5SOS: Last One Standing

Luke Hemmings has made horrible choices in his life. He knows it was wrong of him to do what he's done. But, he can't go back in time and change it.

But now, someone has found out about his dirty little secrets, and is willing to use them against him.
Luke has no other choice than to accept a deal made to protect his secret, but little did he know it would cost him everything he's ever wanted.

Including her.


2. 2

A/N: Hey! I'm sorry the last chapter was very short, but these chapters will be a little longer I promise :)

Love, Mallory


The hallway was empty. I was about five minutes late. I was thinking about what I would say to my teacher. What excuse should I use? I was mentally preparing a conversation. As I walked down the hallway, I turned left. I was looking at the ground and I was still thinking when I heard crying. Why did I hear crying? I looked up and stayed quiet. I stood there in utter shock as my mind revealed who was standing a couple feet away from me. It was Luke. He was standing in front of my locker, facing it. He had his forehead and his fist leaning against my locker. The crying was coming from him.

I stood there, silent, hoping he wouldn't see me. He had a note in his hand. He wiped his face with one hand and shoved the note in my locker. I didn't know what to do, so I just stared.

He turned to face my way. I froze. His ocean blue eyes were puffy and red. The light reflected the tear tracks on his face. This version of Luke frightened me, for I have never seen him cry.

"G-Gina..", he stammered. He walked closer to me. I was afraid to move, because if I did, I knew he would grab me and pull me back like he always did.

Before I knew it, we were so close that I could feel his breath on me. I looked away from him. I couldn't look at him, for I knew I would burst into tears. He looked at me and he started tearing up again. I turned my back. I was going to walk away, but as soon as I took a step I felt him grab my wrist.

"Gina.. Wait..", he managed to say. I turned around and looked straight into his eyes. He gave me a weak smile and the tears slipped from his eyes. Why was he smiling? Does he think this is funny? I was about to burst into tears.

I was absolutely terrified. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to feel his touch. I wanted to walk away.

He looked down at my arm. He was holding it so tightly and it hurt. He grabbed the sleeve of my sweatshirt and pulled it up gently.

I lost it.

How dare he touch me! How dare he check my arms! How dare he come near me!

My arms were covered in scars. His eyes filled with tears again. I looked up at him in pure anger.

"Let go!", I managed to pull my arm away. I pulled my sleeve down. He looked at me with a sad expression. It seemed like he cared. The tears were slipping from his eyes.

"What's wrong with you!?", I screamed at him. "You act like you don't care and then you do!? You left me! You cheated on me! You left me in the dark! Was what we had a joke to you!?", my tears were rolling down my cheeks.

He stared at me. He looked hurt. He swallowed hard as if he were going to say something, but wanted to keep it hidden.

"Gina. Why?..", his facial expression was angry and upset. "Why would you do this to yourself? You know better than to harm yourself."

He never answered my question.

I looked at him in disbelief. Is he REALLY asking me why I hurt myself? It's like he doesn't know he hurt me even though I just told him!

"Gina... I'm in love with you.. And I always will.", he put his hand on my cheek. I grabbed his hand and pushed it away.

"You left me! Do you know all the pain you've put me through!?", I was hysterical. My face was red and the tears kept coming. "It's because of you I have these scars! I loved you so much! Without you, I could've killed myself last night!", I screamed.

He gave a blank expression. His tears were coming down like a waterfall.

"Without you, I'm nothing! I'm worthless, hopeless, meaningless! And for once I felt like you were always going to be there! And once I felt this way you leave me like the rotten rat you are!", I was so angry and heartbroken as I managed to say these painful words. Thinking about what I had done last night was like poison to my mind. It hurt so bad.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me.

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