Our love is a sin

Young love, doesn't exist my dear. Only in your dreams and this isn't one.." The memory makes me shiver
She's right, this isn't a dream, i know for a god damn fact. Me and her would never work. Shes like water,& I'm the fire. This is a...


2. chapter 1


"Jenni?" I smile " yeah?" He pushes his glasses up, his hand moving now to his neck to scratch it. "I-" he gets cut off "JENNI!" Huh? "Jenni wake up!" What the ?Great! it was all just a dream? But it seemed so real. Ugh i might as well get up before i fall asleep. First day at a new school. How fun! I get up and "ahh!" How nice i went from a warm and cozy to a hard and cold floor. "Jenni! Get up you'll be late!" My mother yells from down stairs. I get up and rub my head, its 6:40 am ! "Oh my gosh! I need to hurry!" I jump up and run into the loo and brush my hair and teeth. I then go to the closet and pick put an outfit. I end up with a black crop top, faded skinnies, a black beanie that says 'I'm different', a flannel to cover some of my stomach and some nikes. After i curl the bottoms of my hair i leave for school.

This is it, this is my school. *sigh* "well its better than nothing" i tell myself. The sky is grey, the cement is damp from the rain last night, and the school looks....interesting? I walk down the sidewalk and take all the details of my surroundings "woah." I was staring at the crowd of people when. "Agh!" I fall over into a bush next to me. "Watch it freak!" The blonde girl speaks. "look alli, we got another emo here.! Hah! Sorry but your lane is over there." The black haired girl says and points to a group of people with dark clothing and dyed hair. I roll my eyes and stand up, well attempted to but got pushed down. "Listen freak, stay out of my way or I'll-" she gets cut off "allison?" A boy with brown hair speaks. Allison? So that's her name. "What are you doing?" He says. "Oh hey Mike, it's just this freak was in our lane." She pouts and bats her eyelashes at him. He sighs and runs a hand through his quiff "alright, but she's new so she doesn't know any of the rules so be easy." She pouts "ugh fine!" She replies annoyed and storms off. "Sorry about her, just..." He pauses and looks around "stay away from people like her and you'll be fine." With that he runs off in the same direction as her. Probably should get out of this damn bush. I move but end up falling deeper into it earning cuts on my cheek, knuckles, and arms. I stick my arm out and try to find something to hoist me up, when i get grabbed and pulled by a hand quickly. Too quickly, i end up on top of the person. "Oh! Sorry!" I say and get off the boy, i reach out a hand and help him up. "It's fine, what are you doing in the bushes?" I smile "oh you know counting the leaves, stalking cute people." I say sarcastically, he chuckles "well, hate to break it to ya but you might need a new hiding spot." I giggle and he smiles "but really what were you doing?" He asks politely, i shrug. "I got pushed in by some pops." He furrows his eyebrows "who? And pops?" I half smile "Allison and some other girl, but some guy named umm...mike i think, well he saved me. And pops are what I call the "popular cool kids." He nods "they're bitches, there is a group of popular kids, in this school i guess we're all labeled and the teachers don't do shit about it. Oh and Mike he's.... Cool but only once he only helps once, so you got lucky. " i nod i wonder why he does that only once. Ehh whatever "oh, um if you don't mind me asking... What are you labeled as? "

He smiles, his white teeth showing. "The nerd, but theres some pretty cute girls there, what about you?" I smile and nod "um well I'm not sure, she called me emo and freak. Soo an emo freak?" He chuckles "probably cause your hair." I frown "what's wrong with my hair!?" He becomes serious "sorry i didn't mean it like that, i just meant like... People with dyed hair are labeled emo, unless you're already popular than its cool, and depending on the colour."

I nod understanding, i mean my hair is purple pinkish, well not fully it does have dark brown but.. Eh whatever.

"It's fine, I just didn't understand what you meant." He smiles "oh I understand, i was like you when i first came here, and the 'nerds ' explained to me." I laugh while he tells me the story of how he was labeled.


flash back :

I was walking down the side walk when two girls approach me. "Who are you?" The blonde one says. "I'm-i..-" the brunette one cuts me off "she's asking you a question douche ! " she yells pushing me into the bush. I fall back unexpectedly and scrape my arm on a branch. While i fall my legs go up and i feel something collide with my converse. "Ouch! You bitch!" The brunette says and another voice comes out "hey hey Marisa what's wrong ?" The guys speaks "that nerd hit me!" Marisa yells, i feel an arm pick me up. I end up face to face with a guy "hey! What the hell man! " i slouch a bit "i-i didn't mean it s-she pushed me in the bushes and m-my legs flew up. But no worries marisa your makeup didn't mess up, you still look like a cake." I say and cover my mouth quickly "Ugh!" She screams and storms off with the blonde. The guy turns to me "don't expect any help mate! You got lucky, now stay away from us got it nerd?" I nod and he shoves me back into the bush, luckily i caught my balance so i only stumbled a bit. "H-hey." A girl speaks, she had brown hair small square glasses, and was wearing a black skirt, white socks with black shoes, and a blue sweater. "I-im alice." I nod and shake her hand "nerd too eh?" She nods "we nerds stick t-together! So w-would you like to join the group?" She asks and i nod "why am i a nerd al?" She smiles "maybe cause how you look?" I scrunch my face "whats that supposed to mean!" She jumps "they label anyone by their looks!" I nod "sorry" she smiles "its fine"


