why.", I started to say. "Because he's a player."

"Shut up, Gina. I don't want anymore bullshit.", he said sternly.

I could feel Calum and Mikey's eyes on me, as if waiting for my response.

"You're like a fucking doorknob, Luke. Everyone gets a turn.", I turned around in my seat and gave him a glare. He was already staring right at me.

He didn't say anything.

"We're here.", Ash said as he parked in the parking lot and got out of his seat. He opened my door like a gentleman.

"Thanks Ash.", I said with a smile.

"No problem, love.", he responded and he gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Oooo! The tension!", Mikey said as he poked Luke in the shoulder. I could see them through the corner of my eye. Luke was staring at us. It was uncomfortable.

Well, it's his fault this happened. I'm happy now. I have Ash.



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