5SOS: Last One Standing

Luke Hemmings has made horrible choices in his life. He knows it was wrong of him to do what he's done. But, he can't go back in time and change it.

But now, someone has found out about his dirty little secrets, and is willing to use them against him.
Luke has no other choice than to accept a deal made to protect his secret, but little did he know it would cost him everything he's ever wanted.

Including her.


12. 12

(Luke's Point Of View)


I went to swing at his face, but before I knew it, he had kneed me right in the gut. It hurt like hell! I dropped him and I looked at him in pure anger. He was gasping for breath. I held my stomach and he punched me in the jaw, again. I felt a crack in my jaw and a sharp pain lingered in my mouth. I held my jaw and looked at him. He was satisfied with his work. But that didn't stop him from punching me right in the nose.


My nose started to bleed. I couldn't fight back. I was in so much pain. I'm pretty sure he dislocated my jaw.

"That wasn't very smart, mate.", he said as he picked up the box of chocolates. "You could have ruined your entire reputation. I'm surprised you were brave enough to try and stand up for yourself.", he added with another stupid smirk.


"You can black mail me all you want. Gina was mine, and she always will be.", I hissed at him. He laughed at me as he dumped out the box of chocolates.

"Face it, Luke. You're too much of a coward to stand up to me. You made this deal with me, and I am a man of my word.", he said whilst he took off his bandana. He fixed it onto his head again.

"I didn't make this deal! You black mailed me you idiot!", I shouted at his as I clenched my fists. Shouting hurt my jaw, but I didn't care. I was beyond angry. I was pissed. I wanted to rip every single strand of hair off his living body and once I was done with that, I would burn him alive. I am very good at imagining things.

All he did was laugh at me. He saw I was in pain. He was my best mate. Why would he black mail me like this.


"I've made adjustments.", he said whilst taking a slip of paper out of his back pocket.

"I'm not doing this anymore, Ash!", I scowled. I really needed to get to a hospital. I could feel my face bruise up. Every time I opened my mouth, a sharp pain would spring into my mouth. I couldn't breath through my nose since it was bleeding. Droplets of blood were dripping from the tip of my nose to the carpeted floor.

"Do you really want to mess up now?", he asked as he waved the slip of paper in front of me. "You can't afford anyone knowing your dirty little secret. Can you?"

"What are these new adjustments?", I gave in and sighed. I've done horrible things in my past. The only one who knew was Ash. And now he's using it against me. It could ruin my career. It could ruin our band. It could ruin my reputation. I'm not proud of what I've done, but I've done it.


And now, I've got consequences to face.

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