Hahhaahah! You-you st- ahahag" I can't finish a complete sentence with out laughing, he frowns "hey! You got offended too!" He whines i laugh, and shake my head. "N-not that you called her cake face!" I say laughing and he joins me "I didn't mean it! Anyways alice moved now all there is in the group is; john, sierra, sidney, christie, frankie, steven, and me. Its not much but we have each other." I smile "they sound lovely." He nods "we better get to class come with me." He says and doesn't give me enough time and grabs my hand dragging me down the hall when we stop "aw look guys Miguel has a girlfriend." One of the guys says while looking me and miguel i assume he never told me his name, and then our hands. "Awe" they all coo then I realise its fake when "how pathetic. You have better taste then that freak don't you nerd? I mean... Look at her!" Marisa I believe says and they all laugh. "You don't deserve love!" Marisa pushes me down and two guys grab Miguel look at you, i mean sorry honey but the ocean wants you back at the whale exhibit." She says snorting then Allison speaks "do us a favour and put more makeup on, if you want to be a cake might as well be a good one. Right?" I frown they keep going at me when finally they get pushed "c'mon babe!" Miguel says and rushes with me to the office. I didn't notice how badly those things got to me until we stop and i get pulled into somewhere dark and her the door click "Miguel? Wh-where are we?" I ask "shhh, are you alright? Don't listen to those people they're just jealous that they can't look like you." He coos and wipes my tears "look at me please." He says softly and i look at him, i barely realise what he looks like, brown hair in a sort of quiff, kind brown eyes, slightly tan, a bit of acne but honestly he looks hot with it, and he has glasses. Wait did i just call him hot... "Hey um i never asked what's your name? " Miguel says shyly "Jenni, you don't have to introduce yourself, cause i kinda heard your name when they said it aha." I reply awkwardly he smiles "oh and nice name... Jenni.. I like it!" I flush a bit and thank him. We leave the closet I believe and enter an empty hallway. Miguel looks at me seriously "u-uhm Jenni?" I smile "yes?" He takes his bottom lip in between his teeth "do you want to come home with me and ditch this place?" He says blushing and closes his eyes i hug him, surprising him and me both. "Lead the way!" I say and he places his large hand in my smaller hand.

"Here we are." He says i gape at the place "nice." I say and he smiles and leads me inside. "Well urm do you want to watch a movie?" He says while scratching the back of his neck. I nod "of course!" He nods and puts in a movie while i stand awkwardly by the doorway. He chuckles "what? " i pout he smirks and launches himself at me picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. "AGH! Put me down!" He throws me on the couch and plops next to me. "Was that soo hard?" I nods and he rolls his eyes as the movie begins.


"Shit!" I yell and jump from the couch these movies and pizza really got me distracted. "I-i need to leave! NOW!" He jumps up and grabs his keys "lets go." I nod and jump in the car as he starts the engine.

8:16 pm

I hop out the car and get the keys out of my pocket fumbling with them, till I realise. "MIGUEL!" He jumps and runs to me cupping my face "what! WHATS WRONG!?" I smile a bit "i left my things at your house, and i forgot to register today!" I return to being worried as he pats my head "you can stay at my house, i don't mind and don't worry i have a spare room." I nod and thank him as he leave for his house.


We arrive and enter the house. "Thanks, but ughh why do i keep forgetting things !" He furrows his brows and engulfs me in a hug "its okay but what is it now?" I sigh my pjs, i usually sleep in my pj shorts or girl boxers, but I'm not comfortable here ya know? I think I'm good on a shirt." He nods and leads me upstairs into a room I'm assuming is his. As I look around a piece of clothing hits my face. "Hey !" He chuckles and points to a door "change in there." I nod and go but before i enter the door gets shut. I turn around and see him "no thanks ? " he pouts, i wrap my arms around his shoulders and he wraps his around my waist and picks me up. "Eek!" He chuckles "thanks fgt.!" I say and he laughs. When i walk in i see a shirtless Miguel in boxers lying down. "I-um-sorry!" I say and he uncovers my eyes quickly "don't be :)" i nod "where am i -" he cuts me off "there." My eyes follow and see a nice bed "wait isn't that your bed?" He nods and shrugs "be lucky;) " i laugh and we lay on the opposite sides. I just close my eyes and listen to the springs in the bed. "Jenni." He mumbles i turn and he hugs me keeping me inside his arms. "Goodnight." We both say and drift off into a deep

Deep slumber

/a.n hey lovelies first chap how was it ?\

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