The Right Place at the Wrong Time

Tutoring isn't that much of a punishment. I crashed my dad's car and all I get is tutoring?
But Im not complaining.
Aleast until everything became... weird.
First of all, Im tutoring my long-term crush.
Second, I witness vampires fighting.
Third, my crush could be a super fast vampire who fights like a beast while wearing a cloak as disguise, who is absolutely in love with me.
My life path has changed directions.


4. Something's up...

Would you believe me if I said I'm in love? Baby, I want you to want me," 
   My brother was singing while my mom finished cooking dinner.
    Why? I don't know. 
But he sings whenever he has a new girlfriend.
    "So, Carter," I said circling him. "Who's the girl?"
He smirked, "None of your business."
    "Carter," I practically growled. I don't like when he keeps things from me.
   "Fine, her names Courtney. That's all I'm saying." He said giving in.
    "Tell. Me. More."
"Nope, I don't need you doing a background check then lecturing me about it."
    "Since when have I done a background check?" I said smiling.
    "Since everytime I have a girlfriend."
"Whatever.... Just remember-"
     "Yeah, I know. Don't do anything stupid, don't force her into anything, treat her right, blah blah blah..."
     "Yeah, but you never listen. You do the exact opposite." I said rolling my eyes.
   He shrugged. "I listen only to my heart."
I pushed him out the kitchen then helped my mom take out the first pizza we made.
   I know, regular families fix something fancy when they have guests over. 
    But Carter and I insisted on pizza.
I mean almost everyone loves pizza, right?
    "So, Mom, who are the guests?"  I ask.
"You know, Laura, Dan, and their son, Jace Paulo." She said.
    It took me a second to realize.
"Wait! You mean Jace Paulo, the creep?" I asked rembering his "rap".
     "Naveah, that's rude!" She said looking shocked.
"Mom, you don't have to go to school with him! He's a stalker and-"
     "Well, I'm trying to get a raise. So, pretend like you don't know him because tonight, you're my polite, angelic daughter." She said cupping my face.
    I hate it when she does that!
I shook my head and mumbled, "whatever".
    I sulked to my room to get dressed.
I hate having people over beacause I usually wear pajamas to dinner.
 Instead, I wore

Yeah, I don't do dresses, skirts, or heels. 
    I walked downstairs to the kitchen.
"Mom, the food's getting cold. Where are they at? Where's Dad?" I complained. 
    I just want this night over with.
Right at that moment, Dad walked through the door with the Paulo's right behind him.
    My parents greeted the Paulo's then stared me down until I decided to do the same.
   "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Paulo." I hesitated while turning to Jace. "Um... hi, Jace."
    His eyes were bloodshot red and he looked bad. But his ego was just the same.
   "Hello, Beautiful," He said in a weird way then kissed my hand lightly.
   After wiping my hand on my shirt, I sat down at the dining room table.
     Carter was there first, like always. 
I didn't approve of Jace sitting next to me, but he did.
   I was uncomfortable and I didn't want whatever disease that made him look disgusting.
   He rubbed my thigh under the table like a pervert. 
    I was trying so hard be "polite and angelic" but it's wearing out.
    "Could you not?" I asked pretty harshly when my mom left to get the pizza.
    I hate when guys touch me.
Carter instantly looked up at me alerted.
    Jace didn't stop!
"We should go somewhere." Jace whispered into my ear pressing his lips against my earlobe.
    "And where the fuck would you be taking her?" Carter said giving Jace a look that could kill.
   I gasped quietly.
I glanced at the Paulos.
"Yeah, Carter. I bet your parents wouldn't like that." Jace said testing him.
     "Does it look like I care? Stop harassing my sister. Don't touch her, and I dare you to lay your fucking hands on her." Carter growled.
     I tried calming him.
"Carter, I can handle this."
    "No, Navy. Was he touching you?"
Before I could answer him, my mom came out with the pizza.
    "We'll settle this after dinner." Carter said,
Yes, we will. Jace ... touched me.
    I quietly ate while Jace stared me down. 
Eating usually contains my feelings. But I just wanted to smack him so badly!
    "I'm sorry, Jace. Is there something wrong with the pizza?" My mom asked with a smile but obviously offended.
     Yeah, Jace wasn't eating.
"No, Mrs. Jacobs. I don't feel well enough to eat right now." He said politely.
    But he's well enough to be a perv?
"Well, I guess I'll eat your pizza, Jace. Mrs. Jacobs must always please her husband." Mr. Paulo said chulcking after.
      After Jace passed him the pizza, he and his wife had a whispering argument that got louder and louder.
    "So, you're saying that I don't please you and Jace?" 
    That's when I decided to give them their privacy and head to my room. 
    Carter left too but Jace stayed with his parents.
As I looked through my tutoring binder, I saw a shadow in one of my mirrors.
      It passed quick so I thought it was just a spot in my eyesight.
     It came again then went away.
Then, I started hearing noises. 
    Damn, Carter!
He better not be trying to scaring me.
    He knows how paranoid I am!
Then, a closer noise made me jump.
    Jace was in the doorway all of a sudden.
I didn't his footsteps or anything.
   It's like he teleported or something...
I instantly jumped to my feet. "Get out, Jace."
    Honestly, my heart was beating so fast. He scared the shit out of me!
   "But we haven't settled anything yet, Navaeylee."
"That's right, we haven't."
    I crossed my arms and walked closer to him.
Jace looked weird.
     "You look different." I say examining him.
"Is different bad?"
    "Yeah, when you look like that."
He tugged on my shirt, pulling me closer to him.
    "What? Are you scared?" He asked.
"Yes, I'm scared of catching your disease." I said.
     He chuckled. "Honey,"
"any ignorant person wouldn't want what I've got." He snatched me before I could even back up.
    He's strong as Hell! 
"Jace, let me go!" Hoping my dad or Carter would hear me.
    I stepped on his feet a couple of times but that didn't help at all.
    He dragged me to my room window after shutting the door. 
    "Dinnertime." He whispered after opening the window.
   Then a familiar voice said, "More like, get your ass kicked and your balls cut off... time."
    A force caused Jace to release his grip on me.
I tried to see who it was but they obviously wanted be hidden.
   The guy wore a black cloak and moved faster than my eyes can catch up with.
    As Jace fought him, I grabbed my baseball bat and hit him in the stomach as hard as I could. 
    He screamed but what cloak guy did made him scream in agony. 
    After that, I didn't know what to do. Jace was recovering quickly.
   Cloak guy obviously wasn't trying to kill him.
After watching the fight, Cloak guy kicked Jace out the window. 
    Before following him, he said, "Bye, Nev."
   Wait- how does he know that nickname? Who else calls me that?
     What if that was Julien?
No. I'm getting ahead of myself.

    After I locked my window, Carter entered my room.
    "I heard noises. "
"Racoon?" He said suprised.
    I shrugged. "Yeah, but I lead him out the window."
"Long fall," He said then left.
    Okay, seriously?
After screaming, the banging on the walls, and everything being kicked around, all he heard was noises.
That night left me wondering:
   How'd Julien even get in our house? If that was even Julien.

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