The Right Place at the Wrong Time

Tutoring isn't that much of a punishment. I crashed my dad's car and all I get is tutoring?
But Im not complaining.
Aleast until everything became... weird.
First of all, Im tutoring my long-term crush.
Second, I witness vampires fighting.
Third, my crush could be a super fast vampire who fights like a beast while wearing a cloak as disguise, who is absolutely in love with me.
My life path has changed directions.


5. "Lesbi" honest???

The week after that "unique" situation happened, I haven't seen Jace or Julien at school.
     I mean, I'm relieved but it's kind of weird.
I'm already thinking that Julien was the guy in the cloak.
    His absence isn't helping the situation.

  Nick walked me to my locker today (like always). I don't know why he always walks me.
    I never ask, I just roll with it.
This time, Sam joined us. He kept looking at me like I'm a ghost. 
    When I mentioned it, he denied it. But after I talked with Nick he pulled me aside.
    Something that has to do with me is bothering him.
   "Last week, Friday, did something out of the ordinary happen?" He asked me.
    Yeah, He's the one looking like a ghost.
     "Just asking. You're acting weird."
I am? I made sure I didn't act suspicious.
    "Well, I watched a fight and hit some one with a bat. But otherwise, my Friday was normal." I said trying to be all nonchalant.
     He smiled, but like a confused kid. 
"You hit some one with a bat?"
     "And watched some one beat him up." I added.
He looked intrigued.
   "Who was fighting?" Sam asked. 
"Jace and... another guy." I almost said Julien.
    "Who was this other guy?"
"I don't know. But he wore a black cloak." I replied. 
    His eyes widened like this person was some one he knew.
     "Did he seem familiar?" 
"Not really. But he called me Nev." I said  shrugging.     "It was at your house, right?- the fight." He asked.
Mmm. So. Many. Questions...
    "Why do you care so much?" I finally ask.
" 'Cuz I like to know about fights." 
  Mmm. He is one of the main instigators at this school.
    "So... which one did you hit with the bat?" He said, of course, smirking.
   I smirked out of victory. "Jace."
"Really? Why?"
    "He was the bad guy. Being all perverted and creepy and touchy and trying to drag me out my window. I'm pretty sure his goal was to kill me..."
    "or rape you..." Sam added.
That was more realistic but did he have to say that? Now I feel even more violated.
   He looked thoughtful.
"or eat you..."
    That's enough. 
I pushed him into the hallway but there was no skateboarders this time. I tend to do that to Sam.
    He's cute, but irritating. 
"What was that for?!" He said while he walked back to me. 
    "For saying dumb shit." 
He looked suprised.
    "He didn't act like he wanted to eat you?" Sam asked.
    "He did say something that I'm  just now realizing."
    "Seriously?" He said like he actually believed me.
"Yeah, seriously."
    "Then you should have hit him ten more times with that bat."
     I smirked.
"The other dude was doing all the work." I said simply.
    Sam still looked intrigued about cloak guy. But what he said next didn't relate to him at all.
    "Kiss me, Navaeylee." 
Why would he ask me to kiss him?
    I wanted to slap him back into reality. And I was so confused. I thought everyone knew about my "boy condition". 
    I was tempted run away. But damn, he looked so cute.
    I debated as he leaned in.
All of his groupies were watching in disgust. I'm pretty sure.
    His forehead eventually touched mine. Then, my speaking turned on.
    "Why would I kiss you?" 
His groupies gasped even though I didn't mean to sound like a bitch.
    I was just asking an honest question. His question came out of nowhere.  
    He shrugged feigning disappointment.
"because I just... I just really want you to."
    My heart beat was so intense that I could feel it in my chest.
    I'm clueless about the whole boy thing.
I haven't involved myself in romance in so long... I can barely remember.
   I just stiffen up when a guy says things that have to with liking me. 
    I was so scared of my reputatiom right at that moment.
    "I'm sorry-" 
Im was too afraid.
    "You seem so in control of things. So strong-" That's a lie. "so much of what I like. But you don't feel the same?" He said struck with confusion. 
    I instantly responded.
"No. It's just that-"
    "It's just that you don't like me." He interrupted.
"No, shut up. I'm just not that type of girl." I said wishing there was a better answer.
     "So, you're a lesbian?" He asked.
    "What? No-"
"C'mon, Navaeylee. Lesbi honest."
    Was he serious? 
"I'm not a lesbian-" I realized that all of his groupies were tuned in and laughing at this.
    I wanted to run away but that's not what my mind was telling me do.
    Sam wasn't paying attention to the laughing, just to me.   
    "I'm not a lesbian. It's just that you're too clueless to realize that not every girl likes you. No, I'm not going to bow down to you or drool over you like those bitches over there laughing." I said making sure his groupies knew exactly who I was talking about.
    As I casually walked away, I noticed all the laughing stopped. 
    I probably made some enemies.

    During lunch, I sat with Nick, of course. Also Erick Cadina, Lianna woodland, and Destiny white.
    They seemed pretty intrigued about my situation.
  They wanted to know why Sam wasn't sitting with us. He was sitting with his groupies like I'd imagine.
    I hated that everytime I mention Sam, they'd stare at him and examine his every movement.
    "That's funny," Nick said even though he wasn't laughing.
    "like, he suddenly wants you? You did the right thing." Lianna said. 
    "Thanks, even though I wanted to." I said kind of mumbling that last part. I'm such a coward. 
    "Wait. You never told us you liked him." Destiny said widening her eyes.
    She looked upset.
I faked a scoff.
    "Ugh, no. I wanted to kiss him so I wouldn't seem scared or like a coward or- or like a... lesbian..." I admitted. 
    "Hold up," Nick began. "Why would he think you're a lesbian?"
    "because he asked me if I'm a lesbian,"
Lianna crinkled her eyebrows while staring at Sam's table in disgust.   
    Destiny rolled her eyes.
"Just because every girl -but you- likes him does not make you a lesbian. Boys are idiots."
   "I know right!"
Erick squinted. "Are you?"
    "Really, dude? Are you kidding me," Nick said slapping Erick's forehead.
    "I'm serious! I honestly have never seen you with a boyfriend." Erick said. 
   "And I've never seen you with a girlfriend. But does that make you gay?" I defended myself.
    "But you treat every guy that compliments you like a bitch. That's probably why Sam didn't want to tell you earlier." He said muttering that last sentence.
     "True ," Nick said.
How could he possibly take Sam's side! 
    Lianna looked thoughtful. "If I were in your shoes, I would've did it for the experience and the fun." She simply said.
    I smiled. Leave it to Lianna to always break the tension.
    She rolled her eyes at his lunch table filed with groupies.
"I would've kissed him and put my arms around him just to show those bitches that I was his first choice. And to get it through their minds that he chose me over them."
    Destiny bursted out laughing.
"But that would be leading him on." I protested. 
     "Yeah, and leading those bitches away," she added slightly shrugging.
    I love Lianna. So fierce and opinionated.
I want so much to be like her.  She goes for what she wants and keeps on a brave face.
    She has layered purple and blonde hair that I absolutely adore.
   Destiny is black. I love her bouncy, curly hair. 
Destiny and Lianna are my only real friends other than Nick. 
    Lianna has been my gaurdian angel for the past three years. And Destiny is always by our side to make sure the both of us stay in line.
    They are my best friends for better and for worse.

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