The Right Place at the Wrong Time

Tutoring isn't that much of a punishment. I crashed my dad's car and all I get is tutoring?
But Im not complaining.
Aleast until everything became... weird.
First of all, Im tutoring my long-term crush.
Second, I witness vampires fighting.
Third, my crush could be a super fast vampire who fights like a beast while wearing a cloak as disguise, who is absolutely in love with me.
My life path has changed directions.


2. Cocky Guys

My dad drove me to school lecturing me about things we already went over.
    "You understand why I drove you to school today right?" He asked eyes focused on the road. 
    I kept silent as I stared at the twerking billboard in front of me.
    Of course I was listening because I'm not good at blocking people out. But I didn't care about a word he was saying.
    "We need to have a serious talk sweety."
He paused waiting for my reaction which is not coming anytime soon.
    "Your anger issues are worrying m-"
"Oh please dad. Anger is only a small part of this." I rolled my eyes as he continued on like I didn't say anything.
   "Your mom and I have been thinking about therapy for you-"
    "For me dad? For me? Because honestly, it should be a family thing." I guess I ended up saying more than I intended to.
     "Young lady, this attitude is getting you nowhere." He said finally looking over at me.
    I faced him daring him to look away.
"Really?" I said then smiled. "because your anger is driving me to a place we don't wanna go."
    His head turned back to the empty road making me realize what I said.
   I softened a bit.

"Dad, Im sorry. It's just- the things you do. They disappoint me. Mom chooses to come back to you and you don't change! She blames everything on me and says I'm irresponsible. But why should I watch over  you? You're the adult- my  dad. You're supposed to be watching over  me."

"I'm sorry Nayv. I love you and your mom. It won't happen again."
    That ended our conversation until we reached my school. 
    "Bye dad,"
"Bye Nayv,"
    My dad and I used be very close. But people grow up. I'm not as gullible anymore.

     While I walked to my locker I passed a sign advertising my tutoring.
   'Navaeylee Jacobs 
    Free after school tutoring starting today!
    Meet in room 209 after school

    "So, you tutor now?" My friend, Nick said as he walked up beside me. 
    "Yes. And no, I'm not getting paid." I said slightly pushing him past a girl who stopped right in the middle of the hallway.
    "Why not?" 
"It's my punishment. 'Cos I'm a boss." I said snatching his snapback and putting it on my head sideways.
    "Did they ground you?"
"Uh, no. They know it doesn't fix anything. I'd just walk out the door and they watch me do it." 
    Nick laughed.
 "Ooooh we got a badass on the loose." 
     I blushed.
"Oh shut up"
    Nick sighed.
"So... since you aren't grounded, we're still turning up at my brother's Sweet Sixteen this weekend?" 
     "Aw shit." I said feeling guilty.
"You forgot?" He asked softly pushing me.  
    "I'm sorry. It's just that so much had been going on..."
    " Hey, it's not like it's my birthday. You don't have to explain." He said then quickly put on a straight face. "But you better not forget mine."
    "I make no promises." I say.
"Ahh. You're a piece  of work." He said lightly chuckling. 
    "No, I'm much more. I'm the masterpiece." ✌

As he lead us my locker, I glanced at the outside world (something I rarely ever do). 
    School just started this month and the beginning of the year is always loud and filled with all this unnecessary excitement. 
    A group of somewhat muscular guys walked pass us drowning in axe.
    Then the skateboarders skated pass. 
Who the fuck skates in a crowded ass hallway!!
    When we reached our destination, Nick banged on my locker four times.
"What are you doing?" I ask giving him a mysterious stare.
   "Working my magic," He replied looking all goofy. 

I looked to see if he actually opened my locker by banging on it... he didn't.
    Well, that was a waste of my time.
"Congrats dude. You are now officially lame." I said then pushed him out of my way.
    "Wai- wai- wait," He said moving me back to my previous position.
He banged on the locker once, then twice.
    He raised his eyebrow like he just came up with the most amazing idea ever.
Sam Gunner was walking up to us at that moment.
    He winked at me assisted by a boyish smile. Then Nick began again making a beat.
He leaned on the locker next to mine and got into this fighting stance like he was going to fight.
    But no, he started rapping.

