The Right Place at the Wrong Time

Tutoring isn't that much of a punishment. I crashed my dad's car and all I get is tutoring?
But Im not complaining.
Aleast until everything became... weird.
First of all, Im tutoring my long-term crush.
Second, I witness vampires fighting.
Third, my crush could be a super fast vampire who fights like a beast while wearing a cloak as disguise, who is absolutely in love with me.
My life path has changed directions.


7. New... friends?

In my Spanish class, I noticed that a couple of my classmates kept stealing glances of me.
    Is there something wrong with my face? Or am I just that weird that he just had to take time off to look at me?
    I gave them a vague glare that caused one of them, Jacob to flash a handsome smile at me.
    His friend, E.J. rushed up to me with his desk when Mrs. Ibarra mentioned a partner activity.
    Jacob followed him after realizing that the class number was odd. 
    "Hey, girl. My name is E.J." E.J. said making me feel about awkward as ever.
   "Yeah, I know." I said shifting in my seat. Talking to guys isn't really my thing (I choose not to interact with most of them).
   Jacob coughed. "The name's Jacob, missy. And you, Navaeylee are lovely."
    He spoke so smoothly, it was almost hypnotizing.
I would've  asked how he knows my name but I already knew his too. 
   I don't want to contradict anything. 
He coughed again as if to erase what he just said.
   "Sorry, I don't mean to be a flirt."
Yeah, he better apologize.
   E.J's mouth formed a smile. "He's a natural flirt so don't be too flattered."
    He winked at me. I can tell he was just kidding.
I smiled down.
    Was that the feeling of my heart warming up?
I guess I liked them. Even though they define the type of boys I don't like: flirtatious 
    "So..." I said while examining the two.
E.J's was kind of cute, I guess. His hair was perfectly lined up and he wore a silver earring.
   Jacob's hair on the other hand was voluptuous and it looked so damn soft. 
    Jacob took off his shades. I don't know why, but he always wears those. 
    "So..." He recited like he was replying to me.
"So... the assignment." E.J. said helping me remember.
    "Oh, yeah. We should probably start practicing for that speaking test tomorrow."
    Jacob started.
"Si, razon,"
    "Um, I don't think you know what your saying. I'm pretty sure you just called me a razor." I said.
 "You're funny, missy," Jacob said examining me.
   "I said, yes, right."
"mmm that's not what I heard." I said.
    "Well, maybe you should start practicing your Spanish, hun."
    E.J. laughed at that.
It's the second month of spanish. Give me a break!
    Their smiles started to fade. 
"Your eyes, missy, are the most beautiful shade of brown." Jacob stated. 
    Yeah... that weirded me out. I mean, he's been stalking my eyes this whole time!
   He whispered to E.J.
"Cooke was right. But I bet they'd look better to him with my vision."
    Sucky whispering...
"Who's cook? You guys have a butler or something?" I asked.
    E.J. scratched nose.
"Yeah, and why is he talking to you about my eyes?"
    "This guy named Cooke, last name, magnet, had the hugest crush on you." E.J. said. "You don't know him."
    Cooke Magnet is where I went to kindergarten.
    "That's my old school. Liars."
"Maybe that's why he gets made fun of a lot." Jacob said shrugging.
   I need a lie detector.

Near the end of class, I looked at the clock right above the door.
    As I turned forward, I saw Ray-Ray through the door window.
   I quickly turned back around. 
Ray-Ray disapeared.
    My eyes have a mind of their own sometimes.


Ray-Ray cracked me up doing our whole tutoring time.
    He spent majority of it talking shit about his martial arts teacher (sensay- how ever you spell it).
    "We were sparring and I accidentally jabbed him in his face. He tried running up to me while I was fighting this kid. He stupid for trying to correct me while we fought!
    "He's always trying to example how to kick right. But his foot barely comes off of the floor."
    "Uh, how was your weekend?" He said totally getting off topic.
    "Well, I lived through it. That's all that matters," I said.
    His crinkled his eyebrows in confusion.
Right as I was about to explain the "event", the door was busted open by these guys dressed like the mafia F.B.I.
    Ray-Ray and I both jumped up at the same time.
What the fuck?
    They all looked strong and after... me? 
I was backed up into a corner by the most aggressive one!
   That allowed him to easily grab me. I would definately call his grip manhandling.
    I kicked him in his leg- well, tried. Getting loose isn't exactly my best subject.
   He slapped me... hard. "Stupid bit-" 
Before he could finish, Ray-Ray tore him off of me.
    Thank god!!!!

Everything happened so fast.
    I watched as Ray-Ray fought. He turned into a whole different person. 
    I don't know if it was the adrenaline or rage in him that caused this sudden change. But he was fighting off guys that could break me by touching me just once.
    His eyes changed to a reddish brown and he was ten times stronger then I expected him to be!
   This  boy was now my  bodyguard.
His muscles were flexed as he fought.
    He was like some sort of supernatural robot.
All of the mafia looking men attacked him tackling him to the ground.
   Somehow, he threw them all off of him.
They literally hit the ceiling then crashed to the floor.
    He was unstoppable and anyone normal would be freaking out. But I just... watched. 
    It was scary because they kept coming at him. I didn't want Ray-Ray to get hurt. He was my responsibility for the time being!
    I wanted to help but judging on the amount of damage... I would certainly die. I also wanted to see how this scene played out.
    I should of stopped him though! 
He was  killing them. 
    He moved so fast while snapping necks and twisting them.
    Please, anything but the necks!
I wasn't quite terrified, but I was shaking.
    Suddenly, something funny happened: balls of dirt started erupting from the floor.
    How'd- where'd they even come from?
My head snapped toward Ray-Ray. Was he controlling that?!
   All my knowledge about anatomy-  gone.
   "Oh yeah. It's been confirmed: you're definately a robot." I said but I doubt that he heard me.
    Out of everything that was happening, I laughed.
I know it was wrong but it was just so funny.
   I mean, dudes getting dominated by large dirt balls?!
  Pure comedy!
How does that even happen anyway?
    This shouldn't- this couldn't be legal.
Something this cool too watch couldn't possibly be real. 
    When I thought this moment was at its peak, Ray-Ray reassured me.
    He started shooting fire out of his fingers as men kept coming.
    Ray-Ray circled the room decapitating the remainders. And his eyes were a brighter red.
    "Damn..." I said as I watched. Uh, I should've been making escape plans.
    It's pretty stupid to try to escape at the last minute, I know. But I have to try.
    Yeah, my plan was cut short because Ray-Ray was blocking the doorway.
   I jumped slightly afraid that I'd be the next one headless. 
    He unclenched his fists and his eyes turned normal.
    "Did I scare you?" He asked.
I nodded humbly.
    "Sorry," He said softly, "I'll explain later later. But right now we have to go." 
    I looked around.
"B-but what about these bodies?" 
    He grabbed my arm softly. "Don't worry about it."  I wanted to say  what the fuck? But for some reason I trusted him.
    "Where are we going?" I asked.
"Somewhere safe. Now c'mon. You trust me right?" He asked catching my eyes with his.
     I would say yes but I don't want to trust him so soon.
    I also can't stay here as a suspect.
    That wouldn't be good.
"Alright. Take me away quickly and make sure no one sees us." I said. 
    "No problem," He said with a sly grin.
He swung me over his shoulder and we were gone in an instant.

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