The Right Place at the Wrong Time

Tutoring isn't that much of a punishment. I crashed my dad's car and all I get is tutoring?
But Im not complaining.
Aleast until everything became... weird.
First of all, Im tutoring my long-term crush.
Second, I witness vampires fighting.
Third, my crush could be a super fast vampire who fights like a beast while wearing a cloak as disguise, who is absolutely in love with me.
My life path has changed directions.


6. You're not him, Sam

Sam's p.o.v🌇

      When Navaeylee left me this morning, I stood there a little shocked.
    I mean, sure I was worried that she'd reject me, but I didn't actually think it was going to happen!
   I thought that if I took her from my best friend before he could get to her he'd have to submit.
    But I just ended up rejected and torn.
Now I'm wishing the worst for Jace because she doesn't want me.
    I know, I'm selfish and possesive. But she's supposed to be mine, and only mine.
    Jace is supposed to be my best friend and I went behind his back. So, of course I feel guilty.
    But she's the only girl that I want.
No other guy deserves her but me.
    After all, Jace has put me through hell continuously.
......                        ......                          ......                      ......
    After a school day of shamefully avoiding Navaeylee, I met up with Jace at a nearby park.
    It was ten p.m. and every noise behind me scared the shit out of me.
    Like always, he popped up out of nowhere.
His face was pale and his eyes were like torches.
    But we made a promise: If I stuck with him, he wouldn't try to kill me.
    "So, you've been fighting," I spoke slowly while walking up to him.
   He flashed a vague smile.
"He's pissing me off."
   "Maybe it's because you're trying to steal his girl and kill her. Love her by day, eat her by night-"
I love her at all times!" He practically growled at me.
   "Then why are you trying to kill her?" I retrieved carefully. It's been a year and I'm still afraid of him.
    "My love just strengthens by thirst at nighttime. I can't help the urge to snatch her out of her room. How do I get her to like me without scaring her off now?"
    He looked pretty ready to snatch her right now.
"Okay, first, she said that you're a perv and a freak."
     He looked agitated.
"How the fuck else am I gonna win her over!" He yelled while his eyes turned a deeper shade of red.
     My stomach dropped.
I backed up.
     Jace scoffed at my movement.
"I'm not gonna kill you."
    "I know," I said quickly but unsure what he would do.
    "Now, what do I do?" He whined.
"Well, to begin with, stop trying to kill her every night. Second, be a gentlemen. Third, protect her. You know, the stuff Cooke does whenever you go after her."
     Even though that didn't quite work out for me.
"No, she'll be even more driven to avoid me." Jace said looking impatient.
    "Build her trust. And if that doesn't work, there's gotta be something wrong with her."  
   Jace shrugged sarcastically.
"Okay. How could I possibly fail when you make it sound so easy."
  I struggled giving him advice to win my girl and my stomach hurt of wishing she was mine.
    He dashed up to me with that Vampire speed to fist pound me for good luck.
    Then dispersed as I blinked.
Of course I could figure out a way to jeopardize his plans. But I won't.
   Atleast for now...

    Navaeylee's P.O.V.

The week after that Sam situation, Jace returned to school which I wasn't happy about.
    He slowly approached Nick and I at my locker

locker (Why does everything have to happen at my locker?) with Sam drifting behind him.
    I wanted to speed walk away but my curiosity was delaying me. I had tons of questions for him.
    As I debated on where to go, Jace reached us.
Oh, yeah. I don't doubt that curiosity killed that cat.
    I'm about to die of aggravation.
I inspected Jace while he stood in front of me. Well, his appearance was normal so far.
    He half-heartedly smiled at me.
No stupid smirk...?
    His closeness scared me.
I know we were in a hallway full of peers... but who knows what he's slipped up his sleeve?
   I glanced at Nick and he hovered in front of me in a protective way.
"I don't think Navaeylee likes your company." Nick said.
    Nice mind reading skills.
His voice sounded deeper.
    "I just want to talk to her, Nick. You know, to settle things between us." Jace said with Sam lurking behind him staring at me.
    Was that a pinch of sincerity? 
Nick turned to some one in the hall casually.
    Ray-Ray was leaning against the lockers across from us. This is the first time I ever saw him during school.
Ray-Ray nodded at Sam then went back to minding his business.
    What was that about?
Nick slowly stepped behind me whilst glaring at Sam.
    "Don't get any closer." Nick said to Jace. 
"That's fine," Jace said. 
    Then he faced me. "Navaeylee, I'm sorry about what happened at your house. I w-'
   "I don't- Why would you drag me by my window?- Why'd the cloak move so fast?- Where'd he even come from?- How'd he get in?- Why- Why would he-  Why would you...? Did it hurt when you fell?" I said realizing none of my questions were being answered because I didn't give him time to explain
    "Look," Jace began. "I don't know where to begin."
 "Whatever," I said turning on my heel to leave with Jace.
    "Can you give me time to think. I can be a bit off sometimes, you know?" He said grabbing my shoulder which made Nick pull me toward him.
      "I noticed." I mumbled.
"We'll talk later right?" He asked obviously trying to ignore Nick's judgemental glares.
     I didn't reply, just walked away with Nick.
While we began walking, I noticed Ray-Ray walk up to Jace looking at him suspiciously.
    Sam on the other hand, ran up to Nick and I. 
Nick stopped him from reaching me.
   "What the fuck do you want?"
"I'm assuming you found out what happened." Sam said to Nick.   
    "Yeah, I did actually."  
"Listen, it was just a question. It wasn't my intention to offend her." Sam said lookng at me.
   I looked away.
"No, I think you knew what you were doing,"
   Sam's jaw clenched. "It was a  question."
"Well, it sure as hell wasn't a compliment!  lesbihonest? You wanted everyone to laugh." I said finally breaking.
    He pulled me closer to him. I could tell Nick did not like that.
    "You see me looking into your eyes. I'm so serious right now." Sam said. "I'm so sorry for hurting you. Can we just forget about it?"
    "And you can assist it as we throw it away." I said.
"You know, It's funny how Jace is already trying to get her. And here you are going behind his back doing the same thing... You'll see what happens if you touch her again." Sam said meaning business.
    He's usually a pretty chill guy. But... not right now.
"Look, Sam. I don't want to be in a relationship. I don't like them. To be honest, they make me very uncomfortable." I added being completely honest.
     I mean, except for  when I think about Julien.
"Well, maybe you just haven't found the right guy." Sam suggested.
    I shrugged.
"Yeah, that could be it. And no offense, Sam, but you are not him."
    Nick seemed pretty pleased about my answer. I caught him smirking at Sam as he dragged me away to my first period class.

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