5SOS: Last One Standing

Luke Hemmings has made horrible choices in his life. He knows it was wrong of him to do what he's done. But, he can't go back in time and change it.

But now, someone has found out about his dirty little secrets, and is willing to use them against him.
Luke has no other choice than to accept a deal made to protect his secret, but little did he know it would cost him everything he's ever wanted.

Including her.


11. 11

(Luke's Point of view)



Before I knew it, it was 8 pm. I was on my couch watching T.V all day. I couldn't get the image of her and Ash together. It made me sick to my stomach. I can't believe he would betray me like that. I knew he had been acting weird and nasty around me lately, but I didn't know he would do this.

I sat there, watching SpongeBob and hoping I could forget the revolting image of her and Ash swallowing each other, but I couldn't. It was impossible.

I heard a knock on my door. I went up to open it, hoping it was Michael or Calum. Or better yet, Gina.

I opened the door and I saw Ashton on the other side. As soon as I saw him all I could do was be angry and glare at him. He smiled widely.

"Hey mate!", he greeted me as he walked in. He patted me on the back.

"What do you want?", I scolded. I crushed my can of soda and threw it at the wall I had punched earlier.

Ashton looked at the hole in the wall and walked over to it, as if he were admiring it.

"Woah! I didn't know you had it in you, Luke!", he chuckled. He picked up the can I had thrown and shoved it in the wall. I was beyond angry. I guess he noticed my anger because he came over to me and grinned.

"What's wrong, Lukey?", he asked as he pinched my cheeks. "You upset over a little heart break?"

"You know exactly what's wrong, Ash.", I said, trying not to punch him in the nose. I wanted to knock that grin right off his face.

"I'm happy you stopped by earlier. As soon as you left she noticed what an ass you are and totally got over you.", he said as he rummaged through my fridge. "It didn't take long for her to forget all about you and fall into my arms. It wasn't as hard as I thought!"

I walked over to my couch and sat down. I put both hands on my face. I heard Ash's footsteps walk over to me. I uncovered my face to see him standing there, with a box of chocolates I had kept in my fridge.

"Would you mind if I took these?", he said as he tapped on the box.

"Put those down. They're not for you. I bought them for-", I started to say but Ash cut me off.

"For Gina? I don't think so, mate. She's mine now. We made out a couple times after you left. You were right. She is wonderful.", he teased whilst turning off my T.V.

I was infuriated. I wanted to kill him. I wanted him out of my life. Best friends don't do this type of shit to each other.

"Why are you here?", I spat as I went for the remote to turn the T.V on, but he grabbed it first and glared at me.

"I'm thinking of giving it to her.", he smiled widely.

"Be serious. What do you want. I did what you wanted. I don't want to speak to you.", I croaked out. My deep voice now became a small girl's voice. I cleared my throat and he laughed.

"I am serious! I've been waiting so long for this moment. I finally have her wrapped around my fingers. She would be willing to.", he said as he opened the box of chocolates.

My face was burning. That's it. I got up from the couch and went at him. I grabbed him by the throat and he dropped the box of chocolates. He started gasping for breath. He was older than me, but I didn't care.


Tonight, I was going to beat his ass.

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