"Girls strippin'
them pants- them shirts rippin' 
   Ice drippin'
Probably coz I walked in
   Dudes mad because they girls are on my jock still
My crew roll up
   We leave you dizzy po- po- poppin' pills
Everyone mad 
   Coz my crew so bad
Groupies come yea
   You wish you had 'em
You should know it
   My face my pace my ways
My shoe game is known
  Looking down like they about to pray
Smoking trees on ecstasy
   Honey this ain't just a faze
Pants on my waist look on my face
   Show you Heaven in all type of ways
I'm so cocky
   It ain't no sin
Try to compete
   But I always win
Coz I complete it
   Make it quick
I'm so fly
   You should want this di-"

    I quickly pushed Sam into the skateboarders circling the halls to get trampled before his "raps" got out of hand.
Yeah, he's cocky. But I'll admit, he's insanely cute.
    I looked up at Nick who was blocking me from my locker.
"I wanna open it." He said bumping me away.
   He's such an idiot.
But an unbelievable idiot.
  When He pulled the latch this time, it opened.
Nick bowed adding a smirk then moved out my way.
    Sam came back staring at me intensley like he had a plan or something.
    He overshadowed me with a small smile. His brown hair was messy and clothes wrinkled.
   He licked his lips and his smile turned into a smirk.
   "You know," He said whispering in my ear seductively, "You're gonna have to pay for that."
    He started playing with the strings on my sweatshirt as I laughed. I tried to ignore it.
    Sam paid my laugh no attention though. 
He pierced me with his hazel/green eyes wearing an everlasting smirk. His eyes were filled with interest. 
  ....Or am I just delusional?
Even though the predicament was awkwardly uncomfortable, I kind of liked it.
    Nick was too busy digging through my locker to notice.
    Suddenly, Sam's expression went blank. He quickly looked away then scratched his nose like nothing happened.
    For some reason, I hated that sudden change in expression
    I shrugged it off and wondered why Nick was so interested in my locker.
    Nick Neuvirth has dark brown hair. His eyes are blue and face muscular.
    Sometimes I wonder why he's in track and not training  to be some sort of model.
    He's always dressing professional for school. He likes to "express his personality".
   I think it's cute.

Sam's your typical teenage boy. The shaggy hair, Hollister and Abercrombie clothes, D.C. shoes, Vans, Adidas...
    His grades are mediocre. He has to keep them that way to stay in wrestling.
    "What's in your bag?' Nick asked me.
He finally looked up.
    "Why?" I was not sure if he'd steal from me or not.
   "Why do you always have to question everything young lady?"
    I blatantly strared at him until he answered me.
"You have your whole house in this locker. I wasn't sure if you kept anything in your bag." He said smartly.   
   "I don't like your mouth." I stated grinning a little. "Well, I like yours," A voice out of the conversation said. 
    Jace blocked me from Nick's view.
 Sam ran to my locker and made a beat. 
    Shit, not again.
    He grabbed me then started to rap. 

" Leelee right here and her lucious lips
   Will she step up could she fall for a pimp?
They say yolo
   and Im the realest cholo
All these guys don't know 
   I'll have her kneeling on the floor
Swag on point 
   Well atleast some times
I can take her anywhere
   If she lookin'' for a guy
Curly hair
   them eyes wanna stare
Looking for a good girl
   She's standing right here
Navaeylee, don't be shady
   I'm waiting for you pay me
And I-"
    I had to interrupt his ego to say, "Shut up!"
"Can I please get to my locker?" 
   "No one is blocking you," Nick said. "You choose to stand there."
    Nick, Sam, and Jace moved away with fake smiles.
I grabbed my notebooks and binder and stuffed them in my bag.
    I was left with Nick when Sam and Jace dispersed to their classes. 
    "So... I think my relationship with my dad is... growing. Even though I crashed his car." I told him.
    He's my best friend so I tell him everything
"That's good. Last time I remember, you were on my doorstep with two suitcases in your hands." He said wiggling his eyebrows. 
     I smiled as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
    "Whatever, Nick."

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